On vocational colleges of public computer management and maintenance

Paper Keywords: room management room maintenance management system for computer hard disk protection

Abstracts: problems prevalent in the public room management of vocational colleges, good vocational colleges on how to manage the public computer room, give full play to the role of the public computer room in the experiment and practical teaching in higher vocational, Based on the author room management experience of many years, from hardware management, software management, system building.

With the continuous development of computer technology, computer applications has gone deep into all walks Public Computer Room of vocational colleges has become an important teaching spaces Practical Teaching public computer room is mainly responsible for hospital-wide student computer culture basic courses, Computer Courses , course design, graduation design practice teaching tasks, and also assumed the mission of the school as well as from other departments examinations, which greatly increase the frequency of use of public computer of public room equipment management, day-to-day management are proposed higher requirements.

1 public room management common problem

1.1 Public room administrator team is weak

Complicated computer room management affairs, involved in a wide range of technical quality computer administrator, service awareness, higher demands. Room management work includes: room hardware and software maintenance, computer experimental teaching curriculum, environment, health management, computer room security management room Asset Management.

1.2 hardware and software failures frequently

Public computer rooms with high frequency, wide range of use of personnel, in the day-to-day use of the process, the computer hardware is often a variety of failures, such as: computer power down due to the movement of the computer hardware loose, keyboard, mouse , headphones and other consumables damage appears to be more prominent but also of human destruction, some computer security settings are not in place in the engine room, intentionally or unintentionally, students use the delete command formatting commands, to modify CMOS or registry, causing system destruction and some people will be free to change the IP address may cause the computer LAN IP conflict.

1.3 Software Maintenance is difficult

Public computer room bear a variety of teaching and different grades, different professions and different experimental content, you need a variety of different teaching environment, the operating system often install patches, anti-virus software is constantly updated virus database plus Response type of examination, extracurricular training and usually on the machine, so that the public computer room often need to install or update the various types of software, which makes public room administrator must spend a lot of time to install the system and application software.

1.4 public computer room environment

Bad condition of the environment and health of the public computer room, destruction of dust on the computer, easy to damage the inside of the machine hardware, dust covered motherboard, the dust will hinder the radiator heat, causing the temperature inside your computer and cause serious computer crash or reboot frequently, especially the CPU fan, excessive dust, impact CPU cooling may have burned the CPU, so to keep the computer room clean and tidy environment can effectively avoid the hazards of dust on the computer, and to extend the life of the computer at the same time bad health conditions can also affect the health of the body-on. room indoor temperature, humidity, power stability will have a significant impact on the computer's hard stability, reliability and service life, prone to run slow, frequent crashes, the original burning issues.

Management and maintenance of the hardware

Computer within the public computer room because of the high frequency of use, hardware damage rate is also high. Hardware maintenance should be timely in order to ensure the normal operation of the engine room. Regularly check the wiring socket is loose, open the case on a regular basis to remove dust, crew supervision normal switch machine and turn off the monitor. establish alternate library of wearing parts and commonly used supplies, be timely replacement of damaged equipment, thus ensuring timely normal operation of the machine, in order to ensure normal teaching order.

3 system maintenance and software management

Computer room due to the the public engine room of our hospital is built at different times, there is a different configuration and different brands, brought to the difficulty to computer system maintenance and software management. Currently, most of Public Computer Room software system management methods are based hard disk protection card software system, it is also the most effective management methods.

The main task of the day-to-day management of the public room software system is the operating system recovery and bulk install the update software, uninstall the software and other system data recovery technology has been very mature with hard disk protection card, as long as the system partition is set to "immediately Restore system problems, restart your computer, the partition can be restored to the normal state network with the transmission function of the software installed we can take advantage of the hard disk protection card, do a mother ship, the same pass through the network to send The machine can be to each table. hard disk protection card also has incremental simultaneous interpretation, HTTP, remote wake-up, remote reboot, remote shutdown, automatically assigned to the receiving end of the IP address and host name, CMOS parameter protection and recovery functions select use of the practical problems of the day-to-day management of the software system can be very convenient, and efficient management of software systems.

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engine room the day-to-day management, we often need to re-do the system or change system settings, add or delete the application process unexpectedly cause system damage and then save restore the system so each boot is not the original security and stability of the system, the best way is the addition to the protection system, the management should also be in the case of system security, stability, complete the application ghost software backup so even if the system is out of the question, also can use the system backup file recovery system.

The 4 computer room virus protection

The virus is a major problem faced by the public computer room. Due to the large number of machines on the public computer room, computer room inevitably infected by a virus spread through malicious websites, mobile storage. Destructive computer virus latent infection and other characteristics, destructive, difficult to remove, plus different level of user computer, public computer rooms is very susceptible to the virus, and once infected, may cause the the entire LAN computer does not run, even caused by the impact of school-wide against computer viruses must be based on prevention, the first to install a patch to the system in a timely manner loopholes in the system to block the second to each computer to install anti-virus software and firewalls to prevent computer virus infection from a network or removable storage when in use, and to regularly update the virus database.

5 room management system construction

Room management has always been a headache so many room administrator. Called "no rules, no standards, order to regulate room management, improve the efficiency of the use of computers, and the protection of the normal operation of the public computer room, work out << room administrator Responsibilities >>, << computer room security system >> << students Code >> << equipment damage compensation system >> and other rules and regulations. scientific, reasonable and feasible rules and regulations, daily room management work rule-based as room administrator must strictly comply with the rules and regulations to carry out the day-to-day management and maintenance of the engine room on the machine in the use of the computer, but also must fill out on the machine records comply with the management system.

For room management often fault plane can not get timely maintenance problems in the engine room with a << operation of equipment to record the >> students to register for the machine, If you find yourself using the computer on the machine the Times failure and repair and fill the >> room administrator according to the students fill out a daily targeted maintenance, saving the time to check the computer failure. maintenance personnel of their own maintenance record << device operation computer fault recording, fault phenomenon and processing method, and to resolve the situation after, so not only can grasp the working conditions of each computer can also sum up the experience for future fault repair.

6 Conclusion

Public management and maintenance of the engine room is both complicated and repeated work, but also has a certain unpredictability, therefore, as the room administrator must constantly learning relevant expertise, constantly sum up administrator to exchange, to improve the level of their own business., but also a sense of service, the understanding and cooperation of the staff to get on the plane, room management, scientific, standardized and humane practice teaching for the college's computer to provide a good service.


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