Analysis of our corporate brand strategy

Abstract: In this paper, starting from the analysis of the concept of brand and brand strategy, brand strategy diversified ways. Based on the review of the history of the development of the brand strategy since the last century, the Chinese enterprises' 80-90 analysis the main problems in the development of corporate brand strategy and solution ideas to address these issues, and the prospect of the future of the brand strategy of Chinese enterprises.

Keywords: Chinese enterprises, brand strategy, development process, problems and countermeasures, outlook

Statistics According to the United Nations Industrial Development Programme (WFP), the world's less than 3% of brand-name products occupy 40% of the market and 50% of turnover (Note 1 shows the status of important brands in the enterprise development strategy With the continuous expansion of the reform and opening up, China's domestic market has become an important part of the international market, the brand of Chinese enterprises are facing the challenges of tough international competition, the focus of market competition by price competition gradually shift to non-price competition, a competition between brands, particularly After joining the WTO, the majority of Chinese enterprises with powerful foreign competitors have a face-to-face confrontation brand competition also rise from the tactical level of pure brand awareness to brand marketing and brand management at the strategic level Western brands after a century and even hundreds of years of experience and established, have formed a system of brand strategy theory and mature operating means, Chinese enterprises from brand strategy in the early 1990s, the early Hing date, only 10 years of development history. therefore the development of the brand strategy of Chinese enterprises after all these years despite the existence of a considerable progress, but also facing difficulties for Chinese enterprises how to create a science of brand marketing system, from a strategic height and brand management system of Chinese enterprises the possibility of establishing a really strong brand, in order to face the key the veteran foreign enterprises powerful brand competition, so this is a strategic significance of the subject worthy of study.

The meaning and role of brand strategy

(A brand concept

The many expositions brand defined. Renowned marketing guru Philip Kotler: The brand is a name, term, mark, symbol, pattern, or these factors combined and used to identify the product manufacturers and vendors 20th century 50 'David Ogilvy: The brand is a symbol of an intricate, product attributes, packaging name, price, history, reputation, advertising style intangible combinations .20 century David EGGER: brand product, links and communication between the symbols, people, businesses and consumers, the brand is a comprehensive framework for all aspects of the communication between the consumer and the product involved.

It can be seen that the concept after a brand from the logo to the image and then the process of brand relationship is a continuous virtual trajectory from the tangible to the intangible. Operational level brand (Brand) enterprise established their goods and services name, term, symbol, symbol, design, or integrated, to make their own products with their competitors products to distinguish a brand from the "brand name", "brand standard", "trademark" of which " brand name "is a brand that can be read out." brand standard "is also part of the brand, but it can only recognize but can not read it, it may be a symbol, a design or a color or letter. finally "trademark" is also part of the brand, and that part of it is to provide legal protection, ownership means that the owner of the brand name and brand standard "brand" means a product that the creation of a brand name, brand mark and trademark consistency of commitment to the process. brands, its essence, it represents sellers (sellers) features of the product delivered to the buyer, the benefits and services reflect the specific product attributes, specific interests (such as functional interests or the interests of the affective), some sense of the value of the producer's specific national or corporate culture, personality type and consumers (users) groups, in which the value of culture, personality constitutes the basis of the brand reflects the brand the difference between the substance.

(The meaning of the two-brand strategy and basic mode

The so-called brand strategy is the corporate brand of law in economic journey, from a strategic height to create, nurture and take advantage of the brand, to enhance enterprise competitiveness and profitability of the whole process. The brand strategic choice is the fundamental decision-making, but also brand management program. correct brand strategy is the starting point for successful business enterprises, enterprises if the lack of the brand overall operation of the long-term planning will result in operating disorder, which is undoubtedly a tremendous waste of resources brand.

Different enterprises are facing internal and external environments vary widely, the brand strategy also taken a great deal of diversity but some common factors can be summarized under several brand strategy basic mode.

1, a single brand strategy

When companies all use the same brand for a single brand strategy. Example, Haier successful example of a single brand strategy in the field of home appliances, self-the Haier refrigerators swept Hou Haier air conditioning, Haier washing machines, and even Haier phone a large number of brand products have emerged, and have achieved good market performance.

The advantage of using a single brand: businesses can save on communication costs, which will help launch new products, highlighting the brand image. Single brand strategy also has its disadvantages - as long as one of the products will produce a vicious chain reaction affecting the fish.

2, multi-brand strategy

With respect to a single brand strategy, when a company operates two or more independent brand, it is used in multi-brand strategy. Example, the world-renowned American Procter & Gamble's have both Pantene, Rejoice, sea fly Sri Lanka and a series of successful Japanese brands, health element of the health care products company can be called a model of multi-brand strategy, which owns a number of strong brands such as Mrs Franc, Eagle, joy, etc., these brands for different target markets, operate relatively independent.

Multi-brand strategy to maximize market share, cross-coverage for consumers. And also reduce the company's business risk - even a brand fails does not have much impact on other brands, but multi-brand strategy is typical of the strong game, if not a strong enterprise Do not try.

3, sub-brand strategy

A successful brand in the sub-brand strategy is based enterprises as the main brand, covering products, at the same time gave different products from a lively and attractive name as a sub-brand to highlight the image of the personality of the product.

Although the sub-brand strategy for narrow, but the content is rich than the main brand. Example, dozens of Henan Fussen Pharmaceutical products, but how to make consumers eleven remember them? Sub-brand strategy is the solution. Fussen the functional properties of a single product, respectively, for their take very personalized name. such as governance dysmenorrhea products take Mingfu Sen - dysmenorrhea music, blood products take Mingfu Sen - blood source. accurate sub-brand positioning, market these products. After all attracted a good response.

But it is worth noting that in the process of implementation of the sub-brand strategy, brand communication center of gravity must be placed on the main brand, sub-brand only in a subordinate position.

4, guarantees brand strategy

Miconazole, domperidone, West Billings are in their respective fields, the more successful the brand, explore behind their success people will find that they are produced by the Xi'an-Janssen In the the spread brand Xianyangsen intentionally this information communicated to the consumer. compared with other brand relationships, Miconazole, domperidone, West Billings brand and Xian-Janssen relationship between loose: the packaging on "Xianyangsen" position is not prominent, only play a security role, but people bring these products usually immediately think: Oh, this is produced by Xian-Janssen. effect of this is guaranteed brand strategy.

Guarantee brand strategy is to ensure that these products will bring the promised advantages to consumers. Because the brand behind a successful business, it is conditional, the ability to produce high-quality products. Guarantee brand strategy is particularly suitable for promotion of new products. once a day contrary to the commitments secured by the guarantor's creditworthiness will also be damaged.

5 brand franchise strategy

The franchisor and the franchisee with the same brand in the same mode brand expansion to achieve a win-win or win-win purpose the franchisee to the franchisor to the franchisee to provide a unified brand, technology, management systems, marketing strategies after the franchisor pay a fee brand franchise strategy can make the brand rapid expansion, and with the funds by the promise to reduce the risk and cost to market and channel advantages. the gold master ravioli and auspicious ravioli household in Shanghai is the use of such mode of operation.

6, co-branding strategy

The mutual joint between the brand and the brand to achieve mutual occasion to the purpose of 1 +1> 2, this brand strategy is the co-branding. Example, a number of department store retailer in Shanghai joint from the Brilliance Group.

Co-branding strategy is generally shares mutual possession, the technology transfer to each other, the way to achieve the joint co-owner of the market, the parties to the survival and development of new market competition.

(3) brand strategy in the modern enterprise

In a sense the modern market economy is the brand economy, the brand more and more important to the survival and development of enterprises, to some extent over the role of physical assets. Experienced theoretical enlightenment and market baptism enterprise brand awareness quickly awakening, brand awareness has risen in the corporate development strategy to brand strategy, thus becoming an important part of the enterprise development strategy. In a nutshell the following aspects of the brand strategy of the role of the modern enterprise:

1, to quickly establish a modern corporate brand image

With the advent of the economic times, the success of the brand strategy can make use of high-tech means to make the brand the rapid dissemination of information, such as the comprehensive use of the website, TV and traditional media to launch a powerful advertising campaign, through the success of the awareness of consumers to buy guide PR promotion, in conjunction with providing a clear, fast, good service, so many valuable brand useless much time to set up. enjoyed a high reputation in China, very young Netease company is a successful brand strategy quickly typical case of the establishment of corporate brand image.

Shaping corporate culture to enhance cohesion

Implementation of brand strategy also helps enterprises to create and declare their own corporate culture, to strengthen the unity and loyalty of employees, enables enterprise organizations to form a cohesive force, so that employees have a common cultural ties with affinity.

3, to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises

With respect to a single product competition, price competition, channel competition, brand competition is a higher level and more comprehensive advantages of competition in the market competition, because the selection and use of the successful brand strategy through market guidance and consumer guide to fully enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

4, strengthening businesses and consumers of the link

Unique features and characteristics of the corporate brand led it to become a link between the two businesses and consumers market players. Successful brand strategy will be implemented through the strengthening of such ties, thereby greatly reducing the risk and cost of the enterprise market positioning and intangible added value to enhance the reliability of business-to-customer commitment.

Second, the course of development of Chinese enterprises to implement brand strategy

(A) brand awareness of its infancy

The late 1970s, early 1980s, China began the the remarkable reform and opening, the trend of surging productivity liberation from the rigid system of the planned economy. During this period there is no brand awareness, not to mention the brand strategy was the Enterprise Woolen "," Woolen second "," third department store "," fourth department store, and the number under the plan pattern became brand, coupled with a shortage of demand, competition at the level of simple low price The level of competition, and even price are planned, unified until the individual and private as a "supplement" to break through the shackles of planned pricing.

The mid-1980s, on the one hand imported products began landing in China, on the other hand, some people get rich first, their pursuit of "high consumption" step, so there is a cognitive brand needs but brand awareness is very naive, and even lack of ability to identify, can only loosely call "Japanese goods," American "even" imported goods ", hardly distinguished brand. So spend a few Pinyin, a foreign name is also very popular, bought the sunglasses even above the English (or pinyin) are reluctant peeled off, only hazy brand awareness.

(B) from the brand conscious brand strategy

The early 1990s, the goods on the Chinese market enriched reversal of the relationship between supply and demand, from a seller's to a buyer's market, consumers begin to identify and select the manufacturers due to the convergence of technology and products as well as the general quality to enhance consumers have to judge their own limited knowledge can not be good or bad, just based on the brand to identify and select the product manufacturers, brand awareness is clearly apparent, so a variety of brand stores in large and medium-sized cities have opened brand advertising overwhelming. vendors in order to cater to the consumer the needs of those choices, and have put the brand strategy.

From the social environment, speaking after the early 1990s, the government vigorously advocate brand strategy, brand research from 27 provinces and autonomous regions, or promote sexual associations, Xinhua News Agency, founded in 1993, "Chinese famous brand >> magazine, State Trademark Bureau began to vote for the first batch of" Famous Chinese Trademark "(10), CCTV launched the life and death of the series << if brand-name >> brand 4 side of politics, business, academia, media teamed fried uproar. But this time the brand strategy just to stay in the shallow level as soon as possible to improve corporate reputation.

The mid-1990s, is a strong corporate brand strategy design to "clean house" phase-out of miscellaneous small brands, Chinese brands miscellaneous small, scattered, chaotic, more irrational combination of production factors, poor economies of scale by is the ability of the business can not afford the test of the WTO and international., some brand demise of some brands would be difficult to stronger, bigger, enterprises must only desperate fight for market, and often decide the outcome of selection and implementation of more reasonable brand strategy, from all aspects of production and marketing is integrated to nurture and take advantage of the brand, to improve competitiveness and profitability as the core target the upper hand in the market through a variety of tactical approaches beat opponents to the color TV industry to bear the brunt. since March 1996, headed "Changhong, Konka, Hisense, TCL", "Skyworth" dominant brand implementation sets the price, quality, service, tactical means of marketing "brand as one of the brand strategy launched seven Battle" Although the final performance for the big price cuts for major brands manifestations, but still reflects the power of the brand strategy from a higher level. eventually In 2000, more than 200 brands of color TV industry integration eliminated 70 brands, and the top 10 account for more than 80% market share.

(C brand strategy literacy comprehensively improve

Sync with the evolution of the domestic market in over 20 years, China has ushered in a comprehensive international brand landing: "Coca-Cola" and "Pepsi", "Nestle" and "Jimmy's Will", "P & G" and "Johnson" in many competition in the international well-known brand, the atmosphere of international competition, domestic and international and domestic competition, the brand strategy of Chinese enterprises literacy comprehensive improve brand competitiveness rapid growth for China's accession to the WTO, at the same time, Chinese companies are also market ready. Throughout the pre-WTO China's domestic market, despite significant international brands such as communication, IT and other industries advantage, but the Chinese brands of home appliances such as refrigerators, color TV industry is news of success, comprehensive regain lost ground, the share of the domestic refrigerator brand up to 93% is the proof. foreign cigarettes in addition to the "3 by 5" there is a certain market, and the rest are almost disappeared, "wine" market decline, the price of the whereabouts of foreign tea "like" Dayton "has been difficult to contend with the tea Kingdom series of tea. comprehensive dialogue and interaction of international and domestic brand, corporate brand strategy level has been increasing.

Third, the brand strategy of Chinese enterprises, Problems and Solutions

(A corporate brand strategy problems Analysis

Can be seen from its review of the development process of starting the profound changes in the market structure of China's corporate brand strategy, enterprises to survive the inevitable result of the choices and the only way to reinforce each other and with the international brand concept incoming China late, compared with Western countries, China's market economy, the establishment of the short time, the market economy has not really formed, the exploration and practice of the legal economy is still in the middle reasons, deficiencies in the development and growth of the brand in China inevitably defects.

To sum up, the development of the brand strategy of Chinese enterprises in the following main issues:

1, the core concept of the design of the brand strategy - national sentiment is strong, lack of scientific rationality

Under international multinationals products entering the capital into the background toward brands to enter the brand strategy of Chinese enterprises with strong nationalist sentiment is inevitable, whether CCTV "life and death, then brand-name", or "Changhong to national prosperity responsibility of the industry to serve the country, "Olive" Great Wall never fell, 国货当自强 Expressed by a strong sense of urgency and national self-esteem color, fair to say, this is a powerful impetus and cohesion emotional oriented but brand strategy must be designed to rely on the various attributes of the product and market-oriented object comprehensive scientific investigation and analysis, and not only intuitive and simple emotional response. above the use of the national sentiment of the market object can not exceed a certain limit, over-stressed and become narrow nationalist tendencies, the effect will be the opposite as not only for scientific analysis the national sentiment blindly put forward "into the world economy 500," The 21st century is the century of China " slogan is not an objective fact, called for the revival of the Chinese nation and China into the international mainstream society with strong economic, cultural, should be clearly aware of the brand itself is international, and the arrival of international brands greatly exacerbated corporate brand growth strategy, which is positive, it is inevitable. therefore the design of the core philosophy of the brand strategy must be based on scientific rational, practical and realistic basis, the value in use of the product must be respected and people-oriented global common humanity guidelines.

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Brand strategy decisions rational basis - breakneck span, lack of professional precision

Shortage economy in the 1980s, leading to the production of the illusion that money for blind diversification in the 1990s and the blind pursuit of extraordinary across social basis. Statistics show that Chinese enterprises in the 1990s, the average life expectancy of less than three years (Note 2, is the so-called "country generation of talent out of leading the trend in 2023. corporate brand is just forming, decision makers are eager to engage in "industries tired disease and investment temptation syndrome, brand extension, not only affect the personality of the brand's professional and arbitrary enter they are not familiar with the field of human resources, infrastructure management, R & D, marketing, network lacks the necessary preparations, "extraordinary leap" Nay, but fell "super Gendou", the newly established brand also destroyed. enterprises from small larger is not only the amount of expansion is a qualitative leap, flexible start-up period, it is necessary to break the routine, but after a certain scale still manage random, unpredictable changes is dangerous small victory by skill wins rely on skill, big wins and rely on personality, entrepreneurs must be constructed from the concept to their own personality and beliefs double protection system to protect the system stable and orderly, rational basis for the implementation of the brand decision with professional precision with a solid foundation for management enterprises to truly go to science prerequisite for decision-making.

3, the implementation of brand strategy tactical means - rely heavily on media hype, desalination operation rules

Brand can not be separated from the spread, spread by means of media, media planning, planning may have some speculation color brand strategy of Chinese enterprises in the design and promotion of the media hype is very important, advertising, journalism or public relations are immediate So another sensational effect, a another surprise move from "Standard King" farce "Qin pool" love "," NEG "extraordinary" thinking of "Asia", the brand with the media to fire up under the media accusations the demise down. general, brand strategy itself is communication strategy is inseparable from the media, but you must understand that the success of "90% rely on well, plus the 10% he said" , while the media hype, the brands placed in the environment under highly magnified, if the operational level is not high, the likely popularity rose rapidly, but the reputation improve unhappy or even decline, well-known reputation might as not well-known. the creation of the brand is a complex social system project, with its internal operation rules, do not know it all, that as long as the media propaganda sensation "Chun cover a hundred ugly", is extremely difficult to have sustainable development future.

4, the image of the brand strategy innovation capability - the image of aging significant innovative breakthrough ineffective

Corporate brand image is the external signs of the brand strategy of a successful strategy for the brand image must be a contradictory unity of stability and change, too much change the brand image of the personality is not clear, too stable brand image of aging in the past 10 years, China innovative breakthrough in the brand strategy is not enough, the image of aging is extremely significant to the early 1990s, the first generation of the top ten "Famous Chinese Trademark", for example, the "Phoenix", "permanent", "Joffre" 6 brand has a serious aging long story, seems to have become even become well-known trademarks in China by the 2000 selection also seemed to run out of ideas in advertising in 2001 and to promote the image, lack of stamina reason, many of these stories the initial image of the personality too good, unable to break through and due to the hard to break away. Has won the "Standard King", for many years ranked Chinese liquor exports "Confucian house wine, for example, the timely introduction heroine << Beijingers in New York >> drama became popular in the land of China, Wang Ji as the image ambassador, launched Confucian house wine, as people homesick "apt, warm slogan incendiary effect, all of a sudden enhance Confucian house wine" brand image, brand exceptionally rich humane However, it is precisely because of the success of this version of the image is too, after the company also collected through the new slogan and image of style, always find it difficult to surpass, last changed "Confucian house wine, as people love the home, it is unworthy sequel, plus the ad aired a long time, the information has been completely drained, could not produce any shocking people away even as the drama are not recognized by Wang Ji why this brand of aging will be difficult to restore.

After the attention of the corporate brand strategy, entrepreneurs have to import the CIS (Corporate Identity System, and in fact, is based on the VIS (visual image recognition system based, that is a nice name, and then design a beautiful corporate logo. something that should have been the externalization of corporate philosophy, but the philosophy of the brand strategy of Chinese enterprises is much the same. According to statistics, the earliest generation concept, more than 30% of the use of the word "unity", the other a relatively high frequency of use of the "pioneering" , "innovation", "dedication", "excellent", "aggressive" and "pragmatic" and so these similarities and empty slogans difficult to become employees of the inherent strength and brand personality cultural support, so I finally evolved to become external packaging, it is shallow and lack of vitality.

5, the brand strategy connotation complete system - shallow appearance wonderful, deep service fatigue

Indeed after the debut of the brand strategy, design of a number of Chinese companies are more exciting, often people glasses light up even breathtaking, but the brand in sustained, deep in integrated marketing service center, increasing convergence in the product cost highly transparent, rapid cloning of promotional services become the center of the competition, but the service is not a simple smile, she is based in a management basis, from a complete system integration of various elements of the system. whether Haier "The Star -class service "Meiling" green channel ", the" heart and soul "of the Little Swan has a complete set of ideas, management, and monitoring system to ensure that Chinese enterprises doing well in this regard is not much.

(Two main ideas to solve the existing problems of corporate brand strategy

1 brand strategy for the global market

Brand strategy of Chinese enterprises must want to be considered to explore the international market, while can not be content with the domestic market to the stage of exploring the international market, the fact is, to the implementation of brand strategy senior stage to the advanced stage on the need of more advanced business strategy and to be In compliance with the international practice. further is the need for more efficient marketing strategies will stand on a higher strategic level is the only way the design of the brand strategy of Chinese enterprises.

Science and the implementation of brand strategy decisions

For enterprises, the most important is to do the right thing, rather than just doing things right. Means that the direction of enterprise development, the big strategy is not wrong to do the right thing. Traditional Chinese enterprises brand strategy decisions, mainly by experience wisdom and intuition, these methods are still effective, but must be coupled with some of the more scientific, more advanced means such as the use of brand evaluation system to measure and evaluate the overall feel of the brand in the minds of consumers, and to determine the history of the brand status quo and development trend, and thus establish a scientific brand strategy management system is a perfect strategic brand management system.

3, the system integration of the communication strategy of the brand strategy

The state-of-the-art communication strategy is to spread the concept of fundamental change, change the one-way propagation of past advertising style to become two-way communication between the consumer and voluntary communication, dissemination should really be the needs of the consumers, rather than imposed. advanced communication strategy including the integration of the system for various forms of communication, including direct investment, there are several ways to do some news stories Chinese enterprises to implement brand strategy need to be systematically integrated marketing communication strategy in addition to advertising tradition.

4 brand strategy to establish a brand marketing concept

Behind the success of the international brand, there is an invisible hand, is brand marketing. Brands consumers to identify the basis for a business or product, is for companies to create sustainable, stable, unique tangible and intangible benefits of competition means. Brands marketing compared with the sales of the product has two features, the first brand marketing is a cultural concept penetration, product sales is the spread of a product performance, second, the concept of relative stability and the continued development of products with cyclical , the public needs change means that the eternal disappearance of a certain product.

5, the operation of the brand strategy to find the right way, a clear market positioning

Brand positioning, its own brand in the market to establish a clear image different from the competitors, in line with the needs of the consumers, potentially occupy a favorable position in the minds of consumers. Companies must pay attention to the market consumption the careful analysis of the trends and the competitive situation, competitive differentiation strategy to play to their strengths, and focus on companies limited human, financial and material resources to maximize market share in the target market, which is an important part of the composition of the brand strategy .

6, brand strategy relies on the enterprise core competencies

The so-called "enterprise core competencies" (core competence) refers to the development of unique products, the ability of the development of unique technology and the invention of a unique marketing tool, it is obtained through the corporate strategic decision-making, manufacturing, marketing, coordination and management of the internal organization of the interactions to keep the business sustainable competitive advantage.

Enterprise core competencies culture lies in the knowledge and skills of learning and the accumulation the technology system improve the organization and management system of the building, and the cultivation of the information system.

7, brand strategy, image building for the purpose of customer satisfaction

The brand image is the cognitive impression of consumer products, symbols, corporate strength, is a relationship between the consumer and the product, company or a part of the projection in the minds of consumers, so companies should be "customer satisfaction "for the purpose of combining the scientific import of the overall image of the corporate strategy, the establishment of a lasting image in the hearts of the public charm.

8 brand innovation, brand strategy for the implementation of power comes from the constant
(A technical innovation: technology is the basis of the brand, has introduced new products in order to maintain the vitality of the brand.
(2 concept of innovation: the brand innovation to establish the concept of "a complete, high-tech, realistic".
(3) organizational innovation: companies pay attention to the innovation of the enterprise system, in order to improve the operating efficiency of the business organization.

(4 market innovation: innovative enterprises to actively transform the market, in order to facilitate the changes in business direction.
(5) Product innovation: enterprises according to market demand and changes in consumer preferences transfer time to adjust the direction of the company's production.

(6 image innovations: brand competition as social attitudes change, reshape or positioning the brand image in order to adapt to changes in consumer psychology.

(7 innovation management: brand management innovation focus on the performance of management theory system for their own development, cultivate and improve the ability to respond to the environment.

In short, the Chinese enterprises should first learn the non-price competition, learn to brand management, know how to use means other than competition, brand strategic thinking to achieve sustainable development, thereby creating long-term competitive advantage, build brand evaluation system truly establish a full range of brand strategy.

Fourth, corporate brand strategy outlook

If you say, the 1980s was a no-name and no-name competition, brand-name and no-name competition in the 1990s, the beginning of the 21st century is the brand name and the famous competition with the continuous development and improvement of China's socialist market economy, Chinese enterprises can be predicted brand competition will be the final run-off in the level of brand strategy, brand strategy for the development of the following trends:

(A brand, the companies jointly into the development of personalized
If common color in the past, brand strategy and more to enhance fundamental level, integration through the CIS into ISO certification, routine management of Chinese enterprises run complete common sense the popularization and infrastructure program. On this basis, the development of ideas must produce differentiation, and differentiation means deepening the roads are almost identical to Ningbo two "well-known supplier file": "Youngor" Shanshan "for example, that the two companies are moving in the 1990s: from shirts to suits ( another from suits to shirts) for product extension, clothing and real estate long-short-term industrial portfolio; publicly traded, increased financing capacity to participate in the financial and commentary on the well-known trademarks, funded charity (Youngor Avenue, Firs Park), CCTV advertising, joining chains, etc. But on the eve of the new century determined brand strategy differences are considerable: "Younger" in the high-end positioning for comprehensive coverage, solidly built bases also argued that seek to transition to the multinational companies, "Shanshan" is based on the high-end, rival foreign brands to create brand gold and weakening of the production chain to get cards Producer close to the "Nike" brand. should be said that the two development ideas are good reason, who are more successful is hard to comment, but a sure that they are entering the stage of development of the personalization.

The increasing role of the (two brands nanny brand steward
The 1990s CEOs become a brand ambassador (even veterans reputation than brand large) compared to the 21st century, more specialized and professional brand nanny brand steward being full rise, whether it is a single brand or composite brand, multi- brands, both from the birth of the brand began to grow up under the care of nannies in the brand, and professional brand combination of state, constantly monitoring the brand, consumers concerned about the brand personality evaluation found that damage the brand image of any factors, prevention aging brand, they act like parents and teachers for children as it is self-evident. gaming between brand nanny and brand managers brand contest from a sense.

(Three core competitiveness of the key pillars of the brand strategy
The "bigger" must be "stronger" as a precondition strong foothold is the company's core strengths marketing network and in-depth, specifications, distribution and information flow, capital flow channels smoothly. Still basic management solid excellent team of professional managers, or a significant R & D strengths, leading technology and innovation and the ability to highlight any strong brands are on the one hand or a few aspects of the core competitiveness of enterprises, and this advantage is not likely to be replaced or catch up thus prop up the brand system was stable.

In summary, corporate brand strategy in China after 10 years of development, the completion of the foundation work, she emerged to take advantage of development and laid the groundwork for the full implementation of the early 21st century, but the real brand competition has only just begun, personalized, professional, a brand strategy is not only a brand pattern itself and the impact of the economic landscape is also a deep and long.

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