Situation Taekwondo industry environment in Jiangsu Province

Abstract: By analyzing the Jiangsu Province Taekwondo industrial policy and legal environment, economic and technical environment and the socio-cultural environment, come to Jiangsu Province Taekwondo industry has good development and promotion of the environment, making Jiangsu Province Taekwondo industry will become one of the sports industry Highlights.
Paper Keywords: Taekwondo, Taekwondo fitness industry environment in popularity around the world, the rapid growth of the consumption of physical fitness played a certain role in promoting. In taekwondo fitness activities of various economic activities based quickly flourished, and continue to form the corresponding enterprises, companies, clubs and other business entities, which produce goods or provide fitness kickboxing taekwondo fitness services to meet the social needs of the industry is generalized Taekwondo Industrial.
Taekwondo industry as part of the sports and fitness industry, and a variety of fitness industry face the same problem of an industrial environment. Taekwondo our industrial environment is integrated in taekwondo it refers fitness products and services business of enterprises affected by external influences. Among them, including the macro environment and micro environment. Macroeconomic environment mainly refers to the Taekwondo industry caused a major force in the market opportunities and threats, including political, economic, cultural, demographic and other laws; microeconomic environment is composed of taekwondo industrial base system factors, such as taekwondo suppliers within the industry, the middle suppliers, customers, competitors and so on. However, due to the influence of external factors taekwondo fitness products and services enterprises engaged in many aspects, the difference is relatively large and varied. Therefore, Taekwondo In response to this environment must be carefully analyzed and studied the impact of these basic elements in order to grasp the initiative in the development of Taekwondo in the fitness industry. [2]
1. Jiangsu Province Taekwondo industrial policy and legal environment, 'People's Republic of China Sports Law', 'National Fitness Program Outline,' 'Private Education Promotion Law' was promulgated, so start Hall Road law, protected by state laws. [3] ʱ?? The state promotes, encourages units or individuals set up sports, education. State Sports General Administration, the Chinese Taekwondo Association has standardized public Taekwondo on the agenda, and embarked coach Dan appraisal system and technical level appraisal, Hall Road market will become increasingly standardized, there is no qualification trail Pavilion will be difficult to survive, The strength of the Road Museum will usher in a new development opportunity. The market economy is highly legalized economy, former National Sports Commission, 'on the strengthening of sports market management,' pointed out: 'the operation and management of sports market, must abide by state laws and regulations, must adhere to the policy of reform and opening up, adhere to socialism service orientation of serving the people must give priority to social, encourage healthy and orderly sports business activities. '[4] in 1995 awarded the' People's Republic of China Sports Law '[5] for the content of sports activities business activities, has made provisions to strengthen management and supervision.
As for the content of the mass sports fitness business activities increasingly rich management projects and the scale of operation is also evolving Taekwondo, Taekwondo industrial market continues to operate the standardization and legalization. Due to historical reasons, the sports market management there are still some problems: First, the management system does not straighten out, bull management and no management coexist, sports, culture and industry and commerce departments are involved in management, in addition, the department administered in accordance with the original formula roads there is a tendency to strengthen the constitution, separation of departments, protection of critical areas; the second is yet to establish a unified, efficient industry surveillance, early warning, evaluation, statistics, evaluation system and industry development, investment and operation of information systems; third is the lack of support sports clear policies fitness industry development, especially in the land, financing, taxation, sponsorship and the establishment of new industrial development fund and other aspects there is no clear, actionable fitness market support policies. Taekwondo industry as the sports industry there are also a part of this problem.
For sports regulations in Jiangsu province, in order to strengthen the sports business event management, and promote the healthy development of sports business activities, the National Sports Commission in 1996 Nianxia issued 'on the further strengthening of sports business activities management notice', according to 'People's Republic of China Sports Law 'requirement, combined with local conditions, in 2003 in Jiangsu Province, formally promulgated the' Jiangsu Provincial Sports business activities of supervision and management regulations '(Provincial Decree No. 16). [6] in 2006, Suzhou Municipal People's Congress adopted the 'Suzhou City Sports Management Activities Management Regulations', January 1, 2008 promulgated the 'Nanjing sports business activities supervision and management measures,' some other brothers cities of Sports Market administrative rules and regulations have been developed and modified.
Today, the economic crisis sweeping the globe will inevitably bring disaster to the sports industry, but with different international sports industry, sports industry in China affected not obvious, not only that, many people in the industry view, the economic crisis but on the China Sports Industry has a positive impact, the crisis, the opportunities are. In such an environment, Jiangsu Province sports industry in order to further develop, we should take some action. 2006 Jiangsu Province cities, counties (cities, districts) Sports Council (Style Council, Board of Education), Nanjing Institute of Physical Education, organs and offices, units directly under unified drawn up a 'Jiangsu Sports Industry Promotion Plan (2006-2010) 'To accelerate the development of sports industry in our province, give full play to the exemplary role of the main window of the sports industry advantage, we need to fully implement this outline. Late last year, the provincial sports bureau in the province carried out in Jiangsu Province sports industry demonstration base evaluation work, hoping to promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of sports, to enlarge and strengthen the province's sports industry. In times of economic crisis, Jiangsu sports also see development opportunities, through the establishment of the 'base' implementation of strengths led strategy to enhance the overall strength and competitiveness of our province sports industry. Taekwondo is the development of a strong platform.
'Jiangsu Sports Industry Promotion Plan (2006-2010)' [7] pointed out that the training market and actively promote the prosperity of the various systems, industries, social organizations and individuals to organize various sports special club, support a number of qualifications, reputation, stresses brand sports training institutions, as radiation, promote the development of the entire industry. Taekwondo is a sport an educational function, carry out the Road Museum opened nationwide fitness campaign, enhance people's health, promote the quality of education, the country self-interest, not only social, but also economic benefits. Therefore, the support of the government and all walks of life.
2. Economic and technological environment in Jiangsu Province Taekwondo Industry (1) the economic environment in the development of indicators to measure the level of economic output per capita levels (per capita GDP) to reflect the financial, income and consumption level of a region, it is also internationally recognized measure an important indicator of an important indicator of the level of economic development, but also China's 'well-off life indicator system' in the measure of economic strength, the study results show that: the level of consumption among regions with per capita GDP has a high positive correlation. Jiangsu is a major economic province, over the years has been at the forefront of economic indicators. According to online data show that in 2006, Jiangsu Economic Development 'report card': the province's GDP is expected topped two trillion yuan, per capita GDP is expected to reach $ 3500, revenue is expected to reach 380 billion yuan. Jiangsu's economic development presents from 'fast and good' to 'good and fast' gratifying trend change. The average size of the county economy in Jiangsu Province are: population 940,600, GDP 123.20 billion yuan and local financial revenue 713 million yuan, per capita GDP 14538 yuan, respectively, 2.07 times the national average of the county economy, and 3.85 times, 5.89 times and 2.15 times, in the country ranked 1, 1, 2, 4. GDP in Jiangsu Province on the status of the investigation, so that we have a preliminary understanding of its economic environment in which the market situation Taekwondo, Taekwondo market development and sports consumption will therefore have great development, with the escalation of demand structure, to further promote Jiangsu Province Sports Taekwondo market development and stimulating consumption.
Income is an important indicator of quality of life, it is to limit the possibility of variable consumer demand. 2009, Jiangsu disposable income of urban residents was 20,000 yuan mark a breakthrough, rural per capita net income exceeded 8,000 yuan mark. The per capita disposable income of urban residents grew by 10 percent, per capita net income of rural residents grew by about 9%. This development will help Jiangsu Province sports market and foster the development of the sports industry. Economists believe that sport belongs to the higher consumption elasticity of consumption, with revenue growth of sports consumption gradually become an integral part of life consumption. As can be seen from the overall analysis, Jiangsu Province taekwondo industry as part of physical fitness industry in the province has unique conditions for development. [8]
Rapid development (2) technical environment public policy taekwondo benefited the State Sports General Administration, encouraged the project market, promote sports into the community, to guide comprehensive fitness, which makes the rapid development of taekwondo, and recognized by the market. 2004 Chinese Taekwondo Association of Civil Affairs formally approved by the People's Republic of China was established in Beijing, the association is under the leadership of the All-China Sports Federation of mass non-profit sports associations, is recognized by the Chinese Olympic Committee, to represent China in the appropriate international taekwondo organizations the only legitimate organization and activities. Chinese Taekwondo Association, according to the law of Chinese Taekwondo management, membership management system of a launch attracted over million members registered. Chinese Taekwondo Association organizes an annual research papers report, the organization Poomsae coaches, technical, referee training and examination. Taekwondo various regions of the country to provide a standardized technical guidance and communication platform.
Jiangsu Province Taekwondo to be outdone, in 2007 in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province Taekwondo Association, Taekwondo Association for the development of Jiangsu Province, the Provincial Sports Bureau Li Yining that the key should be placed on three things: One, make their own building, improving the degree of organization. Improve rules and regulations, integration of social resources, to mobilize community leaders to attract those interested in the development of taekwondo in Jiangsu, entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and sports personalities in associations, participated in work of the association, while developing individual registered members, efforts to form a self-management , self-development operation mechanism, to management practices, independent operation, law-abiding, vitality in good condition; Second, we popularize and improve the level of development. The popularization of young children as the focus of Taekwondo, and vigorously promote the Taekwondo sports in schools, expand taekwondo in young students in influence. Meticulously planned and organized a high level of taekwondo competitions, often organized mass taekwondo activities, let more people understand Taekwondo, Taekwondo participate in raising the popularity of taekwondo make efforts paid off; three sports teams do a good job, to improve the competitive strength. Learn from the advanced training methods and means, analyze and understand the nature of taekwondo, characteristics, patterns and trends, scientific training, hard skills, improve the competitive strength, and strive to achieve outstanding results in various competitions. Establish and improve the province's amateur taekwondo training network, improve the selection of culture policy, adhere to the system selection, selection achievements, to be fair, open and fair. [9]
3. Social and cultural environment as when 'atypical pneumonia', 'bird flu' and other diseases have occurred, so that only humans know better how to enhance physical activity, enhance immune function, in order to prevent the occurrence of various diseases. The concept of people's health is increasing, at the same time, with the material and cultural living standards, to solve the food and clothing will be the pursuit of healthy people, the pursuit of longevity, more and more people will join the physical activity in the past.
With the increase in single child, no parents are willing to spend money on their children in the culture. Taekwondo advocacy of 'filial piety, patriotism, respect for teachers, etiquette, modesty, patience, indomitable, self-reliance,' the spirit, the body and mind healthy growth of young people, with special educational significance. [10] With the popularity of Taekwondo, there will be more parents send their children to the temple!
Policy and legal environment in Jiangsu Province, economic and technological environment and the social and cultural environment for the development and promotion of taekwondo industry to create a good environment, and therefore Jiangsu Province Taekwondo industry will become a bright spot in the sports industry.

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