The hotel industry advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

[Abstract] With the rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce has become the hotel of the most effective, most economical and most convenient marketing tool. In this paper, the hotel e-commerce advantages, the development of existing problems and shortcomings, and future trends are discussed.

     [Keywords:] hotels under development in e-commerce advantages


     E-commerce is the 20th century, information technology, network product.
In recent years, with the development of knowledge economy and the information superhighway construction, e-commerce on the Internet started. In this year's "18th meeting of China Internet Development Statistics Report" according to the online survey results, there are about 15 million people frequently using online education, 25 million people frequently using online recruitment, frequent use of blog and online shopping numbers, respectively, 28 million and 3000 million people. Hotel Internet marketing system is a revolutionary marketing innovation of the hotel. It can effectively show their image and services, establish a good customer interaction to achieve efficient management and sales, reduce marketing costs, increase economic efficiency and management level.

     1, the hotel industry demand for e-commerce

     Hotel E-commerce is the inevitable development of today's hotel industry trends.
Connected through a system unique to the world on the Internet, colorful and extremely rich display their own style, features, marketing their own rooms and a variety of services and so can be composed of hotel chains, strategic alliances, with its strong flexible marketing means to enter the vast market. It can be provided to a wide range of customers face to face marketing. It opens up the market breadth and depth, which are normal mode of human, material which can not be compared. It represents the latest and most effective marketing methods, development of tourist market for the hotel to bring unlimited business opportunities.

     2, the hotel e-commerce advantages

     E-commerce refers to the use of simple, fast, low-cost electronic means of communication is not known one another for buyers and sellers to carry out a variety of commercial and trading activities. E-commerce through a variety of electronic means of communication to complete. From the point of view of trade, e-commerce can be achieved in a number of areas, thus can also be divided into two levels of e-commerce, low-level e-commerce such as e-Trade, e-commerce, electronic contracts, etc.; the most complete is also The most advanced e-commerce is the use of the network INTENET all trading activities, namely, the Internet will be information flow, business flow, capital flow and logistics part of a complete realization.

     1. To provide a convenient and efficient service to guests

     Internet information on the hotel product focused on a platform, displayed in front of the guests to provide B2C direct booking channels, customers only need to choose according to their needs, can be recognized.

     2. To broaden the hotel sales market and expanding consumer groups booking

     Internet makes the hotel business may be extended to areas never before reached in a hotel product information delivered to the world, and there is a demand for hotel products connected with the hotel guests, the hotels get product information in the space of unprecedented expansion, Therefore, e-commerce to the hotel operators to add new sales channels to expand the intended consumer groups.

     3. Enable hotels to tangible products, and enhance the hotel group booking confidence in the products

     Hotel product has the intangible characteristics of the guests scheduled to purchase the product before the product can not be personally aware of the required information, Internet can provide a virtual hotel and a lot of hotel product information. Through the Internet network, hotel guests can understand the arbitrary products, products produced in advance on the hotel experience. This hotel reservation is not only to cultivate and expand the network of consumer groups, but also intangible hotel products "visible" and to enhance the hotel group booking confidence in the products.

     3, the hotel e-commerce in the development of existing problems and shortcomings

     The computer in the hotel's popularity and application of new technology platforms, the new technical features continue to emerge, the characteristics of information systems for domestic slowly into the hotel, make hotel management system has entered a new period of development. It should be noted, for one, two stars and even some three-star hotel for the construction and application of e-business environment is still in the initial stage, even in five-star hotel, e-commerce-building process with the customer demand for the hotel there is considerable distance from the .

     1. The concept of the gap

     General hotel operators believe that hotels are traditional service industries, hotel revenues rely mainly on rental rooms and beds. So confused invest in the hotel rooms and investment in e-commerce facilities to treat them the same return on investment, there is no e-commerce building and improving the hotel operation, management efficiency, effectiveness, etc. link, there is no value of e-commerce into the hotel their own value chain, in order to better play a role in the competition.

     2. Trades from

     The hotel industry belongs to the people-oriented labor-intensive service industries, IT industry is a technology-intensive industries. Because of this inter-industry differences in nature, leading IT companies although every effort will be the most advanced product equipment, or solution to sell to the hotel, but the result is often paid a high price hotel but unsatisfactory. Mainly because of technical capabilities and hotel demand mismatch, the current management system can not solve many of the key issues facing the hotel, and management decision-making level there is no overall planning, so that developers, led by the nose, suppliers and hotels have no interest consistency . Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

     3. The lack of industry standards

     Understanding of the hotel industry vary widely on e-commerce, together with the separate administration of IT solutions, making the original hotel on the technical level of the limited dazzled blind investment project proposals abound. Concrete implementation of the network for guest rooms, there are ISDN, ADSL, XDSL, 802.11 wireless LAN, Cable Modem, fiber optic, twisted pair and other programs, which should be selected as the hotel, there is no one set style, there is no relevant industry standards.

Services are not in place

     Hotel is a service-based industries, relying on guest satisfaction for various services to improve hotel occupancy rates and operating efficiency. Hotel e-commerce implementation, means that hotel added a new service - e-commerce services. IT companies responsible for planning and implementation, but does not normally assume in the future the service because the IT companies do not belong to the service sector. If the service responsibility fell on the heads of hotel, the hotel will not be able to cope with. As the services are not in place, so that system can not be fully effective. Who provides electronic commerce services for the hotel is a debatable issue.

     IV Conclusion

     Into the 21st century, e-commerce dynamic, fast-forward development, e-commerce so that the whole market, various industries amazing changes taking place in the hotel industry is no exception. E-commerce in the hotel industry has been greatly developed, as opposed to traditional business has great advantages, but their are still many problems and inadequacies. We urge the development of e-business for the hotel industry to play a role as a link, hoping hotel e-commerce to be healthy and orderly development.


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