Talking about the economic situation in the new enterprise management and corporate culture Reflections

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Abstract: In an increasingly globalized economic and cultural exchanges as well as increasing nationalization highlighted the role of the knowledge economy era, the enterprise's external environment is becoming increasingly open and more intense challenges facing the international market, so this article to corporate culture and business management in the business The most important factor in the development of enterprises, the importance of upgrading and mutual influence of systematic analysis and research to explore how to grasp the development trend of corporate management, the new foreign management thinking and culture combined with the actual situation of Chinese enterprises up, in line with China's national conditions and actively explore the establishment of enterprise management mode, narrowing the gap with foreign countries, enhance their international competitiveness.

1 business management role in the business operations of enterprises under the new situation and challenges facing management

1.1 Enterprise Manager's role in business operations

Enterprise management covers all management behavior of enterprises, including financial management, production activities management, investment management, marketing management, crisis management, etc. [1] can be considered "business management" is a corporate life body skeleton, the skeleton structure supporting the business of each cell metabolism and also requires its own metabolism constantly from the overall analysis of enterprise management includes four functions: planning, organizing, leading and control, it may be considered in the broad sense is such an enterprise management for businesses to operate smoothly and successfully carried out the planning, decision making, organization, leadership, control, coordination and a series of activities in general.

1.2 Status of Business Administration

Decades of reform and opening up, China's economic model complex changes occurred, the nationalization of the economy from the traditional model of development for a variety of economies of combining economic model body in this economic context, China's enterprise management mode also with The changes taking place in order to adapt to the nature of China's rapid economic development, but also affects our business management improvement and innovation as the economic situation in recent years, as China joined the WTO, as well as in-depth development of economic globalization, Chinese enterprises will have more many opportunities to go abroad, to enter the international market at this time, the company's domestic production and management activities will be expanded to the world, not only by the use of domestic resources for their development, but must be widely utilized world capital, technology, labor, and other develop their own factors of production, in order to achieve optimal allocation of resources, while its production cooperative relations are no longer confined to the domestic, but to seek partners worldwide, and the development of enterprises is also not affected by the domestic economic situation resources and the environment and other factors, but also by the international economic situation, resources, environment and other factors [2] With the growing scale of China's economic development, intelligence, which makes our business management and stylized by the institutionalization turned modularity. concise, accurate, fast, modular electronic management program makes the traditional functions of planning and information processing becomes extremely simple.

1.3 In the new situation, how to set up a business management system

Context of economic globalization, strategic alliances of cooperation between Western companies have become a new form of competition in the knowledge economy and network economy, cooperation between enterprises of contemporary economies have become the most important factor, any enterprise can not at all technically have the edge, the network also allows access to knowledge so convenient inexpensive, cooperation between enterprises benefit both sides. western companies launched a "strategic alliance" is a concrete manifestation of this trend so-called strategic alliance refers to two or two or more economic entities for specific strategic goal to take any form of equity and non-equity risks, shared interests joint action to redesign the internal interface between organizations and enterprises relationship full attention to the enterprise customer capital and customer relationship management, enterprise management of these issues have raised new challenges in China's economic operation, more and more business managers will continue to strengthen cooperation between enterprises and joint, and this "strategic alliance" Economic marketing model will respond to the enterprise by the financial crisis and financial turmoil, the risk of the most important means to complete this combined economies need to support the economic management system in today's economic model enterprise management system is an open, digital and networking, in addition to several companies also jointly established and maintained by the Community. Moreover in today's economic model enterprise management system is the survival of the soul, is the only way for enterprises to be invincible, so for China enterprises in international competition in the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation, scientific and technological innovation but also to strengthen enterprise management system to establish and maintain.

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(2) Corporate culture's role in business management and corporate culture under the new situation in the enterprise management position

Global economic integration on China's enterprise management development opportunities, while also facing the challenges and difficulties. Enterprises in order to grow and develop, and enhance international competitiveness, we must make great efforts in business management, to learn advanced management techniques and institutional , according to their own development of rational management system, and gradually narrow the gap with the developed Western countries, success in international competition.

Corporate culture is the spiritual culture, enterprise system culture, corporate behavior culture, corporate culture and other substances throughout the business management of the entire process, it is not nothingness form an independent existence, but can penetrate during the operation of the enterprise, business process, results management process as well as the process of generating material of which the main body of institutional culture and business philosophy are very closely related, in the enterprise management process must firmly grasp the corporate culture and business management closely this focus and only realized the close cultural and Management combination of enterprise culture construction to get out into only superficial, empty slogans mentioned concepts to meet the surface "effect" of the errors, while rooted in the fertile soil of enterprise management, highlighting its vitality. a successful enterprise, must have a set of perfect management system, scientific management system, advanced management and culture management into enterprise management concept. If we say that the enterprise system, the system is the main means of enterprise management, has a very important role in a very important position, then , refining advanced management concepts, foster good management practices into corporate culture has become an important task. This determines the corporate culture and business management must import "bonds" in order to enable enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

For China, many enterprises to corporate culture based, supplemented with corporate management is also true in business management to corporate culture and infection educate employees and customers, the community agree with this corporate culture at the same corporate identity. Such 500 Chinese philosophy is unique philosophy of ancient culture and corporate culture is based on enterprise business management runs a series of institutions, rules, and regulations to maintain the effective implementation, with a dominant, rigidity morphological characteristics, and the corporate culture into is the enterprise idea of ​​a "code of ethics", the establishment of corporate culture is based enterprises import values, culture and business philosophy to achieve effective practice, with a recessive form of flexible features. corporate culture is long been a believer and compliance of the business concept or system of values, this value system can be specifically from the company's products, services, staff behavior and the management practices which reflected in the new form of economic enterprise internal and external economic activities should adhere and promote their own corporate culture, because culture is the elapsed time and the years precipitated the essence of a business. was an enterprise can gain a foothold in the national and international fundamental.

Typically corporate culture determines the characteristics and efficiency of enterprise management, the company will decide in what manner the behavior of internal and external corporate culture once formed (and business leaders will usually build their own values, corporate culture, people will not consciously ground, in accordance with corporate culture unconsciously choose their own behavior. corporate culture is inherent in the enterprise in which the entire management process and this process, there is no way by first building management model and corporate culture system to establish such an order reached in other words When managers attempt to create build corporate culture, it is in accordance with the value orientation of their hearts, and their cultural orientation as the core, with various rules and regulations, management acts as a skeleton, tightly wrapped in which the core of this case, as some scholars have said that corporate culture is the soul of business management.

3 Conclusion

System and management are tangible, culture is intangible. System is based on the hardware, culture is the driving force is the software that manages the bridge, through the management system and culture play a role. System is the low level of enterprise management, institutional management must not good management, middle management, form management implemented management, culture is an advanced form of business management, because the corporate culture initiated by managers, is the manager's responsibility, therefore, to maintain the corporate culture management by the enterprise to to give its employees a sense of belonging, a sense of growth, achievement, so as to play to their maximum value, so that employees produce the final mission.


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