On the city automatic fire alarm monitoring network system exploration

1. Overview With China's reform and opening up, in the last ten years, the national large and medium-sized cities in high-rise buildings, public places, underground construction, modern factory has been rapid development of these buildings under the Fire Code to install a separate fire alarm system fire relief, these systems play a key function, to make a contribution for the protection of life and property of the people, but in practice, due to a fire information needs after the processing of the security staff on duty, the human factor plays a key function. such as the recent the Shanghai area the Minhang one warehouse, due to the improper handling of personal delay in fire fighting time, causing a fire, causing significant economic losses. while the day-to-day maintenance of the fire-fighting facilities and maintenance requirements, the need to always be on the alert. usual fire inspection and supervision by the fire safety supervision department-by-building visits, less efficient, but will also take a lot of manpower and time, it is inevitable omissions at the city scale development, the major cities of many countries in the world have the automatic fire alarm facilities to take network networking management, multimedia management microcomputer using the public telephone network to keep abreast of the operational status of the automatic fire alarm system Fire units and personnel on duty situation, found that the failure of the alarm equipment and fire notice. greatly enhance the various building management and supervision of fire-fighting facilities, conducive to the fire department and fire-fighters to make a decision in a timely manner in the shortest possible time to resolve new problems.

2. Functional characteristics of automatic fire alarm monitoring network system by following a few parts Abstract: network monitoring (including the public switched telephone network), alarm management office, inspection maintenance center and voice digital networked alarm facilities.

2.1 network monitoring through a variety of interfaces and building facilities connected to automatic fire alarm system, fire and all kinds of fault information transmitted in real time to the center, the use of the public telephone network.

Summary of main functions are as follows:

(1) real-time transmission of Internet users automatic fire alarm system operating status information such as automatic and manual fire information specific to each signal point (such as each detector linkage control points).

(2) at any time to record, store automatic fire alarm system, all kinds of events, such as boot, shutdown, and fault detectors, active and standby power failure, fire.

Can be set at any time or timing devices running messaging inspection and maintenance center.
Record duty posts, the changing of the guard on duty and patrol center inquiries.
(3) on-site voice prompts telephone line fault "," communication failure "" queries on duty "and various" fire information ".
(4) Manual emergency alarm, automatic fire manual confirmation feature.
(5) The alarm priority function.
(6) fault detection and transmission.
(7) the main backup power automatically switch to charge and discharge protection.
(8) screen character liquid crystal display various information, check printing function.
2.2 Alarm Management Center alarm management center is located in the fire team headquarters and fire safety supervision department, responsible for the fire alarm signal Alarm Internet users, scheduling, command, to discover a new fire alarm system malfunction and Watchkeeping issued hidden notification and rectification notice.

Summary of main functions are as follows:

(1) receive real-time networked units of automatic fire coming from network monitoring or voice digital networked alarm, manual fire.
(2) vector electronic map, you can zoom arbitrary decision support for directing, scheduling.
(3) dual display specific text of the alarm user information (including name, address, alarm point where the floor number, room number and the contact information of the personnel of the unit) and geographic information (including urban map, fire water distribution The fire facility configure specific location, floor plans and alarm points).

(4) for the 119 dispatch center to dispatch command basis.
(5) year-on-year, month, day, different types of fire events classified statistics, analysis, superior and relevant departments to provide a variety of statistical reports for the guidance of the scientific management of the fire alarm system.

(6) digital recording playback function.
(7) provides networking unit fire fighting plan.
(8) The voice prompts various types of fires.

According to the inspection and maintenance center to provide statistical data on Internet users following alarm prompts Summary:

Fire alarm device is not opened and operated

Failure rate, high rate of false positives, and can not be scheduled rectification

Often drain Kong, unattended, undermine the monitoring system

Not on a monthly, quarterly and annual equipment maintenance.
Maintenance the center patrol maintenance center is generally borne by the Fire Engineering Company, is mainly responsible for network monitor networked users, automatic fire alarm system regularly patrol 2.3 Patrol to be excluded for failures in a timely manner, to ensure that the network monitor and automatic fire alarm system normal operation.

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main functions are shown in the following summary:

(1) Timing / receiving network monitoring and voice digital networked alarm patrol registration information at any time, every day, regular print network monitoring and voice digital networked alarm registration.

(2) The operating status of Internet users, network monitoring and voice digital networked alarm detection, and record the date and time, all kinds of storage networking users failure.

(3) networking users basic statistics.
(4) timing / receiving the networking units of automatic fire alarm system run at any time.

Detection of the following items in the networking unit Abstract:

Automatic fire alarm system (including linkage equipment) startup, shutdown,

Automatic fire alarm system the (or linkage equipment) is normal,

Does anyone normal duty

Whether the failure to exclude,

Early warning, fire information summary:

The new acceptance units a week monitoring summary:

All kinds of events classified statistics, analysis, and generate a variety of statistical reports.
Failures in a timely manner of personnel be excluded, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
2.4 digital voice network alarm on a small scale but are key sites, such as small hotels, small shops, small hotels, and other, taking into account the investment costs of the fire-fighting equipment, voice digital networking devices such as alarms can be installed, either site alarm networking features, but also has the Centre, and fire costs small inputs.

Summary of main functions are as follows:

Network alarm detectors are connected intelligent management features separate programmable zones, with more than one smoke detector or an emergency alarm button.

Programming operation has voice prompt, fast and accurate.
The scene of a telephone line failure alarm.
The automatic alarm through artificial confirm, and then spread to the central station.
With a self-test function to automatically distinguish between fire and fault signal.
Voice digitally compatible alarm, alarm priority.
The main backup power automatically switches have to charge and discharge protection.

3. Key technology and innovation

3.1 Technical key fire alarm (linkage) the reliable controller of a variety of information processing.

Real-time line failure, communication failure, power failure, sound and light, voice alarm technology.
The monitoring center system software uses multi-threading technology, reliable communications, print and multimedia player, real-time processing.
Smart and reliable processing of alarm call queuing control.
Monitoring Centre on reliable data processing database management ODBC technology.
Fire detectors, alarm, reliable fault signal processing.
3.2 innovations of the system using state-of-the-art computer network communication technology, the perennial network monitoring networked automatic fire alarm equipment, and can run real-time transmission of alarm information, regular inspection and at any spot checks, as well as the timing enrollment and real-time alarm function.

Using the C3I technology that computers, communication, control, and information technology.
Automatic fire alarm equipment connected using strict communication protocols and is compatible with a variety of communication methods, provides a variety of interfaces and units.

Manual alarm and automatic alarm at the same time taking into account.
Real-time voice alarm and prompted, digital recording at the same time, improve the quality of the recording and save time.
Not installed automatic fire alarm system, users can directly access network.
Real-time communications line failure and communication failure alarm.
The network monitor Chinese LCD display a variety of information, and print the appropriate information.
Organic into the system of computer-assisted decision-making system.
4. Conclusion Currently there are several fire fire alarm equipment manufacturers with the ability of the automatic fire alarm network systems of production, and promotion in a small area. Fully use the advanced features of modern network, so that the fire department through multimedia management perennial real-time monitoring of the running state of the city in the automatic fire alarm system and personnel on duty to detect failure of the fire-fighting equipment and fire report, conducive to the supervision of the fire department and urge, and the new fire equipment problems can be resolved in a timely manner, to ensure normal opening run of the automatic fire alarm system with the further development of urban modernization, the requirements of the Fire also referred to a new height. achieve the city automatic fire alarm network system management, will prevent the combination of anti-consumer the cause of the city fire play a huge function Links to free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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