On the CPA exam in 2010 Corporate Strategy and Risk Management Review Overview

A combination of features to deal with examinations in previous years

Candidates to combine with their actual characteristics of the course, according to local conditions, through scientific review methods, to achieve a multiplier effect in view of the national selection examination will note the characteristics of the test subjects are required to fully and objectively reflect the materials and the syllabus requirements, to fully assess the level of the candidates to acquire knowledge, ability to analyze issues and as a certified public accountant with the actual practice of the ability, therefore, we must first clear note will exam <<Corporate Strategy and Risk Management>> Subject characteristics of the proposition, combined with Examination of previous years, analysis of the characteristics of the following areas for reference:
(A) a comprehensive assessment, focused, focusing on requirements outline the basic concepts and basic knowledge from the start. Taking into account the national CPA examination subjects as the actual situation. Candidates should pay attention to grasp the degree of difficulty, lies master the required CPA the same <<Corporate Strategy and Risk Management>> related to the basic knowledge and skills from last year, questions the subject of the situation, it basically covers the outline of the examination to determine the corporate strategy and risk management of these two parts of the syllabus and the proportion of the general contents of the two parts of the appropriate (in relative terms, the proportion of corporate strategy slightly larger). questions focus on each part of the master properly, is more prominently reflected the company's strategy, risk management, the central part of this major reflected in the basic concepts, terminology and other aspects of the proposition, focusing on the use of the knowledge point inspection, such as SWOT analysis of the study, understanding and application of internal controls, risk type and so on, they account for some proportion of the more basic questions large, which is seen from the objective questions in very obvious.

(B) understand the importance of knowledge, practical application and professional capacity needs, while opposed to this practice to master the use of basic knowledge, it is more difficult, it tests whether a candidate to become a certified public accountant's basic competence to practice. The formation of these capabilities and play is an integrated process, including the availability of both a solid foundation of knowledge and flexible and comprehensive knowledge, but the main use is to test the candidates have the basic knowledge to determine and analyze problems and problem-solving ability These difficult questions are progressive, whether they have generally reflected in the questions from the information provided to identify relevant information and then based on this information to make the right judgments and choices these questions first glance, appears to be textbook The 'original words' content expression, but a careful look, seems to be 'strange', they slightly higher than the materials and candidates in the review, in order to develop a discovery problem, according to certain procedures to solve problems ability, we must master the material in earnest in their syllabus requirements. In addition, to require candidates to be able to fit the role and in accordance with the requirements of this role, clear and concise manner with suggestions, ideas and opinions, but also examine student the ability of a many questions actually test the candidate know how to disposal candidates should have relevant knowledge and grasp of the relevant professional ethics and analyze problems, solve problems, etc. This short-answer, question is the more comprehensive Obviously, these questions require candidates to have learned through the analysis, has some basic knowledge, practical experience, strong analytical and problem-solving skills to determine otherwise, will be difficult to accurately and comprehensively to find problems.

(C) the acquisition of new knowledge, new content, the demand for knowledge update adhere to lifelong learning, there is a strong ability to update their knowledge is a Certified Public Accountant in the market economy, not because of outdated technology continues to change the basic quality requirements of one of the times The request to update the knowledge of Certified Public Accountants has put forward higher requirements and challenges, especially related fields involved in the new knowledge, corporate strategy and risk management is a comprehensive, and involves more discipline courses, so the master and answer good questions for the candidates in terms of the subject, is not easy. this year's examinations of new knowledge, new understanding and mastery of the content of the questions also occupy a certain proportion, such as the combination of financial crisis, such as the renminbi and the dollar reflects some of the topics this feature, these questions from the teaching materials was higher than if the candidate's ability to use knowledge of materials, for the answers to these questions will become easier. In addition, the course aims examination, special emphasis on study Candidates can use a variety of comprehensive knowledge and skills to analyze and solve problems.

Second, learning to master the reasonable recommendations

Outline the requirements and the current year combined with examination of the proposition, you can see the subject for the candidate's knowledge capabilities can be divided into three from low to high levels, from easy to difficult are: professional knowledge and ability, basic skills and overall ability to utilize the application. pose the questions from this year's point of view, this arrangement also reflects this ability and knowledge in three areas constitute the Earth's core to the mantle as the outward expansion of the same three-round on behalf of the core knowledge, knowledge, and knowledge of the outer middle, such as Figure 1 shows the author believes that the ability of these three tests, more capacity is the second test, followed by the ability of the third test, the first capacity test is not very high proportion can be expected With the CPA exam in the future <<Corporate Strategy and Risk Management>> subjects, mature and perfect, will strengthen this trend, although the surface, <<Corporate Strategy and Risk Management Courses>> compared to other CPA Examination of the courses, it seems easier, but really want to master this course is not easy, the difficulty is mainly reflected in the practice and application. how in practice to enhance the company's strategy and risk management realm, consciousness and the concept is very important In order to better grasp of the course, the proposed learning method is as follows: Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

(A) to understand and master the basic theoretical knowledge of each chapter review the candidates to pay attention with the case, to understand the relevance of each chapter and theoretical knowledge, and achieve mastery. The knowledge points from different sides, different angles to the accumulation with, from a different perspective to examine, analysis and reflection. over time, perseverance, I believe that candidates for teaching basic knowledge of the growing point of control will continuously improve.

(B) collate and summarize the main points in the read textbook chapters, based on the syllabus requirements with each chapter and exercises to practice seriously, to the knowledge of points for each chapter, to sort out the contents of each chapter, reviewed and summarized.

(C) the emphasis on case
Actively carry out case studies and discussion, the use of enhanced analytical capabilities. Case studies so that candidates can establish strategic management and risk management, integrated concepts, strategic management and risk management to grasp the basic ideas, improve candidate identification information, ask questions, analyze problems. Candidates must be 'good review', 'clever review' and 'scientific review' capability, in order to trick skilled in the competition, get high scores.

(D) searching for their own learning methods to find their own ways of learning, while teaching the familiar, do regular exercises, self-review and testing are essential, only all go hand in hand, insisted in the end, is Through this exam the best way.

Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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