Huanghuai University-based network technology to explore the implementation of the Project Approach Teaching

Abstract network technology involves multiple disciplines, but also a close contact, practical strong professional and social reality professional positions. For students truly master network technology, on the one hand to have the network hardware conditions experiment and practice, on the other hand there must be suitable for students to understand and master the teaching methods to maximize network technology. From the current situation of teaching computer network technology courses starting in Huanghuai University, for example, we discuss the optimization project Teaching the course of some of the useful attempt.
Paper Keywords: network technology, curriculum, project pedagogy With the rapid development of modern communications technology and computer technology, information technology is being brought to mankind a new industrial revolution, information has become the most important resource for our survival. And social, network information, are heavily influenced by network technology, which the university computer network technology professional training and education put forward higher requirements.
Network Technology is an important pillar of IT communication field, however, a large number of surveys show that in the current network of professional courses teaching techniques, on the one hand, the contradiction between the rapid development of network technology and the growing aging faculty, which will fundamentally restrict Development of the quality of education; on the other hand, the current textbooks lag teaching content, teaching content darker ones, practice and capacity-building is not prominent, teaching requirements and training 'competency-based' teaching objectives there is a gap; the other professional practice, developing training equipment and computer technology have a certain gap, not teaching students to experiment as required, and thus the process of education reform has played a negative impact.
2. Huanghuai Institute of Network Technology and Analysis of Current Situation 2.1 Huanghuai University Network Technology Professional Training Mode exemplary Huanghuai University Software Institute is 'in-kind, real, real gang, hard work' for the idea, to market demand oriented, and service targets industry integration, combined with the graduates, according to the job requirements to design training programs, focusing on the unity of theory and practice, highlighting the practical ability. That ultimate goal is to train qualified professional and technical workers, so that they can adapt quickly after graduation requirements of jobs, jobs required to master knowledge and skills. To achieve this goal it is necessary to post the work process is introduced into the classroom teaching them. Learning a best solution expertise, is the theory with practice, theory and practice more closely, more compact learning time, learning, the better, teaching professional courses requires more specific, vivid, practical technology.
2.2 network technology teaching effectiveness analysis of the prevalence of students relatively weak fundamentals, low ability to comprehend the level of motivation to learn enough weaknesses. But there are also like hands-on, active thinking and other strengths. On the other hand, in view of the existing school teaching model, suitable for emphasis on subject-oriented general theoretical study of undergraduate education, skills-based teaching is not suitable employment oriented vocational education. Based on consideration of the above two aspects, the Institute set up a special network technology professional education department, responsible for education and teaching network technology professional disciplines. Conduct research on similar institutions in network technology professionals drawn poor teaching effect for two reasons: First, difficult for students to complete the required learning content materials contained achieve teaching objectives syllabus required; the second is the student learning the final result can not meet the needs of the community related to professional positions. From the perspective of the teaching point of view, resulting in the appeal case is mainly due to three reasons: First, the teachers did not teaching students according to the actual situation and understanding of the law; the second is based on professional courses teachers do not own characteristics to implement teaching; Third, many professional Textbooks curriculum is too theoretical, practical and social requirements of professional positions out of line.
2.3 Strategies for teaching materials through intensive research to develop a suitable student characteristics, follow the teaching program teaching law, it was possible to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students, teaching them to participate in the initiative, to achieve good teaching results. Based on the above point of view, Huanghuai University Curriculum System network technology to optimize the use of project teaching and try to get a good teaching effect.
3. Network Technology Curriculum System Optimization 3.1 Optimization of the curriculum in the curriculum, the school insisted application ability 'width' combine to make students fully grasp the gradual deepening of subject knowledge, ability to train students in all aspects of professional applications, according to the network integration, network three directions, and network management software development commenced. Let the students according to their interests, develop the ability to accept direction and choose the appropriate courses.
3.2 optimize the teaching content and hours of proportion in the development of teaching programs arrange basic courses, technical skills courses, public basic courses, four elective courses teaching content and hours of proportion to the actual situation and the needs of society. Basic Course to teach students to master the scientific principles necessary to engage in professional positions, methods, and use of these principles and methods to analyze and judge, the ability to solve practical problems of work; technical skills courses are targeted industry vocational skills, vocational theoretical knowledge applied to actual job training operational capabilities, these two subjects must ensure that certain hours, not free to decrease; basic course students should meet the basic concepts and skills necessary for application of professional positions require basic principles and methods, training students to master the scientific thinking and methods to solve practical problems, the number of hours may be appropriate to increase the proportion of courses; and elective courses are inter-professional or high-tech-oriented courses to students of vocational adaptability, expertise comprehensive ability, door number as much as possible, to a wide range of these.
3.3 optimize the teaching method is based on the traditional teacher-based teaching, students learning in a passive state, embodied in the teaching process the students listen, the teacher unilateral exchange, lack of communication between teachers and students. Such students passively accept the way teaching is a static way, blocking the teachers in the teaching process of passion and creativity, leaving the lectures dull, dull, dull, seriously affecting the effectiveness of teaching. Therefore, it should be taken of modern interactive teaching methods of teaching: First, using a variety of teaching methods, such as project design, site modeling, social surveys, case studies, etc. Second, the use of the formation of network classrooms, a small campus network construction, renovation Small Office network and other practical activities to enrich the teaching process. Third, online education, including electronic lesson plans, electronic reading, electronic operations, which will shorten the distance between teachers and students, to strengthen the exchange of teaching to improve teaching effectiveness.
3.4 Optimization Assessment methods evaluation methods can give full play to the examination of education, teaching, supervise and guide function, detection, identification and evaluation function, so that the teaching content, teaching methods and consistent training model, promote the improvement of quality of personnel training. When the student assessment, are two ways, one is usually summative, assessment and examination identified the end of the combination. For different courses can use different assessment methods, such as the use of vocational skills appraisal, completing the course project, the preparation of the project plan to replace other forms of assessment courses. This helps to improve the overall quality of students, but also train students to adapt to different needs, increasing work experience. Second, using the usual assessment (such as job and internship report, stage tests, curriculum design, etc.) and identification of the test and use, the main assessment of basic knowledge, mastery of concepts and simple application capabilities. In short, we want to change a single index evaluation assessment of learning outcomes for the many comprehensive assessment results, and establish quality vocational education thought practical talents, establish a comprehensive assessment of the idea, to build diversified assessment methods.
4. The substance of Project Approach Project Approach implementation steps is to the teaching process and production process combining simulate actual working process, to enable students to take the initiative to acquire and master the knowledge and skills in a virtual production and business activities, cultivate good work and learning attitude, good behavior and moral emotions.
Introduction of the project methodology in teaching computer network, it can either help students fully understand the more abstract concepts of computer networks and, more importantly, to improve students' hands-on ability, as well as identify problems, analyze problems and problem-solving skills. Thereby improving the quality of teaching so that students can quickly adapt to the future requirements of professional positions.
Using the Project Approach in network technology in teaching methods of operation as follows:
First, by the classroom teacher to the whole class group, according to the experimental conditions internship students into groups of 6 or 8. At the same time a leader elected by members of each group, specifically responsible for planning and implementing organizational learning programs, during which teachers were responsible for communication to solve problems encountered in the process of learning.
Second, teachers will be teaching content items, thus enabling students to become job content specific operation. By way of example, to explain the contents of the students to be operated (with the students practical contents differ).
Third, the students issued a work item (work content), organized by the group leader of the group members to analyze the project, work plans, assign each team member specific operations work content, requires close coordination among members to each other collaborate, work together to complete the task.
Fourth, in the process of completion of tasks, the requirements of each member truly master the knowledge and skills of job content involved. Preferably the content of the work repeated several times, the members of the mutual exchange between the posts, in order to achieve complete control of the required knowledge and skills.
Fifth, in the course of the completion of the task, if they can not solve the problem, the leader is responsible for communicating with teachers, followed by the leader of the difficult questions to answer, this process members to actively discuss efforts depth knowledge and skills related to the understanding of the project.
Sixth, the classroom teachers to complete the project each group to check the work of each group learning make an objective assessment.
Seventh, the project summary classroom teachers analyze student appear in the project completion process problem, propose solutions. Summary of the main points of this course of study, students should master knowledge and skills.
Network Technology from the set of the switch, router settings, firewall settings, and dual-interconnect, small Local Area Network, etc., can use the Project Approach. Students in the process of completion of each project, both the work process and learning process and the learning process is closely integrated with the practice. By learning this way, students must be able to really understand the theoretical knowledge, practical skills to master.
5. Summary Project Approach is a proven teaching method is ideal for career-oriented professional education. To really make good use of this teaching method, you must go through repeated experiments and efforts in order to maximize the role of this advanced teaching methods, the use of the process should also pay attention to the following three points:
(1) to really mobilize the enthusiasm of students to participate. Students' active participation is the key to the success of the project teaching method, there is no active involvement of students, project teaching it impossible to achieve the desired objectives, and even make the whole class can not control.
(2) the ability to organize and direct the head of the train. Leader is the soul of the group, all work should be the head of the concrete implementation. In fact, head teachers is the right-hand man, learning tasks can be completed, the head of the work is the key.
(3) pay attention to the tour for each group, in order to understand the situation of each group to complete the project in a timely manner to help ensure the timely completion of the project.

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