On the colleges heating north of the economy

Paper Keywords: Universities Heating, scientific management, energy efficiency with the rapid development of urban construction, to take university in winter in northern heating central heating became an important form of urban modernization. The central heating instead of the traditional decentralized heating helps to save energy, reduce pollution, increase economic efficiency, it is an important symbol of modern urban construction. The use of central heating can reduce energy waste, improve the heating efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, which will help management; and the use of central heating can improve the heating quality. But the heating mode university education may be due to limited funds, or some other objective reasons, there is still impracticable and central heating network that appears pipeline network old school, the new building which led to an increase in hydraulic imbalance and heat is wasted phenomenon. Given the experience in the heating operation of colleges and universities for many years accumulation, there are ideas for Discussion:
Hydraulic imbalance solution is to adjust the opening of the loop for the backwater valve. One is hot off a small loop valve opening to increase the pressure on consumption, so the pressure loss balance; the other is to open a large degree of opening of the valve is not hot loops to reduce pressure on consumption. When the effect is not obvious, the case should be hotter loop regulator inlet orifice plate installation, try to run out of hot loops remaining indenter. If you install the standard inlet device, just adjust the opening of the control valve on the hot loop, so that the flow rate reaches a predetermined value. Alternatively, you can take the bold diameter loop method is not hot, not hot loops to reduce pressure loss. But now many buildings college entrance because the standard device is not installed, which makes it difficult to adjust early to rely on experience adjusted so that the network balance. The following describes a method for the early adjustment between the entrance to the building to install pressure gauges and thermometers homes were:
1, first bringing the system to thermal stability, network water temperature is maintained at a constant temperature, the total return water temperature did not change the boiler stable, record the total heat supply and return water temperature at the entrance to all building homes supply and return water temperature.
Second, you adjust the supply and return water temperature is less than the total heat supply and return water temperature of floor homes, while the first heat load, the deviation large building homes adjustment; readjust the supply and return water temperature is less than the total for the return water temperature of the heat source Building homes, meanwhile, Esen thermal load, the deviation of building large homes can be adjusted.
Risers or heat above regulation is local regulation, the purpose is to solve each building homes in the problem of uneven flow distribution network, but in order to save energy and the economy, the need to further regulate internal floor house, off a small loop shorter valve opening control, reduce the heat near the loop, the loop to ensure normal traffic away; the opening of the upper floors off a small valve on the radiator, the heat balance, eliminate waste heat.
Given the special nature of universities, it is recommended students should be building homes, their families, working classroom building into three separate loop systems, in order to avoid waste heat, to achieve maximum savings in operating costs. Because the students building homes, family area during the day Scarcity night staff focus; teaching building daytime office staff focus night Scarcity; and into the winter, only officers to concentrate on the family area. So for this feature, it can be divided into periods, selected key part of the divided time tilting heating. Take measures to reduce the number of units is both possible operation of the boiler, you can adjust the loop valves. This can make full use of energy, avoid a lot of wasted energy, can significantly reduce operating costs. In addition, if a Yihuan run, run, drip, leak, then, by closing the valve, does not affect other normal floor heating homes, ensure the smooth progress of heating work.
Universities also its research strengths, but also the introduction of new materials, new technology, new equipment to energy conservation to be developed from the dynamic temperature valve, the valve can be automatically adjusted according to outdoor temperature changes and customer demand for heat opening, in real-time to ensure the heat balance, to achieve economic and social benefits.
In addition, for the north features, combined with the results of recent years benefited from Changchun external wall insulation works to bring the look of households, and the network can not be implemented for central heating floor Scotia universities exterior insulation process, after all, a can raise the indoor temperature, but also to achieve energy saving purposes, a good way to one-time investment of a lifetime.
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