On the development of innovative strategies for cultural enterprises

[Paper Keywords] Cultural Enterprise Innovation Strategy

[Abstract] the cultural industry is the next most promising industry, but in the development process whether government or cultural enterprises themselves have many shortcomings. Based on the analysis of cultural industries on the basis of the status quo, from the standpoint of innovation and reform initiatives.

Cultural industries as the future of China's most promising industries, is the party and the government to develop a number of years to be a pillar industry. With economic globalization and information technology, cultural industries are booming, the cultural industry competition in comprehensive national strength living in a more prominent position in the development of cultural industry boom, cultural resources, cultural consumption, cultural market has become increasingly international, cultural competitiveness competition in comprehensive national strength increasingly important, although we have a rich cultural resources, but, in the process of development of cultural industries We also face many challenges in our country's culture and cultural enterprises and foreign enterprises, not only small, but weak competitiveness. As economic globalization further intensified, China's cultural industry is bound to increasingly open, it also gives cultural enterprises survival and development has brought a serious crisis and challenges. development, integration, packaging and cultural resources, the formation and development of the cultural industry with Chinese characteristics urgent.

1. Cultural business problems

1.1 system lags behind, the resource allocation mechanism chaos. Cultural units reform has lagged behind, supporting policies and imperfect, difficult reforms, leading to the rapid development of private cultural economy and state-owned cultural steady economic growth there is a clear gap between the Cultural Industry traditional resource allocation mechanism and market is still sharp contradiction between the requirements, resource allocation mechanisms confusion, fragmentation and trade barriers with the requirements of the market is still troubled by the contradiction between the development of China's cultural industry is a major problem.

1.2 The Government position, unclear functions: some places to party on behalf of government, on the cultural market microstructure main problem of excessive intervention operations are still relatively common. Tubes do regardless, witch hunt, regardless of political affairs, overlapping functions, administration high cost issues are still outstanding, which not only leads to the main market microstructure high transaction costs, but also on the capital as the main means of administrative and executive as the main way to promote the development model, to a certain extent, strengthen the government's cultural department configuration The traditional system resources, resulting in a tube do regardless, aided narrow coverage, lack of supervision and a series of drawbacks.

1.3 low degree of marketization, the industry chain is incomplete: Due to the traditional institutional constraints, China's cultural enterprises and institutions in general and the importance of cultural market research is not enough, not strong sense of market development, marketing capability is generally low, and the market economy has not yet formed adapt the marketing model, resulting in a low degree of cultural products market, even high-quality products are also difficult to form the industrial chain, value-added products has not been effectively tapped.

1.4 financing channels, funding sources, lack of institutional safeguards: cultural enterprises financing difficulties prevalent in some areas, non-public capital into cultural industries there are still some obstacles to financing channels, funding sources, lack of institutional coverage, investment main single, each level of government financial constraints, coupled with insufficient development of the financial markets, financing channels for a single, making the development of cultural industry is facing a serious shortage of funds.

2. Cultural enterprises reform strategy

2.1 promote the cultural system, to promote the development of cultural industries

(A change of government functions. Promote separation of enterprise from government-owned separate affairs separate, separate management from operation, the promotion of cultural administrative departments dominated by the Office of Cultural main changes to the tube culture. Improved culture management model, a culture of innovation management tool. encourage cultural change in the way business enterprises, public economy to the private, joint-stock direction, improve enterprise management system, raising foreign capital investment, the development of a variety of channels, to encourage a competitive cultural enterprises to go out, bringing in, participate in various activities, expand influence.

(Two cultural institutions to speed up structural reforms. Further reform of the cultural system of cultural enterprises operating mode, mechanism innovation, continuously revise and improve the relevant policies of the cultural industry, cultural market to accelerate the pace of development, adhere to the development of cultural enterprises, a government guide supplemented by mode. government and enterprise restructuring through establishment of a standardized corporate culture of the company, to establish the dominant position of the market, accelerate the reform of property rights system, diversification of investment, establish and improve the supervision and management of the cultural market, and strive to create a number of strong innovation capacity and market competitiveness of cultural enterprises.

2.2 expand the channels open up the market: inadequate investment in cultural industries, the investment channels for a single, hindering obstacles to the development of China's cultural industries, such as public cultural undertakings it is not only government action is the cause of the whole community, but there is, "and so on, rely on, to" countries do not grant, I would not build phenomenon should open up more channels, multi-raising funds, and strive to do social community in the operation, the past, most companies have a "waiting", "good wine needs no bush" concept, This concept is outdated and now want to take advantage of a variety of channels, increase the influence of cultural enterprises to actively participate in various activities, to consumers or other businesses to market themselves, using various media means, while maintaining the original meaning and heritage while adding freshness, do market research, timely adjustment of product direction, to meet different people's preferences and needs.

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2.3 to create distinctive products, build brand culture: During the early stage of product design must be selected according to consumer preferences positioning, design, to its own cultural characteristics, the most attractive places unfolded. Nation has long history, splendid culture, to take full advantage of these resources to fully understand their true meaning, based on good product positioning, create new attractive cultural products.

Cultural enterprises want to have a market, in the fierce competition can gain something, you need to create their own brand products, so we get familiar with it and recognize it. Development has both Chinese characteristics and competitive cultural products, standing cultural the pinnacle of business with well-known cultural enterprises more exchanges, learn the advanced experience of foreign countries, and actively bringing new ideas, new concepts introduced to through the brand new market, dominate the market, and thus grow and develop cultural industries and enhance the international competitiveness of cultural products force. breaking industry, sector, etc. belongs boundaries, integrating cultural resources, foster a competitive brand enterprises and enterprise groups at the same time, innovation is the development of the vitality of cultural resources, but also to promote the rapid development of the cultural industry an important way to innovative technology, characteristics of winning in order to expand the market share of cultural products.

Attention to personnel training and management 2.4: To develop the cultural industry, and keep some momentum, we must actively create conditions for a planned train a group of educated, well versed in business, will manage the cultural industry expertise. Meanwhile, special attention train and the introduction of innovative talents, planning personnel, export-oriented talents for the sustainable development of cultural industries to provide human capital, occupying the cultural industry professionals Heights.

Cultural industry is high intelligence, high-tech industries, the cultural industry competition, will focus on innovation competition, talent competition. Culture by strengthening personnel training, improve the talent introduction policy, vigorously introduce cultural talents, improve employment mechanism, a reasonable allocation of human resources to enhance training, improve teamwork and other means to pay full attention to investment in human capital and human resources management, training with the cultural industries as soon as the relevant knowledge, to master modern technology, knowledge management, will manage, to innovation professionals.

2.5 clear social responsibility, improve service quality: as a cultural enterprise, its products not only for people to use so simple, to some extent will affect people's values ​​and ways of thinking. Vulgar culture spiritual pollution caused by more than the hazards of environmental pollution bigger, therefore, focus on the economic benefits of cultural enterprises and other interests, we should also take up the entire community to promote spiritual civilization, cultivate outstanding cultural responsibility.

3 Conclusion

With the international development of the world economy, the whole world is moving towards merging the cultural direction, therefore, the development of cultural enterprises is an inevitable trend for the development of cultural enterprises and cultural industries play a very important role, a good grasp opportunities, and will make full use of various resources effectively together to develop our cultural enterprises.


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