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Xiling Gorge is located in the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project in Yichang City, East Side, the boundary between the Yangtze River upstream and midstream, western Hubei Province, Hubei Province, field deputy for the central city, its comprehensive economic strength of Wuhan in Hubei province after the provincial capital, is the province, 'the second largest economy 'and' strong comprehensive strength of the second city. ' With the social and economic development, Yichang City, accounting, management continuously adjust their thinking to play the basic role of accounting, financial services and economic work on.

In 2007, Yichang Municipal Finance Bureau Accounting Division in the city in some enterprises and institutions to carry out the accounting inspection of law enforcement to address the identified problems and improve the status of accounting work to enhance the degree of social recognition for the mind, in Hubei province and the country was first proposed to carry out ' Accounting Management 'concept in the examination, accounting, management workers found that the corporate accounting job status and accounting personnel to strengthen and improve quality; contrast, the administrative unit of accounting is relatively weak. Revealed quite outstanding common problems. It was explained that the beginning of the 1990s, the institutional reform of administrative institutions, some units by reducing the financial department staff to 'streamlining' the purpose, and some units are accounted for remaining a member of a The unit has not established full-time accounting staff, the other a little accounting knowledge through part-time accounting staff, leading into a very basic accounting standard conditions.

In the absence of normative accounting basis, some have been classified as non-profit organizations, and institutions still use the administrative accounting system; part of the administrative units by associations, societies and then set up an account, set up a separate bank account, charge the should be included in the financial management of funds, to evade the state treasury collection and payment procedures, to avoid the financial and audit supervision. a considerable part of the administrative units are not set up the cash journal, bank deposit or zero-balance account with the amount of live account, but there is no need of reference books necessary to implement computerized accounting units will occur at different times of the certificate summary billing, can not produce the journal, manual accounting unit is not registered in time to various journals, and direct the cashier to accounting alternative accounting journal accounts, can easily lead to a lot of money in the unlisted run, leaving loopholes for malpractice.

Part of the administrative units of asset management chaos, despite the establishment of industrial breakdown of fixed assets, but the use of periodic inventory of fixed assets; all registered as 'in use' has been idle for part of the assets; in fact been abandoned or sold assets, but long-term included in the 'in use' accounts. some standard unit of fixed assets allowed to grasp the situation there is omission of fixed assets is lower than the standard items, not to establish reference books, can not guarantee that the fixed asset accounts match the reality. Some units inventory of assets going through the motions accounting, inventory and account number does not exist check overage inventory loss is not reported deal, the property inventory was too narrow, monetary assets and payment on account is not inventory, receivables, resulting in misappropriation of funds within the account after the losses can not be held accountable.

In addition, accounting personnel with the administrative institutions of the loss, and the class overall quality of employees is down juice, professional and technical qualification examinations in the majority of business knowledge for enterprises, administrative units of the accounting staff is difficult to obtain, and the status and exchange data treatment is not linked with the corresponding titles, lack of motivation to enhance their professional quality and enthusiasm.

To solve the above problems, financial accounting reform and development in order to meet the new situation, and strive to financial accounting and scientific management, fine, and the accounting regulations are implemented to strengthen the administrative institutions of accounting management, and enhance the administrative institutions of the dominant position of the budget. sound financial and accounting management services, mechanisms to promote sound and rapid economic development finance, Yichang Municipal Finance Bureau at the end of fiscal 2007, the law enforcement inspection, set up the accounting department to the council's activities as the main office, decided in 2008, innovation in administrative units directly under manner to carry out 'accounting management' activities.

In carrying out several research and listen to on the basis of units proposed, the program of activities prepared by the accounting department to develop a <<Basic Accounting standardized quantitative assessment methods>> in early 2008, Yichang Municipal Finance Bureau was set up headed by Secretary Wang Jian , Deputy Director Cheng Guohua as the deputy head of the Finance Bureau is responsible for the functions of the human members of departments directly under the administrative institutions 'will juice (financial) management' activities leading group and office related activities started.

In June 2002, held in Yichang city directly under the administrative institutions' accounting (financial) management year 'mobilization meeting, municipal, and county and municipal 40 () people attended the meeting, Yichang Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zheng Chao at the mobilization meeting made an important speech, requires 'accounting management' activities as the starting point, and constantly improve the administrative units of accounting management. Yichang Municipal Bureau of Finance Chief Accountant Li Rengui made by 'accounting (financial) management' activities to improve the financial accounting management. to follow the program of activities, training manuals, to carry out 'four fiscal reform', the main administrative units of content and asset management business processes, <<financial penalties for illegal disposal regulations>> and administrative accounting system, internal accounting control system, the basic work of accounting standards and other aspects of business training to improve the professional standards of accountants and skills development <<Yichang administrative units directly under the basic work of accounting standard quantitative assessment criteria>> for the various departments and units to carry out. ' accounting (financial) management 'activities, to provide professional norms.

Directly under the departments in the various functional departments of the Municipal Finance Bureau under the direction of swift action, in accordance with the deployment and activities meeting the program requirements, general requirements and the special nature of reality, programming, propaganda and mobilization, implementation of the special class, to develop arrangements conduct self-examination. nearly 200 units developed a program of activities, and actively carry out self-examination; more than 1,200 accounting personnel to participate in Yichang City Department of Finance Bureau of the business training. The department has been providing consulting services to more than 40 pieces of time, by the unit and the community generally well received. combined with the national, provincial, city accounting 'double first' contest, selected institutions directly under the administrative accounting work advanced collectives and individuals, advanced collectives and advanced accounting work in recognition of individuals. Yichang Authority directly under the municipal authorities, police Bureau, the Procuratorate, the Health Department, Central Hospital, Hospital of the Discipline Inspection Commission and other departments are quickly set up special classes, training and self-examination in a timely manner the rectification work. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Yichang Municipal Finance Bureau Accounting Division also timely under the program of activities, the organization seven sections of the Financial Bureau personnel, the preparation of the <<accounting management of administrative units Practical Handbook>>, the book eight most fully reflect the accounting and administrative institutions financial management, departmental budgets, government procurement, treasury collection and payment, the government non-tax revenue, government revenue and expenditure classification reform, administrative units of state-owned asset management, financial sanctions and other penalties for violations of specific requirements and operational processes, featuring the current The main accounting regulations, administrative units covering almost the main content of accounting management, accounting management for the Year provides a comprehensive, practical guide for practical operation.

Yichang City Council and accounting management sector organizations and institutions directly under administration of more than 280 financial executives, some of the people responsible for the urban counties, a total of more than 300 people attended the Year special accounting management training topics related to administrative training institutions of financial accounting management, reform of departmental budgeting, management of state assets, non-tax revenue management, treasury collection and payment, government procurement, financial penalties for illegal actions, the actual work should pay attention to the provisions of the problems and practical operation process, a total of seven topics. Yichang City Financial Bureau-related professionals in teaching, training, organization of the examination after the end of the accounting section marking the organization board minutes and record, called 'the relevant sections of the briefing, and the trainees performance units served as the annual assessment of the accounting staff important content.

Yichang Municipal Finance Bureau has formed nine special teams, according to <<Yichang administrative units directly under the accounting basis of standardized quantitative assessment criteria>>, sub-accounting bodies and accounting personnel, accounting, accounting supervision of three categories, 18 small class of 104 a detailed breakdown of the door-steps in a planned manner for 93 years of accounting management units to carry out the inspection activities, and the formation of the inspection report. on the problems identified, classified according to the law to deal with, in order to improve the administrative units of accounting based work.

'Is not only an event, in our daily work bit by bit, always follow the forward-looking, 'never behind' the idea of ??standing in respect for the development of accounting rules and accounting work to grasp the trend of the height.' Yichang Municipal Bureau of Finance Accounting Section, Ming Li Hui told reporters.

2007, Yichang City, held annually, 'the Three Gorges Accounting Forum,' Forum 'five' for the purpose, namely, 'to build a platform, a clear theme, gather a group to form a result, promote a work.' voluntary reporting activities organizer, executive director will discuss and decide, accounting achievements, unique member contractors shortlisted to enter the event, and then by the Council choose the Forum to adopt a thematic report on activity patterns, enterprises accounting experience exchange combined with the freedom to discuss the way. each event are invited to focus on financial and monetary institutions, experts and scholars on the topic report from the central, provincial and local medium-sized enterprises in the appropriate CFO, banking, taxation, administrative departments, institutions leaders in charge of accounting work and financial responsibility of human actors, the number of control around 60 people in the 'Three Gorges Accounting Forum' has been organized in three, one on 'accounting research', 'Research on internal control practices,' 'Accounting Information Studies, 'as the theme, select the current development of the industry are the focus, difficult, hot and closely related with the practical work.

In 2009, the window for the standardization of accounting services to enhance the level and quality of Yichang City Department of Finance Accounting Accounting Services Section will work into the scope of administrative services, management, administrative services in Yichang City Centre building on the fifth floor set up special financial (accounting) service window, will be placed in the public service work under the supervision of the work to improve the quality of accounting services had incentives to make accounting services are more people know and understand. Yichang City in the realization of juice of continuing education will be based on the network, different titles for 2009 tests in training is no difference between the difficulty of the problem, promptly commissioned a training contract with the unit contacted and asked to create different titles for different exam. the implementation of tiered testing through improved training, test methods, improving the seriousness of continuing education and the actual results. Yichang City to become the only continuing education training the accounting staff by job title level hierarchical test city. That year, the system will also be training institutions and accounting personnel management information system implementation to connect, will participate in continuing education and training of qualified accounting personnel and test information, directly into the accounting personnel management information system. This method not only effectively improve the utilization of accounting management information rate, but also greatly improve the qualification registration efficiency.

2010, the Hubei Provincial Department of Finance launched a province-wide annual accounting management activities, learn from Yichang City in 2008 to carry out administrative units in the accounting management activities, activities in the city according to local conditions, it will focus on state-owned and state-owned holding company among the leading group set up and Gongzuozhuanban, and SASAC to strengthen ties with Yichang City, for their years of accounting management support for the activities while managing the accounting clean-up in the city coffers and work together to enhance the accounting management in activities momentum, improve efficiency, reduce the burden on enterprises in the event, Yichang City, the focus of accounting and administration check to check the way enterprises interact, to promote inter-firm learn from each other. Then, accounting and administration and SAC with each other, mutually agreed choice to enjoy the financial benefits of public utility companies, and is seeking listing for the two focus group sampling unit, check the company's new corporate accounting standards and accounting quality implementation, promote the improvement of corporate financial management The remaining group of key checks as required to carry out key checks, and achieved good results. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Li Hui Ming further explained that the accounting field in the current international accounting system, accounting, social service management, management tools of information technology trends. Grassroots workers in the reform of accounting management, management, publicity, and how to grasp the pulse of the times, standing on the reform The first line of work for the financial services, economic services for the market, to implement the strategy of going out and make due contributions, which need to expand their horizons, to their own work and the macroeconomic situation, the country's economic and fiscal policy, the development of international standards of peer combination, based on a broader platform to explore, summarize, and promote fiscal management. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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