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[Abstract] In recent years, as have been put into operation in the fire TVU capacity and high parameters, thermal power enterprises need more technical and operations personnel, while on the one hand, due to market coal electricity plans contradiction, thermal power enterprises large losses reduce employee benefits less attractive to talent, on the other hand, most of the thermal power enterprises born out of the old state-owned enterprises, human resource management mode is dull, staff promotion channel only engaged in the administration, workers upgrade to enhance the first-come, first-served or by level employees increased by narrow passageways. This paper a comprehensive analysis of the thermal power enterprise human resources management situation and existing problems, and conducted in-depth discussions on how to carry out the thermal power enterprises human resource management, and proposed solutions to this problem.
[Words] thermal power enterprise human resource management countermeasures.

Thermal power enterprise capital and technology-intensive enterprises, with the depth of the thermal power enterprise reform, raising the level of automation of the popularity of large capacity and high parameters, equipment, equipment manufacturing and processing technical level requirements also increasingly high thermal power enterprises need more technical and operating personnel, in recent years, a large number of highly qualified personnel in the state-owned thermal power enterprises liquidity to other enterprises, to cause greater damage to the enterprise, human resources problem has become a crisis of thermal power enterprises.
Thermal power enterprises as the pillar industry of the national economy in China, in order to survive and develop in the fierce market competition, it is necessary to attach importance to human resource management.
A thermal power of corporate human resources management.

1, the problem of human resource management mechanism.

Thermal power enterprise human resources development, management no longer meet the requirements of the development of the market economy. Personnel agency in most thermal power enterprises reform, the establishment of a human resources department, but the human resources department or the functions of the personnel and labor departments follow the past, up has not completely shift from personnel management to human resources management. functioning of human resources development, planning, and no combination of strategic planning and corporate development. ignored as the initiative of the individual employees for performance assessment, incentives, constraints other means adopted are only staying in the footsteps of the planned economy era, the lack of awareness of the rational flow of talent and competition mechanisms, ignore or belittle achievements treat performance appraisal system for scientific talent and talent that has not been able to establish an effective human resources development and protection of management, investment, performance appraisal system.
Employment mechanism problems.

The core of human resource management, the development and protection of the human as the most valuable resources and wealth, and give full play to their initiative and creativity to create the atmosphere of a dare to take risks to be innovative culture, allow enterprises to achieve strategic objectives. Majority business leaders are still stuck in the past management level, most enterprises in the habit of using the traditional administrative level system, basic first-come, first-served order of the personnel arrangements, promotion level staff as the management and control tools, suppress their enthusiasm and creativity.
3, the incentives are not in place.

Material incentives, without considering the differences between various departments and contribution to the enterprise size, different departments at the same level positions pay to implement the "one size fits all", the importance of knowledge work, there is a serious egalitarianism, staff pay and reward does not match . Outstanding professional and technical personnel specializing in technical problems do not want to feel at ease, but to find ways to work in administration, because under the present system, only those with administrative duties in order to be recognized by society, have higher incomes. Due to administrative posts in can not be an infinite number of competing accelerated the loss of key employees of the enterprise. thermal power enterprises in the spirit of the incentive, the majority of employees do not believe that the development of enterprises and the image of how the cohesion of the enterprise is not enough, good corporate culture, benefits year after year. insufficient incentives to bring a series of serious consequences, such as personnel outflow corporate employee attendance does not contribute to lead to inefficient enterprises Links to free paper download Center http://eng.hi138.com
4, the lack of strict scientific standard of performance assessment.

Some enterprises have implemented performance appraisal, but most of the following problems. ① performance evaluation indicators extensive evaluation indicators and assessed persons duties relevance of the work is not strong, the evaluation index weight set unreasonable evaluation index operability is not strong indicators connotation is not clear, or the lack of specific evaluation criteria, methods, (2) performance evaluation method subjective standard is too simple to evaluate the internal target unsound management infrastructure, the evaluation process is not up to standard, so that the evaluation process is difficult to perform the evaluation results subjective arbitrariness become inevitable and the lack of an effective incentive mechanism (3) performance evaluation support. bonuses and remuneration linked to the evaluation of the results is very limited, and not enough to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees affected by the the unit compensation management system, some employees total dry could not finish the work, and some people doing nothing all day, complex interpersonal relations, corporate rewards and punishments are not distinct, also lead employees to think more or less a kind, Ganhaoganhuai a kind, which greatly dampened the enthusiasm of staff and initiative, enabling employees to work with emotions, caused by the low efficiency of the enterprise. shall not be treated ④ evaluation methods, resulting in thermal power enterprises paychecks of many people, the work of many people, not obvious effectiveness, which restricts the thermal power the development of enterprises.
5, the lack of much-needed talent.

Thermal power enterprises in the era of knowledge economy attaches great importance to human resources, as the change of the system led to the loss of environment to attract talent from the past the. Much-needed business enterprise development, scientific and technological personnel, and even serious lack of backbone skilled workers, while others post and widespread redundancies, talent thriving enterprise strategy which makes it difficult to implement.
Second, the analysis of thermal power enterprise Human Resource Management.

A good selection off.

The performance appraisal is one of the core functions of human resource management, to provide an objective basis for all personnel decisions only on the performance of employees fair, impartial identification and evaluation to identify an employee's contribution to results, improved working methods, inspire employees the spirit of innovation, developing the potential of employees, and ultimately achieve the overall objectives of the enterprise. thermal power enterprises to establish a scientific and rigorous performance appraisal system. assessment to reduce human subjective factors emphasize participation, interactive evaluation. assessment indicators as possible quantify, operability, increase the transparency of the assessment. Thirdly, there must be the focus, not appraisal unrelated content. performance appraisal staff evaluation of anything that does not affect the work of other Do not carry out the evaluation.
2 good employer off.

Change the traditional concept of Human Resource Management, to establish a "people-oriented" thinking. Human resources to maintain sustainable economic development resources to establish the principle of "fair, equal, competitive, merit-based, must be in accordance with both ability and integrity, pragmatic, and recognized by the masses and fair, just, and open to further perfect the cadre appraisal system, the implementation of the capable, the levels were so Yongzhe eclectic, the amount used only to improve the selection, the employing public trust. give full play to the stage for people who want to Director-General, to remove only engaged in the growth of talent and channel management positions can be promoted only growth channel for the establishment of a technical, operational, and other types of professionals of various disciplines or professional and technical leaders not only give political treatment, corresponding to give spiritual and material benefits.
3, good to keep people off.

Always adhere to the strict requirements of the job, the principle of daily life passion for caring to pay attention to the talents and the vast majority of workers work, the improvement of living conditions, and to meet the needs of different levels of cadres and workers through wages, benefits, welfare, and corporate culture construction means. To create a dynamic remuneration system, management of human resources, incentive pay plays a very important role, is the primary means for companies to attract and retain talent. established business labor market mechanism adapted pay system, first of all, the apportionment shall be reasonable distance, overcome egalitarianism. purposes of different positions in different remuneration, capacity and performance-oriented, performance pay and skill pay combined strategy fully reflects the value of talent on the basis of equity, tilted to the core staff. make employees feel within fair play incentive pay distribution system, external competitiveness, to attract the purpose of retaining talent.
4, the construction of a unique corporate culture.

The corporate culture is a strength, cohesion, is the guiding force, but also binding rather than a simple "business + culture corporate culture goal is to build a good staff mental state, in the enterprise to create a healthy and positive lively and harmonious spiritual atmosphere, reflect the core values ​​advocated by the enterprise. corporate culture must have a distinctive personality characteristics, which is the corporate culture of life. distinctive personality, enterprises can be recognized by the customer in order to help establish a corporate good image, in order to ensure that enterprises in the fierce competition in the specialty win.
Therefore, the thermal power enterprises according to the needs of enterprises, from the vital interests of the enterprise, the tailored form with full recognition of the unique corporate culture. Avoid only a mere formality, and not have any incentive short culture.

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