Exploration strategy of commercial bank lending to SMEs

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(B SMEs overall poor credit status

View from the small and medium enterprises in Liaoning Province, a considerable number of SMEs established short, small-scale, rapid changes in the organizational structure, financial management system is not standardized, the considerable number of SMEs credit rating is low, relatively poor credit. According to the survey, unsound financial management of more than 50% of the small and medium-sized enterprises, more than 60% of the credit rating is BBB (including the following Meanwhile, weak anti-risk capability of SMEs, more than half of the single enterprise products, more than 70% do not have a stable market, the market risky, poor operating efficiency, life is short. the SMEs market risk and credit risk, poor credit repayment capability. tracking supervision of commercial bank loans to SMEs evident difficult, claims maintenance difficult problem. In this case, the SME loans, it is inevitable.

(C asymmetric information lead to "adverse selection" and "moral hazard"

The theory says that the credit market is a serious information asymmetry market. "Information asymmetry" and corresponding occurrence of "information costs", and the resulting "adverse selection" and "moral hazard" would affect credit the normal operation of the market mechanism. asymmetric information results in the credit market, there are a lot of credit rationing, thus affecting the effectiveness of the operation of credit markets and the SME level complex, good and bad, in the case of the credit system is not perfect at this stage, obvious tendency of some SMEs pragmatism, difficult for banks to get their production and operation of information and the use of funds, which increases the difficulty and cost of supervision of commercial bank loans review, will inevitably result in commercial banks for SMEs "credit crunch" behavior. Because there is serious information asymmetry between banks and SMEs, credit rationing phenomenon is even more serious in the SME community. "Magellan gap" This is the supply and demand of finance for SMEs exists common worldwide the main reason.

Second, the commercial banks to expand the SME credit market strategy

Expansion of the credit market for SMEs, to solve the problem of financing SMEs, commercial banks should be based on the different types of SMEs, the characteristics and laws of the financing needs of the different stages of development, explore with suitable solutions path, and thus ensure that the policies and measures taken strong relevance and effectiveness. premise to ensure the quality and efficiency of credit assets, in accordance with the guidance, merit limiting the inferior explore both the principle and risk control, and actively cultivate and marketing SME credit market, and clear and follow The following credit policy and strategy:

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(A classification guide policy

SMEs in both management and financial system specification enterprises, management and operation of non-standard enterprise, corporate representatives both honest and trustworthy, malicious Piandai both unstable market prospects, the poor efficiency of enterprise have good development prospects, better efficiency of enterprises, SME credit policy can not be generalized.

Commercial banks in the nurture and develop the SME credit market, you first need to conduct a thorough investigation and analysis of the business environment, industry conditions, changes in the market, and so on SMEs classified queuing and filtering based on combined credit rating and comprehensive credit screening and screening quality SME customers, and to determine the object and the amount of the loan support. higher priority to supporting those credit rating market, effective and trustworthy enterprises, and actively explore the good potential of those operations, technological innovation ability, market potential, the reputable a strong enterprise, select influential technological innovation-oriented enterprises to focus on supporting the quality of those operators, especially SMEs in declining industries, it should be more so The market mechanism to adjust them.

(B financial product innovation and service policies

Implementation of product and service innovation, expand financing channels, and efforts to meet SMEs a full range of financial products and services needs of the multi-level market, good reputation, high efficiency, small and medium enterprises appropriate to relax loan conditions to expand the line of credit, the pilot non fully secured loans to allow small businesses excellent credit rating issued some credit. choose good credit standing, production, supply and stable companies, the issue of commercial acceptance bills, bankers' acceptances and other financing tools, apply for discounted rediscount and rediscount business, accelerate their liquidity. actively introduce mature Western commercial banks financing for eligible SMEs to apply for factoring package to buy the notes, forfeiting business to adapt to the development of a unified market at home and abroad and corporate multi-level financing requirements. Stable market for those products, standardized production and management of small and medium-sized commercial banks Loyal customers the most comprehensive credit, revolving loans, only one application, multiple handling borrowings, reduce both frequent loan reporting, review, approval link to improve the efficiency and convenience of our customers.

(C risk control policy

The to expand SME credit business must effectively guard against the risk of customer credit changes in the credit rating of SMEs on the basis of dynamic grasp, and constantly out of credit with poor credit status deterioration by the original customer base , the maintenance of good relations with the credit quality of the original customer base, and constantly develop new good credit standing of small and medium-sized customers for SME loans to rigorous review, resolutely put an end to repetitive construction. Secondly, the loan to implement security measures to control credit loans the issuance of mortgage (collateral assessment and arrived (pledge rate determination must be objective, fair, accurate, and to strictly control the selection criteria of the guarantor. addition, the need to strengthen SMEs in post-lending management, the establishment of loan monitoring feedback system, strengthen the follow-up survey of small and medium enterprises and the recovery of the loan principal and interest, and the collection and conversion of non-performing loans, and credit risk effectively prevent and resolve.


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