On Countermeasures to accelerate the development of SMEs in Deqing

[Abstract] Deqing County has eight hundred counties (cities into the national basic economic competitiveness, the province's massive economic transformation and upgrading to a modern industrial clusters demonstration area pilot units, with the province's first county-level bio-pharmaceutical industry clusters, bio-pharmaceutical industry has become one of the three leading industries in Deqing County, SME development on the county to identify the problems of small and medium-sized development, and propose targeted suggestions.

[Paper Keywords] SMEs, the development of countermeasures

Deqing County's per capita GDP exceeded $ 10,000 in 2011, re-enter the basic economic competitiveness of 100 counties (cities queue, # 42, the county's comprehensive strength of a substantial increase in corporate restructuring and upgrading remarkable results at the same time, we are awake see the county economic structural quality of contradictions are still quite prominent. economic globalization is developing in depth, the far-reaching impact of the world financial crisis, is giving birth to new energy, new materials, information technology, represented by a new round of technological revolution emerging industry, a major breakthrough in the way of economic development from extensive to intensive transformation process, the county SMEs on how to further large-scale development, large raise to a new level, rebuilt advantage reproduction new brilliant, will be directly related to the Deqing global economic and social development.

A basic overview of the SME

Eleventh Five, the county adhere to the scientific concept of development to guide economic and social development, vigorously implement the opening up drive, convergence the Huhang "and" open innovation, financial Shanghai-Hangzhou "strategy," 3 + X "industrial system. led three of the synchronization work initiatives, County thirteenth Congress identified the target as the driving force, fought at the head down throughout the county, and hard work at the head, to overcome the disadvantages of internal and external economic environment, small and medium enterprises to achieve a stable development, the economic indicators synchronous growth.

1-10 parts in 2012, the county SMEs in 9025, accounting for the proportion of more than 96% of county businesses, employing 250,133 people, the industrial output value of 124 billion yuan, the main business income of 128.13 billion yuan, paid taxes 28.8 billion, with total assets of 70.45 billion yuan, 8.14 billion yuan investment in fixed assets, including 588 above-scale enterprises, employing 80,329 people, the industrial output value of 64.93 billion yuan, the main business income of 59.89 billion yuan, paid taxes of 1.52 billion yuan , with total assets of 44.6 billion yuan, 5.91 billion yuan of investment in fixed assets.'s imports and exports of $ 1,666,950,000, and exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania, the proportion was 26.1%, 3.9%, 36.1%, 23.4%, 5.3%, 5.2% completed contracted foreign capital of $ 273,440,000, $ 71,755,000 actual foreign real 3,858,330,000 yuan funded capital in place of the Hangzhou-owned project 135, the actual funds of 3.08 billion yuan.

Second, the problems facing the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

Since the global financial crisis, the county's economic development speed has slowed, is still in a recovery period of growth. Experts predict that China's economy, in response to the economic cyclical adjustment process, slow decline in the overall trend, "the 12th Five-Year period China's economy will enter the average annual growth rate of about 7% of the medium-speed growth period, economic operation in Zhejiang Province in the rising phase of a new round of adjustment cycle, the average annual growth rate will remain around 8%, and overall before low high, maintaining the growth of the medium-speed characteristics.

Increased labor costs, the county introduced on September 1, 2008 the minimum wage of 780 yuan / month, from April 1, 2010, the minimum wage in Deqing County from the original 780 yuan per month, adjusted to 900 per month million, while, according to the notice >> << Huzhou Municipal People's Government on the adjustment of the city's minimum wage, the minimum hourly wage of part-time work is also adjusted to 7.3 yuan per hour from April 1, 2011, Deqing County monthly minimum wage from the original 900 yuan to adjust to 1060 yuan per month, most of the raw material price increases far more than product prices, corporate profit margins further compression.

Industrial layout to be further optimized. Transformation of economic development, one point is to vigorously develop the service industry, the service sector is precisely accommodate the job the best, the most, the biggest industry. Woxian, two, three value-added proportion the structure from the 2006 8.5:62.3:29.2 adjustment for 2011 7.3:58.2:34.5, service sector to enhance faster, but the proportion is still low service sector industry's share of world GDP has continued to rise in recent years, developing countries reached about 60% of the developed countries in general production accounted for over 70% throughout the service sector accounted for more than 50%, which the United States has reached 58.8%, and 50.3% in the EU. development of services is important to solve the county employment issues ways, the service industry will become a major industry in our county employment, and will play an increasingly important role.

In addition, weak domestic demand, shrinking external demand, lack of business orders, the funding gap increases, the decline in price and other factors are the current problems faced.

Third, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises countermeasures

(A co-ordinate the planning, really good grasp of the elements of protection increased financial innovation, to encourage financial institutions in line with the conditions of the relevant policy, bold innovation and continue to develop in line with the county's actual financial products, enhance small and medium-sized micro-enterprise financing service levels, and at the same time, actively coordinate financial institutions to develop the the perfect SME credit management approach, providing services for corporate loans and bank loans, to ease the county SME loans difficult problem. optimization factor allocation of land, on the one hand to give priority to protecting migrant Village building land, started construction to give priority to protecting The focus of industrial land for the project, to give priority to protecting the platform construction on the other hand by up to fight, to get more land for construction indicators. encourage enterprises to increase investment in technological reform, efforts to improve the use efficiency per unit of land.

(B research, strengthen the economic operation monitoring the face of complex domestic and international situation, to further strengthen the economic operation monitoring and coordination of efforts to convene industry run analysis meeting, timely and correct understanding of the operation of the enterprise and industry of the 50 industry leading intended to nurture enterprises and 50 enterprises to adopt regular visits, production and operation of enterprises to keep abreast of the situation and the development of dynamic coordination of relevant departments to strengthen the monitoring of practice, focusing on the above-scale enterprises electricity, tax credit focus correctly grasp the economic operation. in-depth study focused on the development of the county's planning and Province, City, introduced the policy advice, better coordinated development of to guide enterprise and industry, good price monitoring, the implementation of the price of an early warning system.

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(three perfect platform for a strong push forward the progress of the project to give full play to the the opportunity the project construction assessment and cadres contact corporate mechanism, firmly grasp Zhejiang regression, earnestly carry out "good high, "the introduction of the project. efforts to promote the construction of four platforms to accelerate the project ground to pay close attention to the progress of the project, the establishment of the project to promote the division of responsibility system, digging potential, the real trick to speed up R & D center, testing center and information center and other public service platform construction, nurturing regional brands, breakthroughs in key technologies, the construction of the park features, to achieve the transfer of massive economic transition to industrial clusters. promote the industrial park facilities construction, increase its public service function, accelerate industrial platforms Employee apartment building perfect platform for green landscaping lighting management to ensure that the park infrastructure and key projects scheduled to start construction, make the investment as soon as possible into outputs. listening to reports of the county in 72 provinces and municipal key projects, 42 major implementation of the project, 32 major pre-project to take the field to see check ledger and other specific measures to find out the situation, find out the crux of the study measures, do a site inspection strong service Strong communication, dynamic analysis, Inspector supervision mention efficiency, accountability and strong accountability.

Vigorously promote the Jolly Pharmaceutical, European Poetry Man, I Wu biological transformation of enterprise technology innovation efforts, to do the fine excellent Deqing Economic Development Zone (Hi-tech Park, the biomedical industry park features, accelerate the Nobel ceramic and new composite material construction projects, so special do the special the Qianyuan block decorative building materials park. promote general aviation provincial high-tech industrial base and geographic information industry park construction.

(D investment selection, development of industry, the introduction of standards unswervingly adhere to the investment selection "at work" to speed up the "3 + X" industrial system development through the introduction of the Pegasus Heavy Dingli Machinery, Zhihai chemical equipment for a long time to transport auto parts project a number of advanced equipment manufacturing, advanced equipment manufacturing bigger the stronger Linhang industrial zone. optimal adjustment of the investment team to increase investment appraisal and reward system, to fully grasp the intention of the project contract floor. especially the docking central enterprises, Fortune 500 companies within the range allowed by policy to give full preferential policies, to enrich large high-quality source of foreign investment, for the introduction of the leading enterprises achieve the introduction of an enterprise, driven by the effects of an industry and the development of industry standards for admittance, does not comply with the state's industrial-oriented resolutely deny the project, a clear focus on aspects of coordinated, comprehensive screening criteria for industrial upgrading.

(E restructuring, optimize the layout of the industrial chain vigorously transform and upgrade traditional industries, accelerate the proportion of upgrade the industry with advanced technology, advanced equipment, advanced technology, product quality, enhance scientific and technological content and added value of the products. Vigorously the development of bio-medicine, high end equipment manufacturing, new energy, shipping industry based strategic emerging industries, according to the principle of "focus, a clear division of labor, reasonable layout, collaboration to promote" establish a sound working mechanism to push forward the integration of strategic emerging industries and traditional industries development. actively build capital, multi-technology cooperation platform for innovation, encourage and support private capital, quality resource flows to emerging industries.

(F energy conservation, development of intensive economy to further improve the energy statistics, monitoring and assessment system and give prominence to the key areas of energy saving work to study the establishment of eliminating backward production capacity launched a compensation mechanism, increase the backward production capacity upgrading enterprises converting , staff placement policies for non-metallic mineral products, printing and dyeing, chemical, power, metal rolling and other major energy-consuming industries, the active use of new energy-saving technology, new equipment, elimination of old equipment, the use of renewable energy, enhance the level of technology and equipment improve energy utilizing focus from job saving work in the following nine areas: energy saving of public institutions, the transformation of industrial furnaces, combined heat and energy system optimization, heat and pressure utilization, and motor system energy efficiency, building energy saving alternative to petroleum , green lighting.

(G technology innovation, industry seize the high ground and constantly enhance the capability of independent innovation, to support enterprises to develop inventions and product appearance, utility models such as technological innovation, and vigorously develop the intellectual property rights and brand building, and continuously improve product quality and grades, to encourage enterprise support introduction of various kinds of innovative talent, talent intelligence support for technological innovation. improve the management capacity of entrepreneurs, and guide enterprises to hard skills, strengthen basic management, marketing and risk management, to advance enterprise management innovation, and strive to enhance the business of operating decisions, market development, corporate management level.

(Eight high-end breakthrough, the development of strategic emerging industries in 2010, the State Council promulgated the << >> decision to speed up the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, from the national level, a clear strategic emerging industries in cultivating areas of the county currently strategic emerging industries including advanced equipment, bio-medicine, new energy three major industries January to July this year, advanced equipment, bio-medicine, new energy three industries respectively, to achieve sales revenue of 7.78 billion yuan, 6.37 billion yuan, 090 million yuan, three The largest industry a total of 14.24 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7%.

The development of strategic emerging industries, the county foster and develop strategic emerging industries should deepen international cooperation, deeply involved in the research and development of globalization, the globalization of production and the globalization of the market, and comprehensively improve the information based on the outcome of the world's scientific and technological innovation. level to speed up the use of high technology to transform traditional industries, upgrading of the manufacturing through a variety of ways to overseas invest and build factories, mergers and acquisitions, and collaborative R & D efforts to increase foreign investment, deepen international cooperation with countries work together to create and share technological advances the outcome and achieve common development. posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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