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  • Huanghuai University-based network technology to explore the implementation of the Project Approach Teaching
    Abstract network technology involves multiple disciplines, but also a close contact, practical strong professional and social reality professional positions. For students truly master network technology, on the one hand to have the network hardware conditions experimen

    Dec 8,28

  • Characteristics and trends of development of mobile e-commerce
    Abstract: mobile e-commerce (E-commerce) is a new direction of development of e-commerce, has a very broad market prospects. In this paper, the rapid development of China's mobile commerce trend start, analyzes the current development of mobile e-commerce, characterist

    Dec 6,26

  • How to improve the professional skills of electronic
    Summary: The electron vocational students, the main purpose is to develop an electronic professional skills, that is, for a variety of electronic equipment for maintenance, repair, make it work. In this paper, in order to repair the TV as an example, to talk about thei

    Dec 6,11

  • Application of e-commerce technology in data mining
    [Abstract] With the popularity of e-commerce and data mining technology, data mining technology into e-business e-commerce can solve the huge amount of data problems in order to be truly valuable information. This paper briefly introduces the concept of e-commerce and

    Dec 5,24

  • T Outsourcing Risk Analysis and Dynamic Management *
    Abstract: Enterprise Information is a modern enterprise the only way to survive and develop, enterprises in order to enhance the core competitiveness of the market, it is necessary to focus on their core business, while the non-core IT outsourcing business; however, the

    Dec 4,2

  • Thoughts on "Introduction to e-commerce," Economics and Management Teaching students
    Abstract: Introduction to E-commerce 'is the e-commerce introductory courses, administered by professional learning this course is very necessary. This paper analyzed the current situation and problems of teaching, and propose appropriate solutions for the problems.

    Dec 3,31

  • Network Marketing Data Mining Technology
    Abstract: Network Marketing Data Mining Technology - Thesis Keywords: network marketing, data mining, technology, applications (Computer Science and Engineering, Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, Urumqi 830012) INTRODUCTION In recent years, there have been

    Dec 3,25

  • User management of e-commerce websites compare
    Paper Introduction: e-commerce site based on precedent to put their work into B2B and B2C. But whether it is B2B or B2C build its user management can be summed up as 'customers - managers.' Keywords: e-commerce, website users, management First, the current situatio

    Dec 3,14

  • E-Commerce Application Development
    Paper Introduction: With China's accession to WTO, competition in the market has reached a white-hot stage, through the establishment of the SME e-commerce sites can expand product sales channels, streamline circulation and promote the realization of supply chain manage

    Dec 3,13

  • Professional training of vocational e-commerce
    Paper Introduction: According to statistics, China's registered e-commerce business has reached more than 1000 million, of which there are more than 100,000 medium-sized enterprises, preliminary estimates of future demand for e-commerce professionals about 20 million pe

    Dec 3,12

  • On the e-commerce business management ideas under
    Paper Introduction: the face of rising prices, challenges snowstorms, earthquakes, such as the subprime mortgage crisis, China's e-commerce has always been difficult, but actively maintained a forward momentum. In such a Web2.0 'experience economy' Times, word of mouth

    Dec 3,11

  • Application and development of e-commerce in China's insurance industry prospects species
    Paper Introduction: Reason Insurance Insurance Overview 1.1 E-commerce and e-business to produce the main types of people commented on the Internet: People have no choice for the Internet, not on the Internet is like no phone. Insurance is the lowest level of informati

    Dec 3,10

  • On the coal logistics management and e-commerce
    Paper Introduction: In summary, logistics is an important part of e-commerce and the fundamental guarantee. In the past focused on the integration of logistics management within the enterprise operations and organization of the corresponding downstream customer service

    Dec 3,9

  • Current Situation and Countermeasures online bookstore operators
    Paper Introduction: online bookstore is a new bookstore in the form of recent years with the development of network technology to produce, compared with traditional bookstores, online bookstores have many advantages. The concept of e-commerce was not popular. Keyword

    Dec 3,8

  • Ways Jinhua tourism development of e-commerce
    Paper Introduction: With the development of Internet information technology, tourism, e-commerce has become a new business model, and its high efficiency, low cost and other advantages of the rapid rise of e-commerce is not only an important direction for tourism develo

    Dec 3,7

  • Chinese tourism e-commerce issues and Countermeasures
    Paper Introduction: With the development of modern science and technology information industry, in order to break the constraints of time and improve the tourist trade efficiency, reduce transaction costs and maximize the integration of domestic and international travel

    Dec 3,6

  • E-commerce and security risk management
    Paper Introduction: The United States believes the operation of IBM's e-commerce enterprises in e-commerce (E-Business) is the company's 'business integration', which will IT technology strategy and corporate business strategy and build up a new organizational structure

    Dec 3,5

  • On the impact of electronic commerce and the development of the insurance
    Paper Introduction: insurance, as one of the pillars of the financial industry, has always been a tenacious and robust image in the world. Because the insurance industry to resist the impact of natural disasters, industrial accidents and the economy last barrier, it is

    Dec 3,4

  • On the e-commerce business development is inevitable
    Paper Introduction: E-commerce refers to the use of computer and Internet technologies to support the business activities carried out. Business efficiency, the paper Daquan, On the development of e-commerce business is inevitable. Keywords: e-commerce, e-business, bu

    Dec 3,3

  • Research on E-commerce mode network buy
    Paper Introduction: Buying emerged. Currently popular online network business mainly buy mode. Buying the successful operation of e-commerce model. Buy mode research network buy e-commerce model. Keywords: e-commerce, online buy, buy mode First, buy a network and

    Dec 3,2

  • SME e-commerce Analysis and Thoughts
    Paper Introduction: People's Republic of China national economic and social development in the Tenth Five-Year Plan, 'pointed out:' to promote the positive development of e-commerce for SMEs, key industries and third-party e-commerce transactions and services for SMEs i

    Dec 3,1

  • E-commerce research and legal notarization
    Paper Introduction: e-commerce development, the urgent need to address the authenticity, legality and fairness of the transaction as well as data security, validity and completeness of the problem, e-notarization therefore emerged. Keywords: e-commerce, electronic sig

    Dec 2,28

  • Discussion on the online payment legislation
    Paper Introduction: E-commerce is a new business model in the 21st century mainstream business dealings driven, e-commerce will become the core of economic activity. Scholars believe: generalized electronic payment means using a variety of payment secretly equipment, i

    Dec 2,27

  • E-commerce courses as an example of Network Teaching Mode of Cen Li Xiyun Lei Zhang Fengling
    Abstract: With the heavy employment pressure in today's society, a low-cost, low-threshold field of electronic commerce, the good development of contemporary college students has become a hot topic to ease the employment pressure. Today, e-commerce education major univ

    Dec 2,26

  • E-commerce environment for business email writing
    Paper Introduction: In order to trade the two sides to achieve the desired purpose of communication, and enhance the effectiveness of e-mail, e-mail and letter writing, like writing, seven C should follow the principle that simple (Conciseness), clear (Clearness), court

    Dec 2,25

  • Design and implementation using ASP.NET technology development in the secondary site (graphic)
    Paper Introduction: ASP.NET is a unified Web development model, which is almost entirely based on components and modular. Colleges and universities in the development of the secondary site in full using ASP.NET technology, speed up the development progress, making the

    Dec 2,24

  • Application of GIS in CRM (customer relationship management) in
    Paper Introduction: This paper discusses the application of GIS in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), providing an entry point for management and decision-making and implementation of GIS technology for e-commerce enterprises. Keywords: GIS, CRM (customer relatio

    Dec 2,23

  • Build Web log mining technology based business information systems
    Papers REVIEW: Web log mining, Web usage mining is a kind, that is, through the Web log mining, found that users access the Web page mode, further analysis and research Web logging rules, in order to improve the performance of Web sites and organizational structure, imp

    Dec 2,22

  • Jewelry business network to promote research work
    Paper Introduction: With the rapid development of Internet and the popularity of e-commerce, most of the jewelry business has its own website, jewelry businesses to invest in the network marketing will also increase, the current export business jewelry business almost e

    Dec 2,21

  • Discussion salt production enterprise network marketing
    Paper Introduction: Most salt marked decline in business efficiency. Development in line with the actual business of network marketing. Many salt production companies have set up their own corporate website. Keywords: salt business, corporate websites, online market

    Dec 2,20