Petrochemical enterprise metering management optimization

Abstract: economic development, improving the market for industrial control, cost accounting, budget management and custody transfer and put forward higher requirements. In this case, measurement management as an important technology and management mode in the development of enterprises increasingly important. By analyzing the status quo, according to the importance of optimal management measure proposed management optimization method, the improvement of the quality of petrochemical enterprises have a certain significance.

Keywords: Measurement Work Measurement and Management optimize product quality

1 Development of petrochemical enterprise metering and Problems

1.1 enterprise metering system is not uniform, uneven development

China's current system of measurement used in the following three, one is from the IS09000 quality system arising out of the so-called Metrological confirmation system; second is the State Technical Supervision Bureau 1995-160 presented in document including quality control, security monitoring, environmental monitoring, management and monitoring system to monitor the measurement; third is a quote from Russia, the United States proposed measurement assurance system. As China's enterprises to adopt a different measurement system, inconsistent, leading companies work on the measurement of knowledge and attitude, there are differences, but also makes the measurement of the depth of the work carried out by an imbalance exists.

1.2 Configuration of measuring instruments more problematic enterprises, affecting measurement results

Since measurement and management of Chinese enterprises is not mature, metrology institutes set unreasonable, resulting metering monitoring equipment configuration unscientific. In practice, many models on the market metering equipment, plus purchases of defects affected, resulting in the selection of companies on the problem a lot, not only a waste of money, it can not achieve the return on investment, affecting the measurement results.

1.3 metering data adjustments are not objective, the lack of reward and punishment system

As part of the corporate sector and the statistics are measured separately from the relevant departments, resulting in metrology department collected the data collected through the adjustment of a number of departments, review, resulting in data not objective enough. Meanwhile, the company management has not been part of the data used in metrology department to confirm. And on this issue, there is no corresponding effective reward and punishment system, but also makes the problem can not be effectively resolved. But also because of reward and punishment system is imperfect, measure a negative view of staff measure, affecting the measurement of the work of the initiative and enthusiasm.

(2) the need to optimize the measurement of work

2.1 Measurement management is the foundation of modern

Now the process for the production of their products, production process control, finished product inspection data are inseparable from the support. Source of data measured natural need support for the work, but no precise measurement, it would not be scientifically sound data, thus affecting the production level and the quality of management. Enterprises are to be modernized production from extensive to intensive development of economic transition vision, metrology, measurement management work will be the basis of this vision.

2.2 Measurement and Management of product quality assurance

Measurement has its own peculiarities, and can not directly improve product quality and enhance economic efficiency, making the job easy for someone else measure overlooked. In fact, the measurement job is run, reduce energy consumption as well as the basis for monitoring the safety and environmental protection, with the current production of modern development, measurement data is increasingly important to all aspects of production, production status of products are in the measurement data has clearly indicated. Means for measuring the quality control, quality is the measurement object.

2.3 Measurement management is an effective way to reduce costs

Now more and more competition in the market, reduce costs to become more and more companies choose to deal with the contradiction between competition and economic efficiency is one effective way. Measurement and management in scientific research, production and business activities plays a fundamental role in enterprise economic accounting, energy conservation, and management costs, technological progress and the essential foundation support conditions. Links to free download

3. Petrochemical Enterprises metering management optimization strategies

3.1 strengthen the metrological work ethic, perfect metering management agencies

Work is not just a simple measure of economic activity, or the professional and technical demanding job, work measurement strict standards that relates to the larger surface. Understanding of the work on the measurement must be profound unity, measurement work was the basis for all the work and guidance. Requires not only the measurement of the staff have a legal sense, work ethic, also asked the relevant departments, the relevant leaders attach importance to metrology. Meanwhile, we must set a reasonable scientific measurement and management institutions, good institutional settings, dividing good job duties. Staff have a better work ethic, coupled with improved measurement and management agencies to enable them to better improve enterprise management level, to ensure product quality and increase enterprise efficiency services.

3.2 scientific and reasonable good equipment procurement, optimize device test

Enterprises through the development of 'Rules for the Implementation of measuring instruments management' and other measuring equipment for scientific management, reasonable procurement, procurement prevent errors and bias. Procurement metering equipment must have the appropriate certification, procurement departments should strictly technical performance of the equipment for monitoring, strictly eliminate the use of substandard products. To continue to optimize the procurement process, to detect flaws procurement and timely optimization corrected. Monitoring data for metering equipment should be more scientific and reasonable, to strengthen metering equipment checks to detect faults, is strictly prohibited experience, typo, fabricated data phenomenon. Metering equipment shall be updated towards the intelligent direction, constantly optimize the device system to improve the measurement accuracy.

3.3 innovation, continuous improvement and development of measurement techniques

In the measurement of the work required to ensure reasonable scientific calibration method, to ensure the authority of the calibration results. Entire calibration process requires strict accordance with the standards issued by the state and verification procedures, if there is no way of measuring equipment calibration verification, calibration method requires organizations to professionals in the preparation, preparation of calibration manual, and well executed promotion. Data collection, choose modern high-tech means, network real-time data acquisition and with the manual collection of metering data for supervision and management. Measurement data analysis and processing of the data processing, framing, analysis, measurement data report form. In short, requiring use of effective value transfer methods, improve relevant verification procedures, calibration methods, and improving the measurement monitoring capabilities, effectively improve the enterprise's measurement technology. Metrological work should be based on enterprise development and optimization requires constant innovation to adapt to business trends.

3.4 to strengthen personnel training, optimizing the overall structure of personnel

Staff is the lifeblood of the product quality of the core. Training of staff on the measurement is very important, especially for the most basic training of personnel is essential. Measurement Management training from the style and attitude of a solid, orderly, rational ways of working to provide training to manage. Requirements through training, the staff made petrochemical enterprises 'Measuring membership card.' In order to optimize the overall personnel structure, training alone is not enough, require staff to conduct self-learning, targeted to learn, and to do occasional assessment, improve the overall quality of all personnel.

4 Conclusion

Now there are many defects enterprise metrological work, but the measurement of work in the enterprise is very important, measurement management optimization imminent. By improving the staff's professional ethics, strengthen management systems, technology development and scientific and orderly reasonable to optimize, to help reduce the cost of petrochemical enterprises to improve product quality.


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