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  • Seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the spirit as a guide for the development of the building of enterprise culture
    Abstract: the party's seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session of the dream of "cultural power" strategy, in this context, as social culture an important part of the corporate culture, its significance and role of unprecedented prominent corporate party and governme

    Apr 22,2013

  • On Countermeasures to accelerate the development of SMEs in Deqing
    [Abstract] Deqing County has eight hundred counties (cities into the national basic economic competitiveness, the province's massive economic transformation and upgrading to a modern industrial clusters demonstration area pilot units, with the province's first county-le

    Jan 26,2013

  • Talking about the economic situation in the new enterprise management and corporate culture Reflections
    Paper Keywords: business management management model enterprise culture Abstract: In an increasingly globalized economic and cultural exchanges as well as increasing nationalization highlighted the role of the knowledge economy era, the enterprise's external environme

    Jan 23,2013

  • On the development of innovative strategies for cultural enterprises
    [Paper Keywords] Cultural Enterprise Innovation Strategy [Abstract] the cultural industry is the next most promising industry, but in the development process whether government or cultural enterprises themselves have many shortcomings. Based on the analysis of cultura

    Jan 23,2013

  • On the corporate culture and local culture combine Analysis
    [Paper Keywords] Corporate Culture Corporate Culture localized regional culture [Abstract] corporate culture is an enterprise based on the fierce competition in the market based on the book, but all successful businesses, there is its own unique corporate culture, cor

    Jan 23,2013

  • On the power supply enterprise MORALS supervisors team building
    Abstract: hire MORALS supervisors to strengthen supervision and further improve their work style and MORALS, is a unit (enterprise an important way to accept social supervision and effective initiatives. How to select, hire and play good MORALS MORALS supervisors superv

    Dec 26,2012

  • About On benchmarking enterprise application in power practice
    Abstract: Benchmarking as an effective tool for business management, is being more and more domestic enterprises to accept and applications, Huairou power company introduced the application of benchmarking practices, benchmarking management points out the achievements a

    Dec 26,2012

  • On the propulsion power of TRIZ analysis of enterprise technology innovation
    Abstract: Technological innovation is the soul of national progress, the power companies as the country's important energy companies and accelerating technological innovation is the only way to build a world-class enterprise. TRIZ theory is an effective and innovative w

    Dec 26,2012

  • On the power supply enterprise culture construction work
    Abstract: Culture is a company's image and soul, is to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises an important carrier. How to make supply corporate culture from "virtual" to "real", into the business management process, into the full ideological work, in order to

    Dec 26,2012

  • State-owned commercial banks involved in the financing of SMEs and countermeasures
    Abstract: The state-owned commercial, lk ~ It be done to respond positively to the policy of national funding support for SMEs, by speeding up the reform of the internal system, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of Account Manager SME marketing, actively invo

    Dec 13,2012

  • About On the corporate safety culture.
    Abstract: to strengthen the safety culture studies and consciously will apply to their safety management practice, is the company's current and future corporate culture an important part. Elaborated corporate safety culture connotation, describes ways to create a safety

    Dec 12,2012

  • Several issues related to cultural crisis and cultural reconstruction
    Abstract: The growth and development of the culture is closely linked with people's social practice, long-term process, has its own history of the continuation of the rheology of the people practice activities and historic changes in the culture, in the history of cultu

    Dec 3,2012

  • Explore for thermoelectric corporate culture subsystem
    Abstract: to Zaozhuang the southern suburbs thermoelectric Limited corporate culture construction, for example, in the corporate culture construction work gradually developed the formation of security, performance, environmental protection, training, and honest, the six

    Oct 8,2012

  • For hotel culture and Construction Status
    Abstract: The hotel culture has become an important factor in the impact of the hotel competitive, but also to improve the core elements of the hotel competitive hotel is the production of culture, business culture of enterprise, consumer culture, guests to the hotel to

    Jul 24,2012

  • Marketing strategy for corporate brand building culture
    Abstract: The culture is that every nation proud and essential things, intense competition in the commercial era of market economy, culture, marketing is indispensable cultural marketing point of view, from our corporate brand building analysis domestic brand building i

    Jun 18,2012

  • Based on the participation of the Communist Youth League on corporate culture construction
    Abstract: This article is based on the perspective of corporate culture, corporate culture will be linked with the Communist Youth League, the Communist Youth League in the enterprise culture analysis of the necessity and possibility, and the Communist Youth League to p

    Jan 24,2012

  • On creating a learning culture to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises
    Paper Keywords: learning to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises Abstract: With the continuous development of market economy and social processes of accelerated integration of the global knowledge economy in the current context, the world's political, econo

    Jan 2,2012

  • Perspective on corporate culture corporate social responsibility network discuss
    Net write papers: Paper Keywords: corporate culture corporate social responsibility, social responsibility, culture-based Abstract: Sustainable development needs of their corporate social recognition, so to their own corporate interests and the interests of the commun

    Jan 1,2012

  • Analysis of the learning culture is the carrier of Chinese enterprises bigger and stronger
    [Paper Keywords] learning culture of Chinese enterprises and strengthen the carrier [Abstract] In the volatile international economic situation and environment, more and more Chinese enterprises are facing a crisis and challenges. This paper analyzes the Chinese enter

    Dec 20,2011

  • Power firm's corporate culture analysis and application management
    Abstract: The meaning of corporate culture and its role in business management and other aspects of the analysis, summarized to explore the building of enterprise culture, the basic content of cultural management and development of ideas, which the corporate culture, co

    Dec 8,2011

  • On the highway on the corporate culture
    Abstract: With the rapid extension of the highway in the land, highway enterprises increased rapidly. In order to better and faster business development, corporate culture on enterprise growing role in promoting the development of the highway business and government att

    Dec 8,2011

  • On how the corporate culture of innovation
    Corporate culture is in a certain social and historical conditions, the company formed in the material production process characteristics of corporate culture with the concept of cultural forms and patterns of behavior and corresponding systems and organizations, reflec

    Dec 5,2011

  • On the religious and cultural characteristics of Japanese companies
    Paper Keywords: religious identity of the Japanese corporate culture Abstract: The term corporate culture to Americans, it is the earliest practitioners of the Japanese. Japanese corporate culture is religion and business development decisions, the Japanese corporate

    Oct 27,2011

  • On the group consciousness of the impact of corporate culture in Japan
    Paper Keywords: corporate culture, group consciousness level of herd mentality inside and outside the sequence of conscious awareness Abstract: Japanese group consciousness known as the core of Japanese culture and national character, this awareness in the Japanese la

    Oct 27,2011

  • On the improvement of property management to promote enterprise culture
    Paper to write network: Abstract: Zheng Coal Group to build coal system, construction of enterprise culture in the context of demonstration bases, as the group's main mine, mine rolled together in building a positive corporate culture to explore, and achieved remarkable

    Oct 24,2011

  • Test proposed innovative corporate culture
    Abstract: In order to further understand the restaurant industry and cultural development, the author of the "Great Southeast 'obligations to make people the opportunity to members of miles, in-depth study of its cultural status, found that cultural achievements of the"

    Oct 18,2011

  • On corporate culture and business management
    [Abstract] Corporate culture is the long-term production and development process has evolved, it is the company's values, entrepreneurship, ethics, sense of community and business philosophy of a complex. Corporate culture is to strengthen the business management of th

    Oct 15,2011

  • Dell's enterprise business management experience on
    [Abstract] about Dell's business model in China with a large and successful experience in the advertising frequently seen in major newspapers, Dell will really catch on in China and more than IBM, encroaching upon the association do? Dell is true in China The direct sal

    Oct 13,2011

  • On Confucianism and Chinese family business system in Southeast Asia
    [Abstract] Based on the Southeast Asian Chinese family business system and its management to study and explore the origins behind the Confucian culture, which has weighed the pros and cons of the family enterprise system, while that of China's reform of the system tend

    Oct 13,2011

  • Based on the COSO report on improving our internal control environment of thinking
    Paper to write network: [Abstract] This paper outlines the COSO report as the basis for all other elements of the internal control environment elements, specifically the elements of meaning analysis of the current internal control environment of China's main problems,

    Oct 13,2011