On the power supply enterprise MORALS supervisors team building

Abstract: hire MORALS supervisors to strengthen supervision and further improve their work style and MORALS, is a unit (enterprise an important way to accept social supervision and effective initiatives. How to select, hire and play good MORALS MORALS supervisors supervisor role in promoting units (their own development, has become a new topic.

Paper Keywords: power supply enterprise, wind construction, supervisor

In 2007, the Electricity Generating Authority of Wenzhou, Wenzhou Power Authority to develop MORALS supervisors << >> and << Wenzhou management approach MORALS supervisors working system >> Power Authority, a clear MORALS supervisor duties, powers and obligations, officially MORALS supervisors hired work to a standardized and institutionalized in recent years, Wenzhou Power Authority fully democratic supervision, and collection of electricity wind construction community comments, suggestions, participate in climate appraisal, questionnaires, conducted a thorough investigation, research and other related activities and work, the organization of the enterprise MORALS supervisors of staff discipline, honesty in politics, administration, efficiency, quality of service and other aspects of supervision, to promote the building of socialist democratic politics work in practice since the development of to a positive role. Through years of practice, Wenzhou Power Authority derive a good experience, but also fully proved hire MORALS MORALS supervisors is to promote the construction of an effective method.

One must be fully aware of the role of MORALS supervisors

The face of thousands of power users, rely entirely on internal oversight power to grasp the limited supply of quality services and wind construction is essentially impossible task, therefore, must take full advantage of the power of social aspects, through the upper and lower linkage , internal and external supervision, make concerted efforts to work together to promote in order to effectively maintain the electricity companies and the interests of the majority of electricity customers which, MORALS supervisors will play an essential role in the first place, MORALS supervisors coverage, able to stand in their respective industries position, in order to find the user's point of view the quality of service supply various problems. Secondly, MORALS supervisors identity hidden, personal experience to be able to supply quality services and MORALS construction unlawful and unreasonable problems and difficulties. Again, MORALS supervisors non-professional can make out of bondage, found that many legal but unreasonable or reasonable, but not legitimate questions can be said that the role of MORALS supervisors can supply the industry with the role of competent authorities complementary, and even in some cases can be difficult to find competent authority issues identified while they put forward opinions and suggestions for the relevant departments in the formulation of industry management practices, strengthen the power supply quality and style construction and other aspects of content reference and reference .

Second, the need to create a strong team MORALS supervisors

In recent years, Wenzhou Power Authority established a strong, highly qualified team of MORALS supervisors in MORALS supervisor of choice, generally from government departments, electricity authorities, social mainstream media, deputies, CPPCC members, business representatives, community and other objects, select produce, requires a certain knowledge of the law, policy and rich work experience, care to understand electrical work, to uphold the principles and accurate implementation of the supervision and inspection, objectively and impartially, realistically reflect the situation, have a stronger ability to participate in politics and social responsibility, to carry out research, to discover and grasp the situation, put forward opinions and suggestions, with good moral, fair, decent, self-discipline, secrecy, and consciously abide by the laws and regulations and enforce rules and regulations, enthusiastic service and electricity MORALS supervision, can put some time and effort, do a good job overseer.

<< Wenzhou Power Authority MORALS supervisors management approach >> and "Wenzhou Power Authority MORALS supervisors working system >> MORALS supervisors work pointed to a clear direction, put forward specific requirements.

First, we must first focus on strengthening MORALS supervisors to learn and listen to public opinion. MORALS supervisors to understand the basic situation of power supply enterprises, master with relevant laws, regulations and policies, but also extensive knowledge of the community on the power supply enterprise reflection and demand the only way to truly be targeted to strengthen supervision, timely detection in wind construction problems and deficiencies, and urge them to improve service quality, improve social satisfaction.

Second, MORALS supervisors should have the courage "Jieduan" and "prick." MORALS supervisor's job is to work on the power supply enterprise supervision style and professional atmosphere. MORALS supervisors feedback to the power supply enterprise oversight opinions, achievements and should be less talk, jargon, and more pertinent criticism put forward opinions and suggestions apply.

Third, good staff MORALS supervisors should play an advisory role. MORALS supervisors in grasping style building has a very rich experience, we should wait for the thorough investigation of the problems identified, to help power companies raised organs and their grassroots rationalization proposals, to help power companies wind construction rectification and improvement, to play their supervisors knowledgeable, experienced, politics and strong advantages, and actively offer advice and suggestions for the power supply enterprise, providing advice, good staff.

Fourth, MORALS supervisors should play a good role as a link. MORALS supervisors from all walks of life, contact with the masses is very extensive, and social contacts at different levels very close, a better grasp, understand information from all sides, especially is from the grassroots voice of the masses. should focus on the masses have strong hot and difficult issues, attention to absorb community views and suggestions, give full play to the role of bridge and link.

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Third, we must give full play to the role of supervisor MORALS

Currently, MORALS oversight role whether it has been good to play? Really play a supervisory role? From some units (enterprise implementation learned MORALS MORALS supervisor system implementation and effectiveness of supervision compromised in some places The specific features: First, the program flow monitoring system MORALS style formalization, MORALS supervision is generally a year to arrange a symposium, the lack of everyday consciousness to accept supervision and effective system of protection, the second is MORALS supervisors hired by the units themselves hiring, some local leaders to form a good relationship between the hiring, leading to climate appraisal forum will become mutually touted praises, three is not well reflect the breadth of supervision, various political parties, strata, especially the most grassroots MORALS correct, experience the deepest concern MORALS, dare correct me, but was recruited MORALS supervisors rarely, so rarely heard mantra.

To this end, in promoting the process of democratic appraisal MORALS, MORALS supervisors to constantly improve and perfect the system, establish and improve the supervision and operation mechanism, to ensure MORALS supervision carried out, to play its due role in recent years, Wenzhou Power Bureau to strengthen the building of clean government and MORALS important work as the year on how to hire and role play MORALS supervisors conducted in-depth exploration, summed up some proven experience in the selection on the first, To use the minds of the masses of high prestige, good reputation, people trust, having a sense of justice, while employed should be broad public should have a second is in terms of time, two-year appointment, a job well done, the effectiveness of the obvious officer to reappointment. third is in the form, MORALS supervisors regularly convene a forum to listen to their views, suggestions and requests, through seminars so that they understand the industry's latest developments, brainstorming, and promote mutual communication and mutual understanding Fourth, in learning, learning from each other on a regular basis will convene MORALS supervision, to carry out inter-industry, inter-regional MORALS supervision exchanges, promote mutual learning intercomparision Fifth, apply the results, the corporate leadership attaches great importance and respect MORALS supervisors work on the problems reflected MORALS supervisors, comments and suggestions must be done piece are implemented, everything has an echo.

Fourth, we must further improve the system MORALS supervisors

First, improve MORALS supervisor system. Wenzhou Power Authority will introduce "MORALS supervision and management system implementation details >>, to regularly inform the supervisor of the unit operation, MORALS construction, easy to understand the supply situation of the enterprise supervisor and effectively carry out supervision.

Second, to establish MORALS supervisors talent pool from all walks of life, the democratic parties, non-partisan, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, units and neighborhoods and communities selection of new high political consciousness, social undertakings, enthusiastic, caring social atmosphere purification, there certain amount of theoretical knowledge, analytical commentary objective things, courageously suggestions corrections officers into MORALS supervisors libraries, strengthen the building.

Third, the Commission for Discipline Inspection held once or twice a year on behalf of the forum MORALS supervisors collect MORALS monitored the situation, summed up the experience MORALS supervision, explore MORALS supervision system, improve the mechanism in new ways. MORALS supervision and advanced individuals to be commended, and thus the tree upright town of evil, to promote fundamental improvement style building while training for supervisors, supervisors to implement protective measures to promote volunteer supervisor duty performance continued to improve, strengthen supervision and supervisors good courage supervision determination, confidence, so that supervisors system implemented in promoting wind construction has played an active role.

Fourth, strengthen internal supervision network construction. Establishment of internal MORALS inspection teams to various professional and technical personnel into the team, expanding the breadth and participation in inspections MORALS technical depth, providing oversight for the external MORALS effective organizational and technical support . internal and external integration, and promote MORALS supervision of professional and social overall development.

V. Conclusion

MORALS supervision is a hard but meticulous work, to exercise effective oversight on MORALS, all units must put their own MORALS supervisors good team building, "blacksmith first kung fu hard." Meanwhile, we should give full play to the line Wind supervisor role in mobilizing the enthusiasm of MORALS supervisors work to strengthen communication and contact, open to criticism, so hire MORALS supervisors can play an effective role in order to make wind construction to achieve tangible results.

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