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[Abstract] corporate culture is an enterprise based on the fierce competition in the market based on the book, but all successful businesses, there is its own unique corporate culture, corporate culture to promote enterprise development and growth has a very important The role, however, there is a business district are regional culture, the different geographical and cultural areas are different. corporate culture and local culture there are differences, there are also some similarities. corporate culture and how to combine local culture, to promote local culture corporate culture development is discussed in this paper to the main problem how to make local culture and corporate culture integration, the development of corporate culture is the way of localization, this paper introduces the basic concepts of corporate culture localization , followed by a brief description of the corporate culture and the relationship between local culture, in a corporate culture based on the combination of local culture and specific measures to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

With China's accession to WTO, Chinese enterprises are also facing increasingly fierce competition, not only faces competition in domestic enterprises, and also faces global competition posed by foreign enterprises. Chinese enterprises succeed in this competitive market get the advantage, there must be other companies that are not core resources necessary for an enterprise, the corporate culture is essential for its survival and development of an intangible resource, therefore, companies must focus on its corporate culture construction However, China has a vast, different regions have different customs, different parts of the local culture is also quite different. enterprises how to make the local culture used for the corporate culture in order to promote the region's geographical and cultural development of the corporate culture, enterprise in the formulation of development strategies to be considered an important issue.

First, the basic connotation of enterprise culture localization

Localization of corporate culture, which refers to the development of better cross-border or regional companies, enterprises, their pursuit of maximizing the economic benefits, and promote the development and growth of the enterprise to enable the enterprise to adapt to the corporate culture of the area of ​​the region cultures, both organically combined, allowing companies to obtain the greatest degree of development in recent years, with the development of transnational corporations, corporate culture, localization is particularly important for large companies in many western countries, in order to take advantage of low-cost countries labor and resources to the enterprise expanded to all regions of the world, when they settled into the selected address, these companies will recruit local staff, then the business to the local staff are not paid in accordance with the wages paid by companies in the country standards for wages, but moved to the destination according to the level of wages paid to employees for wages, which makes [w1] localization of a corporate culture more typical example. Take my country, different regions also have a larger geographical and cultural differences. Yangtze River region belongs to Wu and Yue culture, its main feature is the "soft, elegant, fine," Correspondingly, the Northeast region, the region's relatively generous people, relatively speaking, then, enterprises are different for different regions of the regional culture, enterprise culture localization, rather than take one size fits all strategy.

Second, corporate culture, and geographical and cultural relations

(Total and personalized relationships

Enterprises in the beginning was established, is in a certain geographical developed, and therefore its corporate culture will inevitably be the impact of regional culture of an enterprise's corporate culture and its founders have great relationships, the founder's personality and personality will affect the company's corporate culture, however, the entrepreneur will be subject to its geographical and cultural survival of the geographical influence on this one point of view, corporate culture by local culture, regional culture deeply penetrated to the local corporate culture, from different aspects affecting the places of business of the corporate culture at the same time, because the survival and development is a continuous communication and contact with the outside world in the process, local corporate culture corporate foreign enterprises will also be cultural influences, which makes the local enterprises of the corporate culture of personality slowly stand out.

(Two carrier and loading the relationship

Human survival and development is being affected by the subtle influence of local culture when the wealth and scale of growth to a certain extent, they'll find a career and cultural concern, for example, to the shareholders, customers and employees bonuses and care This is the most basic part. Additionally, companies will inevitably return home of its survival and development, such as the birthplace of some of the enterprise infrastructure, the region's education and philanthropy to make some contribution, etc. Therefore, from this perspective, the corporate culture is the ultimate destination of local culture, corporate culture is bound to promote the development and strengthening local cultural development.

(Three between inheritance and innovation

Geographical and cultural development is not easy, and is a long process of development, which is often after decades hundreds or thousands of years evolved. Regional culture includes a wide area in the short term, we could not find it changes Only after a long period of observation to find it with the previous different compared to the local culture, the enterprises due to the relatively small staff, relatively easy on the corporate culture of innovation, corporate culture development process is also relatively fast. A business can From corporate identity, the concept of identification and behavior recognition system implemented at three levels of these three corporate culture change., and compared to regional culture, corporate culture is much simpler and, therefore, the corporate culture of innovation is also relatively easy. corporate culture on the one hand inherited a lot of geographical and cultural features, on the other hand on the local culture of innovation, combine the two.

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Third, corporate culture and local culture combine specific measures

(A local talent

An enterprise to conduct regional and even cross-border development, are facing a completely different environment and therefore the location of employees per enterprise ability to understand the language, culture and ability to adapt is certainly not as good as the locals, recruiting some of the local staff is particularly necessary. talent localization, localization is a trans-regional and multinational companies operating in the implementation of the most important business strategy.

(Two product localization

Because different countries and different regions of natural conditions and historical and cultural conditions are different, different parts of the demand for goods is different, therefore, the company implemented localization of product development is essential and only localized product development in order to meet local needs of the people the same time, companies can also conduct a market demand for the new origin investigation, to find local opportunities to develop new products with local characteristics, in order to promote the business development and growth in the region.

(Three marketing localization

Marketing objectives and marketing system customer localization localization localization are two main aspects of marketing. Affect the localization of target customers is to develop local customers, increase local demand for products, the development of local markets in order to achieve the purpose of local marketing system technology is to develop appropriate local geographical characteristics of the marketing system in the local existing commercial networks and local dealers familiar market environment for marketing, amount to avoid the development of new marketing channels, to avoid unnecessary marketing costs.

(Four PR localization

Different areas of public relations and political rights are different, so the company [w2] to know the local public relations skills in the establishment of multinational enterprises or regional companies, first the political situation in the region was a certain degree of understanding, and also also need to understand the basic situation of the people of the region the only way, the company can know exactly what the policy formulation, in order to establish the company's corporate image, while the deal with governments, the attention to what issues the only way, enterprises can In this way sustainable development.

IV Conclusion

Corporate culture is a company's most important soft power, companies only relies on its corporate culture, in order to obtain development and prosperity. Want to develop corporate culture, we should note that the corporate culture of the region's geographical and cultural relationship between the two, Only two combine in the development of enterprises in order to remain invincible.


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