Countermeasures for the Construction of state-owned enterprises management team

Managers of production and business activities of the organizers and managers of state-owned enterprises, the state-owned enterprises under the direct management of China's huge state-owned assets, the development of state-owned enterprises to survive in the fierce market competition, must be in accordance with the requirements of establishing a modern enterprise system, construction enterprise managers a high-quality team, to adapt to the needs of the development of state-owned enterprises to strengthen the state-owned enterprise managers team building their own development needs of the state-owned enterprises.

First, the reform of the management system, improve the quality of the work of the selection

Judging from the state-owned enterprise management personnel selection and appointment system, the the cadres principle with the Board in accordance with the law hiring managers and managers line combine with human rights in accordance with the law, and strive to improve the management structure, selected with a strong senior management layer of leadership. establish fair competition selection and employment platform, increase the proportion of open selection of management personnel to increase the proportion of the performance evaluation, highlighting the results of operations of the employer on the guiding role of the strict implementation of the tenure system, build managers exit mechanism for state-owned enterprises should strictly term management system, a three-year basic term, according to the results of performance appraisal as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the managers, decision-election, dismissal, removal or resign. both the investor and managers The rights and obligations of the appointment of the contract shall prevail. establish a normal appointment, dismissal, removal, and resign system can smooth the exit channel of the managers of state-owned enterprises, is conducive to select more excellent managers.

Second, planning, strengthen culture

Since the Seventeenth Party Congress, the Party committees at all levels to carry out a large-scale training of cadres, the province proposed training objectives for the enterprise management personnel, recent cultivation of training tasks: focus on the province's economic development and structural adjustment and cultivating number of outstanding entrepreneurs to target transformation across seven competitive industries focus on the needs of development focus on the development of domestic and international competitiveness of large enterprise groups, training entrepreneurs created an international qualification and influence, the domestic well-known entrepreneurs and outstanding entrepreneurs in the province. corporate authorities and according to the needs of the development of specific training training plan, purpose, train management personnel of state-owned enterprises to take measures to train overseas training, testing and tempering number of highly qualified market capacity, international perspective, the command of the team of entrepreneurs team to continue to adapt to the needs of the development of state-owned enterprises in our province. [papers LunWenData.Com]

Third, the development of effective measures to lead a high-level management

In order to improve the competitiveness of the team managers of state-owned enterprises in our province, the authorities of the Party committees and governments at all levels and state-owned enterprises to vigorously implement the talent development strategy, seize the favorable opportunity, and actively introduce all kinds of high-quality management personnel. First, the selective advantage enterprises, the introduction of much-needed high-quality management personnel directly. formulate preferential policies to enterprises in the province, and guide the talents of external third is to actively develop the human resources of the province to achieve optimal allocation of resources of the enterprise management personnel. creating career development platform, to improve the working and living environment, to retain talent officer venture. Efforts should be made to pursue the cause of the province's economic and social development and business management personnel combine to build business platform to create opportunities for career development, career stay live talents, to enhance the outstanding management personnel compensation, reduce the gap with the developed areas of salary levels, with a reasonable treatment to retain talent, governments and enterprises to respect and care personnel, to help them solve their children's education, family employment specific difficulties with the real thing to retain talent entrepreneurship development, thus contributing to the development and growth of state-owned enterprises in our province.

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Fourth, to speed up the process of professionalization, the implementation of professional managers qualification system

First, the implementation of professional managers qualification system. Implementation of professional managers qualification system is rational flow of enterprise management personnel, effective allocation of an important system of enterprise management personnel by professional managers qualification system has engaged business the eligibility of activities, it is necessary to strictly enforce the system of vocational qualifications of professional managers, quality assurance, the establishment of professional managers comprehensive evaluation mechanism can be introduced using the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council Development Research Center of the professional managers of state-owned enterprise management personnel integrated evaluation system, the project, including professional managers competency model, evaluation scale and exam, the formation of team leadership, business decision-making capacity, capital operation ability of independent innovation, crisis management capabilities, marketing capabilities, communication, public relations, corporate cultural capacity-building "Eight ability" evaluation system for enterprises to implement talent assessment, appointment, training provide the basis for the third market management mechanism, improve the professional managers and service system. formation of the provincial and municipal levels, business management talent market speed up the marketing network, give full play to the market's role in allocating resources of professional managers.

, Innovation incentive mechanism, give full play to the manager role

Innovative state-owned enterprise management incentives, must emancipate our minds, change our concepts, around the talent the law of value, based on business performance, material incentives, career motivation, mental encourage the integrated use of a scientific use of different substances incentives to mobilize the operation and management the enthusiasm of material incentives of enterprise managers, in accordance with the principle of material incentives should not only play a certain incentives, but also with the national conditions and the capacity of enterprises to adapt, according to the difference between different treatment. Second, we must adhere to the people-oriented, strengthening the cause of the state-owned enterprise managers incentives linked to the business development goals with the managers of individual career development, with full respect and trust managers of state-owned enterprises, enterprise managers to establish and businesses the rise and fall of the idea, to the excellent state-owned enterprise managers focus on the implementation of high-quality assets in the business or the reorganization of assets in three to smooth political participation channels of state-owned enterprise managers, to develop their sense of social responsibility to respect entrepreneurs in a market economy important role, through the establishment of the website forum, hold hearings, information sessions and other forms solicit the views of the state-owned enterprise managers, encouraging them to any comments or suggestions.

Sound constraints oversight mechanisms to ensure that management according to law

Sound SOE Managers Regulation and Supervision System to regulate the conduct of operations managers, to strict compliance with regulatory and legal regulations, and effectively enhance the state-owned enterprise managers the ability to inhibit the various risks, and consciously safeguard the interests of the enterprises and the state First, we must improve and perfect the internal management system of state-owned enterprises, the establishment of the internal constraints oversight mechanism. Second, we must establish and improve the modern enterprise system, to ensure that the behavior of enterprise managers from internal management systems can be effectively constrained and supervision. necessary to strengthen the performance evaluation and supervision of state-owned assets management department of the enterprise managers effectively strengthen the examination and supervision of state-owned assets management department of the state-owned enterprise managers on major issues of corporate restructuring, market, change of ownership, the state-owned assets administrative departments should strengthen supervision and standards, to prevent fish in troubled waters, took the opportunity to misappropriation, embezzlement of state-owned assets phenomenon Third, we must give full play to the supervisory role of the party organizations at all levels of state-owned enterprise managers. necessary to strengthen the party organizations at all levels of state-owned enterprises and their managers effective supervision to ensure that the managers of state-owned enterprises in accordance with the law to carry out production and business activities. Fourth, we must strengthen the corporate operation, accept the news media and the community supervision by the masses of state-owned enterprises in accordance with the relevant requirements of corporate operation, increase the transparency of the operation and management of the work, take the initiative to accept the supervision of the masses of the community.

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