Analysis of the inventory management system based on bar code technology

Abstract: Modern warehouse operations and inventory control operations are very complex, and could not do manual registration and processing. Warehouse as an important part of the logistics management, involving a variety of resources, comprehensive utilization of space, reasonable inventory, distribution, and efficient operation of the warehouse. effective inventory control to ensure that the basis of the enterprise delivery capacity, while as much as possible to improve management efficiency and reduce costs. barcode technology widely used for this problem provides a feasible idea.

Keywords: Barcode Warehouse Management

The main contents of the warehouse management including warehouse layout design, optimal inventory control, warehouse job action. Warehouse Management (Warehouse Management System WMS) module in accordance with the rules and algorithms of the logistics operation, information, resources, behavior, inventory and the optimized distribution operations to maximize it to meet the requirements of effective throughput and precision management The WMS provides enterprise-class procurement, manufacturing planning, manufacturing execution, customer service and warehouse or distribution center as a bridge between real-time visibility inventory and support processes in the warehouse, the warehouse management module can effectively organize staff, space and equipment for receiving, storage, picking and shipping; shipment of raw materials and components to the production enterprises, the delivery of finished products to wholesalers, distributors and end- the hands of the customer thesis download.

Traditional warehouse management business, including receiving, putaway, replenishment, picking, packing, shipping modern warehouse management fulfillment center has been transformed into Its features include a traditional warehouse management, cross-dock / merge-in-transit, value-added service processes (combination / assembly; packaging / labeling, etc.), returns, quality assurance, and dynamic customer service. WMS in accordance with the principle of conventional and user priorities identified to optimize warehouse space use and all warehousing operations on it through electronic data interchange and electronic media, and the host computer networking, the original receipt and orders issued by the host to the next, it is through the wireless network, mobile terminals, bar code systems, and radio frequency data communications IT warehouse staff. up and down the interaction to convey instruction, feedback and update the database to generate the required bar code labels and documents file a WMS basic package supports all of the features in the warehousing operations, from purchase site until the delivery site.

A warehouse management based on bar code technology design

Barcode technology as the basis of the entire warehouse management information systems, inventory management algorithm suitable arrangements for production, not only enables lower costs to a minimum, but also to achieve quality tracking system with bar code can be specific to each batch of product to arrange a different bar code on the same product batch production, but this also gives barcode management complexity, inventory management algorithm in order to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, the total average cost of a minimum target production of products with a fixed class requirements, taking into account the storage capacity constraint.

From the completion of the production to finished product storage, and then finished out the library, this process using barcode materials management information systems management, electronic countersigned online, and generate a single storage and storehouse, to achieve a paperless management. out of storage error, can be traced to a particular batch of product specific, you can guarantee that the storage is not an error occurs. instant inventory and inventory to generate material statements for statistical analysis according to demand information, inventory information, as well as production costs formulate reasonable production plan. mainly include warehouse management system based on bar code technology to encode and print bar code system, storage of materials management, inventory management, inventory management in a timely manner, the library materials management, statistical reports, system information management function module.

1.1 encoding and printing barcode system used in the production workshop, the workshop production of the finished product, and product information entry, the corresponding bar code system will be generated automatically for the products according to product information and production information, and then, through barcode printer to print barcode, production label, check the correct bar code label on the box to track each box product, the need to create a unique bar code for each box products such coding, both to ensure the uniqueness of the barcode, but also has some flexibility sex.

1.2 storage materials management computer to generate and print the treasury single storage materials checked to confirm correct electronic countersigned by the storekeeper, to complete warehousing and Health Adult Slip.

1.3 inventory management for the label is damaged, and transferred to the relevant information from the database, reprint, subsidies in the shift of the materials, the reader reading, automatic data collection, the collected data is automatically transferred to the computer materials management return the product, there are two solutions: First, re-packing, modify the appropriate information and replace the bar code; fill in the information in the memo field, and marked the return information posted on free data management system. papers Download Center
1.4 real-time inventory management inventory automatic warning: limited automatic warning of a variety of materials stocks higher or lower than with the average dosage of the various materials, and automatically generate a certain supplies name and number of time need to purchase or production management personnel can timely arrangements for production and effective control of inventory space monitoring: the actual position of the monitor supplies, storage time, space and room for parameters automatically unreasonable position, The ultra-long storage time, lack of space is room for the restrictions imposed by automatic alarm.

The 1.5 library materials management using barcode readers can read, the bar code label on the out library materials packaging and materials courier to the computer, the computer automatically generated based on the number of materials, product name, specifications, quantity storehouse. found that the label is damaged or lost in accordance with the above procedure artificial subsidies. library materials checked inventory ledger processing, confirmation, updated material inventory information.

1.6 statistical reports based on the materials out of storage and inventory information in a timely manner to complete a variety of daily, monthly and annual reports of the inventory management to complete the task within the stipulated time, statistics grassroots units each branch library, factory work.

1.7 System Management is to provide protection for warehouse material management system normal, safe operation. Its main function: Varieties code maintenance, user management, privilege management, log management and data management.

The 2 yards technologies introduced the role of the warehouse management module

2.1 on the materials barcode storage of materials, according to the name of the material specifications and time to generate a barcode and barcode stickers on the corresponding supplies, so, every piece of material will have an identification code by querying bar code, you will see the timespan of the materials, unit price, store location, suppliers, and other related information in the the supplies requisitioned flow link, swept into the bar code, write the required number, and other information will be automatically loaded With barcode management will be able to put an end to the past few suppliers can not accurately distinguish one kind of material; put an end to a supplies several unit price when you can not do one-to-one phenomenon. barcode management The ins and outs of each supplies can do it clearly, so as to effectively control the materials management chaos phenomenon.

2.2 fast, convenient, accurate and timely storage of materials, simply warehouse staff under contract will bar code scanning, storage, and then print out the scanned information flow to the Financial storage lists. Thereby greatly reducing the staff working pressure, supply distribution, very convenient, fast, simply swept into recipients barcode, supplies barcode, fill out the number of the whole process does not need to fill in the text, consuming small, greatly improve work efficiency, and accurate and timely reflection of dynamic inventory, supplies the storage change can be anywhere reflect, so the account conforms to provide a reliable basis for reasonable preparation material procurement plan effective control because the information is not timely inaccurate phenomenon caused by a shortage of inventory or repeat purchases.

Application Effect 3

3.1 application of bar code technology in warehouse management, automated data acquisition, removed the steps of the hand-written documents and sent to the enter the room, greatly improve work efficiency.

3.2 to solve the shortcomings of the Treasury stale lag.

3.3 to solve the problem of manual document information inaccurate (mainly transcription errors, typing errors, etc.).

3.4 will convert paper documents required for a large number of text information into electronic data, simplify future inquiries steps.

The complexity of modern warehouse operations and inventory control operations manual registration and dealing with difficult competent if you can not guarantee the accurate purchase, acceptance, quality assurance and delivery, will lead to a backlog of inventory, delayed delivery and other issues, thus affecting service eventually lose customers [17]. warehouse as an important part of the logistics management, involving a variety of resources, comprehensive utilization of space, reasonable inventory distribution, efficient warehouse operations. effective inventory control to ensure that the basis of enterprise delivery capabilities while as much as possible to improve management efficiency and reduce costs. barcode technology widely used for this problem provides a feasible idea, barcode technology has been widely used in warehouse management. barcode warehouse every A cargo each location to make a mark, periodic inventory of the reservoir area on a regular basis, and minimize manual entry on the basis, to ensure that the error rate is reduced to zero, and collect large amounts of data at high speed. specific applications can The warehouse is divided into a number of warehouse, a warehouse in a number of storage areas, clear definition of inventory space. the records warehouse goods inventory warehouse location, location bar code number in the product storage and product barcode number one correspondence; storage, and then by collecting a library, shift library stocktaking data warehouse goods inventory more accurate the same time by the the background application software processing, complete information record, query, summarize, and a variety of books reporting capabilities, and through the warehouse structure control of inventory, expiration date, and improve management efficiency. posted in the free papers Download Center

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