On the Network Economy virtualization organization changes

[Paper Keywords] Internet Economy organizational structure change virtual organizations

[Abstract] With the development of information technology and the changing pattern of social development, the organizational structure and organization also follow the development of changes to the external environment, in particular the completion of their resources and capabilities to maximize utilization. This article as a basis, the Network Economy virtualization organization change issues systematic study first analyzes the characteristics of network economy, then discuss the network economy on the impact of the modern enterprise, the last from several different sides given the economic environment, the network organizational structure changes trend.

For modern enterprises, the competitiveness mainly through technical innovation, market development, risk prevention capabilities manifested and integrated use of these capabilities, based on the formation of enterprise in the market long-term competitive advantage, so at any given time to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, their resources and capabilities are required as a starting point for the organizational structure and management model for the carrier, in many ways to take measures in this case, the correct treatment and processing enterprise organizational change it is very necessary and innovation, enterprises must not only be a positive organizational innovation, but also a scientific attitude, and strengthen information transfer efficiency, enhance enterprise information collection, collation and use of the ability to make the organizational structure further perfect to be established between the external environment increasingly close relations and promote the development of enterprises, while the development of information technology and social development of the changing pattern of the organizational structure and organization development and change are followed with a view to the external environment, in particular the completion of its own resources and capacities to maximize the utilization, while in the present case, the network has been an unprecedented development of the economy, the impact on society and business and more profound, it is changing the enterprise human resources and material resources of communication and flow patterns, and the behavior of enterprises - research and development, production, operation and management of such links has had a major impact on paper as the basis for the network economy under the conditions of organization change issues virtualization conducted a systematic study first analyzes the characteristics of network economy, then discuss the network economy on the impact of the modern enterprise, the last from several different sides, giving the network economic environment changes in organizational structure trends, the work for achieving organizational innovation of Chinese enterprises have certain practical significance.

First, the characteristics of the network economy

(A global feature in the network economy era, often in the form of business organization in the form of joint-stock enterprise management's main duty is to pursue the interest of the shareholders, improve economic efficiency of enterprises. Meanwhile, the management for sustainable development of enterprises , will be in a different country or region recruitment, if the company requires a specific talent, companies tend to make every effort to recruit and not pay attention in their country or region. further, corporate shareholder also has the characteristics of globalization, They tend to come from a different country or region. This is because the shareholders concerned only with their own interests, so when they are optimistic about a company, they will put money into the company and more importantly, when the network economy era, a variety of economic resources on a global scale to get a more reasonable configuration, the global market thus be formed. (2 quickness characteristics as a high-speed economic model, the network economy makes communication between businesses and customers time becomes shorter, so that the pace of life between people becomes more rapid Because of this, the network economy era faster dissemination of information, companies in which the external environment is also changing rapidly, enterprises in order to be able to get in this market chance of survival, often changing its organizational structure in a flattened form and adapt the network economy, in which the organizational structure, the product can be directly between producers and consumers conduct business contacts, convenience imagined. (3 win characteristics in the network economy, the market competition is more intense. exists among enterprises in order to be able to survive in the market and development opportunities, you need to change the past, strategic model, cooperation or alliances to gain a competitive advantage in the form of merger or split to seek economies of scale or self-help course, most major companies are competing relationship survival mode, enterprises and between enterprises through the production, distribution, exchange and marketing communication and cooperation, enhance the overall strength of the Alliance itself or to achieve "win-win" ultimate goal.

Second, the network economy on a modern enterprise organizational forms and modes of production

(One pair of the impact of production methods in the network economy mode, the traditional enterprise production organization has undergone major changes, the virtual vertical integration model has been more and more enterprise applications. This is because, in the network economy, businesses have not only limited to the existence of the scale of the size of the enterprise, because in this era of big backdrop, the threshold for enterprises to enter the virtual marketplace has become more and more low, any business can be web-based, and other enterprises conduct business, to the global market to provide products and services, in the process, whether a company has its own production facilities and sales channels have become less important. (two pairs of the impact of organizational structure in the network economy mode, the company's organizational structure needs to make the necessary innovation, so as to make the management of the enterprise with greater efficiency in the organizational structure, the traditional organizational model has been seriously challenged in the information technology and network technology together support, the new non-hierarchical system showing a clear advantage, specifically for the enterprise to the network, flat, flexible and discrete in the direction of becoming, in the process, companies can be means of information and network applications which improve their organizational efficiency. (3 pairs fashion business impact in the network economy, enterprises due to the utilization of the supply chain to manage costs have been significantly reduced. Meanwhile, the enterprise customer relationship management is also therefore reached a new level, a number of new entrants into the business, because of geographical conditions and other factors, and ultimately be excluded from the market this end, the need to innovate their revenue streams, the only way to redefine their business the nature of the business, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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Third, the network structure of the economic environment, the change trend of business organization

(A flexible organizational structure in the network economy era, flexible organizational structure of the organization's main purpose is to make full use of resources, enhance the environment dynamic adaptability. Flexible design needs in accordance with the organizational structure of the two principle, namely centralization and decentralization unity, stability and change of unity. the former, the key lies between the upper and lower levels can establish effective communication channels to ensure the organization's strategic development goals and organization of the Specific activities of the coupling between the organic relationship between the latter, the need to establish Dual Organization, wherein a portion of tissue in order to complete the regular tasks, the other task will have to complete innovative and temporary work. (2 virtual enterprise organizations operate. emergence of virtual enterprise network economy is an important performance, but also changes in organizational structure is one of the most direct expression in the virtual mode, the organizational structure need to follow a specific logic evolution and progress. More typical is the rise of e-commerce, it makes the transaction costs between business organization and coordination to achieve a substantial reduction in costs, although e-commerce technology in a way, improved organizational inefficiencies state, however, whether it is technical or management level, this low efficiency or enables organizations to actively participate in market transactions in the past, and in the process of setting up the competitive advantage. (3 organizational boundaries, open and virtual of This organizational boundaries, open and virtualization refers to the organizational structure of the boundary with respect to the external environment in terms of organization, in a dynamic selection and penetration among Organizational borders open and make the organizational structure no longer is the company's own category should also include the possibility to associate with external organizations and strength, these organizations and market forces so that enterprises become bigger part of this organization and the entire socio-economic system has been seamless large-scale systems. organization as a open systems, and through modern information network, to make their systems more easily in some elements of the system with other organizations certain elements combined to form a new function, the formation of new productivity.

IV Conclusion

In the network economy, Chinese enterprises should be fully aware of the importance of information technology and e-commerce, they have urgent business in front of all walks of life into just in this case, the need to maximize the development of a strategic height and use of the Internet economy, and as an opportunity to enable enterprises to integrate into the global economy tide detention, and constantly enhance their competitiveness, which is in the process of economic globalization, Chinese enterprises only and most direct choice of China's enterprises only able to learn, understand and grasp the basic trend of the future society, adjustment and change their strategic thinking, organizational structure and profit model to a new round of competition and cooperation to achieve leapfrog development.


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