Accounting for Higher professional accounting utility software Curriculum Construction

[Abstract] 'accounting utility software' Professional Accounting course is compulsory vocational main courses, but also a practical skills course, the accounting staff access to essential qualification courses, professional courses in the accounting system from the nexus of the important role the position of the article from the course start, in the course design concepts and ideas, the reform of teaching content, the course features and innovations were discussed.

[Keywords] vocational course construction accounting utility software

'Accounting utility software' course is a vocational computerized accounting profession major courses, but also a professional skills and practical operating course, is an important subject of modern accounting part of the 'accounting utility software' course that we must optimize the program content, highlighting the practical ability and practical skills training, vocational and technical education schools meet the requirements according to the author for many years engaged in 'accounting utility software,' the practice of teaching experience, 'Accounting utility software,' Reflections on the construction of the course.
First, the accurate positioning program status, a clear teaching task 'accounting utility software' course focuses on the practical ability of students and practical skills, computerized accounting profession is to develop vocational skills-based, practical talents of an important professional courses. Requires students to learn through this course and master the basic theory of accounting utility software financial software and the modern movement, familiar with computerized accounting techniques to understand the modern enterprise financial software functions and features, able to skillfully use financial software to deal with accounts, the final the ability of financial statements issued; able to use financial software provides management capabilities, with participation in business management, accounting information for management decision-making ability. course the primary task is to obtain computerized accounting certificate, the ultimate task is to have the company's accounting information capacity for enterprise information services.

1 Courses in line with economic development, business management upgrade for the growing needs of computerized accounting After reform and opening up, China's market economy has been rapid development of China's enterprise management has entered the market economy during the 'new management' era, business management is to achieve international, information technology, systematic, traditional manual bookkeeping methods has become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of all sectors of accounting information. In the 21st century, the economy adapt to the changing needs of the market, companies must act fast, sensitive, requires companies to management concepts, management practices and innovative management tools, with the latest achievements of modern information technology to optimize and enhance business operations and management improve the corporate accounting staff involved in the management, for decision-making functions, and thus maximize the functions of accounting officers of the staff. 'accounting utility software' course is the response to this need arising from a discipline.

2 Courses in vocational and technical education to meet the accounting requirements of professional training objectives. Computerized accounting professional development is the development of market economy and socialist modernization drive, with integrity, dedication of a good professional quality, innovative, entrepreneurial ability and practical ability, practical knowledge of international accounting, auditing and related knowledge economy, with a card with more than (a diploma, a variety of certificates: computer grade certificate, foreign language level certificate, Abacus card, computerized accounting certificate, accounting qualification card) and multiple (a professional, multi-ability), the professional competence needed to senior technology based expertise. to do a vocational and technical education, computerized accounting profession had several training programs amendment and reform of teaching mode, and a preliminary attempt to combine engineering training model, which 'practical accounting software' curriculum reform is to strengthen the practical skills of a breakthrough. And undergraduate education in order to distinguish the theory-based, we will undergraduate teaching system in the 'Accounting' course adjustment 'accounting utility software' course, highlights the characteristics of vocational and technical education, while teaching on the models and methods and means a bold attempt, achieved through years of good teaching practice teaching, and promote the employment rate improved.

3 course set up in line with corporate management information requirements. Modern enterprise management accounting practitioners able to accurately, quickly, to provide accounting information systems, and participate in enterprise management, enterprise management in making decisions, and the current financial software developed by the ERP software to meet the needs of business, students learn through theory and practical skills training to master the computerized accounting as the accounting staff positions necessary for the basic theory of knowledge, able to skillfully use financial software to deal with accounts, final financial statements issued , to the Ministry of Finance of the primary accounting computerized accounting personnel requirements at the same time be able to use financial software provides management capabilities for management decision-making related to accounting information, with the ability of accounting information, financial software, efficient, automatic and accurate in time, data volume, a complete and comprehensive implementation of enterprise information technology provide a strong guarantee. Links to free download

Second, the curriculum design concepts and ideas 'accounting utility software' designed to train students in teaching ability to focus on the accounting profession, and the UF Software Group financial and other business cooperation based accounting process of curriculum development and design, curriculum designed to Relying on the actual business enterprise, in practice the specific economic enterprise business, for example, computerized accounting work according to the basic flow of the main line of the organization of teaching. using for example law, comparative law, discussion method, demonstration method, a package of experiments, job rotation, internships and other ways to organize teaching, curriculum design fully reflects the computerized accounting jobs accounting job, practical, and the requirements of openness, computerized accounting students outstanding professional competence.

Instructional design in the enterprise's accounting treatment of specific economic and business transactions for the teaching content, the order to carry out teaching. First, the students thoroughly tested, evaluation of students and new standards of accounting practice to master the situation, and reach the students to use computerized accounting requirements of making up their spare time after school to meet the demands of teaching accounting utility software. Second, stage of theoretical teaching in the curriculum, using for example law, comparative law, discuss the method of teaching to enhance students' interest in learning, learning to play the enthusiasm and initiative. Third, in practical skills teaching stage, the use of presentation methods and practical operation of a package in the end two methods of teaching. the use of multimedia presentation equipment for the operation of financial software presentation, students in teacher demonstrates the use of a package in the end after the method is actually operating (that is, independently by the students, regardless of job accounting case), so that the students are familiar with all operating financial software The actual operation is more easy to use. quiz problems by teachers to explain, so students can quickly grasp the financial software in a short time the full functionality of the fourth, in the practical training phase, the use of job rotation teaching, that is the first student divided into many groups, the division of labor jobs for students, according to different accounting students have completed the role of training cases, the entire training process, students have to do it by hand, brain to think, a deep understanding of the accounting division of job responsibilities, which kinds of teaching methods to improve students' ability to apply a comprehensive financial software, financial software to enable students to deep understanding of the data links and relationships between the various subsystems, correctly grasp the essentials of financial operations and the essence of the software, develop a love of thinking, responsibility, cooperation spirit of the Fifth, comprehensive training for accounting students to enable students through comprehensive training to the accounting profession core curriculum mastery, accounts and computer accounts manually comparing the similarities and differences, experience of computerized accounting information for business role and significance of the end, In the off-campus internship stage, through school-enterprise cooperation, using the method of internships for students to feel in a real environment, the use of financial software and accounting practices of processes, more practical training and school practice, the similarities and differences, the internship can be a problem Ask the instructor to make up for lack of classroom teaching. This method can not only consolidate classroom knowledge, skilled vocational skills, but also to train students to adapt to job changes, for the students to lay a solid foundation of society.

Third, the reform of teaching content, enhanced skills training

'Accounting utility software' course requirements for the accounting professional positions and positions of computerized accounting of the actual completion of tasks required knowledge, ability and quality requirements to the design objectives and organization of teaching courses teaching content. To highlight the vocational and technical education, strengthen the students practical hands-on ability, we will 'accounting utility software' teaching to stage by the semester courses and classroom teaching and practical teaching closely linked to teaching the theory in the organization enough for the degree of order teaching content, focusing on accounting positions in computerized accounting professional ability.

Teaching arrangements, 'accounting utility software' course to UF ERP-V8 is modeled in accordance with requirements of the organization to strengthen the professional capacity of teaching this curriculum is divided into two weeks theoretical teaching (total 60 hours, including 34 hours of theoretical lectures, Operating 26 hours on the machine); two weeks practical teaching accounting utility software, students through job rotation to improve the overall financial software applications; five weeks comprehensive training of accounting, accounting theory courses will be converted into vocational skills, and compare with the hand accounts the computer account of the similarities and differences, a deep understanding of business financial software and significance of the role of information technology; the last three months of internships for students in a real environment, the accounting profession practical operation, to make up for lack of classroom instruction by teaching the theory and practice teaching, each student can use financial software to complete three sets of three business accounts, and completed by hand to establish 'joint trading company in the' month of all the economic operations (total four sets of accounts), greatly strengthen the student's accounting vocational skills, and accounting work to achieve the 'zero distance' docking.
Fourth, the course is mainly features and innovation 1 to task-driven sequence of course content, students focus on professional ability. 'Accounting utility software,' the task of teaching is to obtain computerized accounting certificate, accounting staff to the Ministry of Finance of the primary Accounting requirements, whether teaching the theory and practice of teaching computerized accounting positions closely around the start of professional competence, the task order in accordance with the teaching of teaching content, progressively, from easy entry difficult, teaching each student after the end of the course are able to complete the business information from the computerized preparation, establish accounts, bookkeeping, billing, custom reports to generate financial statements of all the work while teaching and professional certification corresponds to computerized accounting year accounting students 100% computerized forensic evidence, forensic accounting qualification certificate rate and abacus skills in evidence were 100%, highlighting the student's professional ability. Links to free download

(2) to achieve the actual accounting of accounting skills and the 'zero distance' docking. Teaching closely with business accounting, teaching content based on business accounting and accounting information systems development for a number of changes and improvement. In recent years to address 'islands of information' problem, many companies simply use financial software from the original into a whole range of use in the enterprise ERP software, so we design the course content changes as the business made a corresponding adjustment, lectures and practice with a software upgrade for the UF ERP-V8 software, set in the curriculum to highlight their professional or job skills training to enable graduates to business quick, strong operational skills, accounting skills and achieve a real accounting of the 'zero from the 'butt.


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