SMEs in Zhejiang Province key accounting personnel the ability Computer Analysis

[Abstract] This paper describes the key positions on the basis of ability, accounting for SMEs in Zhejiang Province computing capacity of the missing key personnel positions are analyzed.

[Keywords] SMEs, Computerized Accounting, key competencies, key competencies status 1 'key competencies' is the early 1980s, first proposed by the German business community, conducted a pilot in the Siemens training, and achieved good results. ' key competencies 'of a competent professional should include specific job (job group) vocational skills, skills and motor skills, ability to cooperate in the behavior group, with the post office lay the foundation for learning and development ability, learning and scientific working methods, such as system thinking skills, abstract, analytical ability, creative ability, in practice, the ability to apply theoretical knowledge as the first line of production, service and management personnel should possess the basic qualities, which includes the will, work ethic and professional behavior, such as reliability, discipline, sense of quality, safety awareness, self-confidence, decision-making, evaluation capacity, the ability to comprehensively address the matters.
2 Computer Ability of key accounting personnel, Zhejiang Province, the accounting staff of SMEs to the needs of computing experience and diversified target is the one hand, a direct result of the characteristics of SMEs, low-cost computing in accounting for personnel recruitment, tend to have extensive experience in the selection of personnel, and reject those who have potential ability to work independently, but have not yet experienced graduates, on the other hand, small and medium enterprises subordinate to Zhejiang Province, a variety of industries, companies diversify their business, which makes them the requirements of the accounting staff also has its own preferences, but Zhejiang enterprises in staff recruitment for the positions of candidates for accounting knowledge and computer skills, and ability of the following seven key areas of particular importance: loyalty, teamwork, innovation , recognition of the extent of corporate culture, interpersonal skills and good communication skills, the ability of new knowledge and new knowledge attitude and ability to learn, social practice experience.

Current vocational colleges for business computing potential accounting staff of the teaching content design and implementation is mainly based on simple to operate and use the financial accounting software level, and for financial analysis, tax returns, audit the accounts and other non-processing module use, and computer software and hardware maintenance and simple design of the necessary procedures for the relative neglect on the one hand, the enterprise computing teachers themselves are not familiar with accounting job, do not understand the job responsibilities and tasks can only step by step, directly in accordance with curriculum and teaching plans, teaching materials, making the training and employment needs of students, there was greater between the fault can not be a good butt the other hand, reduction in teaching time and teaching time, not continuity, makes Computerized Accounting related to the lack of teaching computing environment need insult added parts and systematic.

3 Computer key accounting personnel the ability of deletion analysis

3.1 SMEs in Zhejiang, the large number of knowledge gaps in the provision of objective Computerized Accounting staff positions, but also makes them a variety of financial software requirements, which requires computing the accounting staff can skillfully use a variety of financial software. In addition, SMEs, small-scale nature of requiring employees to the number one top post, which requires computing the accounting staff with good accounting information processing capacity.

However, computing accounting personnel in school during the formation of gaps in knowledge, just include the lack of ability to operate a variety of financial software and financial software for the use of accounting information processing capacity loss and so on.

3.1.1 Operating a variety of financial software deficit, there are two main reasons on the one hand, due to limited teaching time, teaching version of financial software purchase financial constraints and limited teaching materials, making the implementation of aspects of the school curriculum, taught only just a financial operation of the software, this is mainly subject to objective conditions.

On the other hand is a subjective factors, mainly reflected in two aspects of teaching and learning in teacher Tuition, since the subject teaching materials, teaching environment, and many restrictions, teachers in the Tuition, they tend to only teach or major teaching a financial operation of the software, allowing students accepted, only the formation of a certain kind of perceptual knowledge of financial software and if students do not have the same good self-learning ability, flexible application of replication capacity, then they can not When candidates made up of different companies and other financial software, operational requirements, thereby affecting the competitiveness of their community.

3.1.2 Accounting information processing deficit, mainly due to two aspects of one non-comprehensive basis of accounting information, accounting information makes the lack of basic data processing, and the lack of basic accounting information, may be due to small and medium-run non-standard nature and operation of a gray business.

Second, the lack of information processing capacity, which is the lack of accounting information processing capacity of the main aspects in computing accounting talents, teachers in imparting knowledge and skills related to time, too shallow to consider the teaching of content, such as financial How accounting software operation, pure theory of computing accounting module design, etc., while ignoring the accounting data processing and mining and other aspects of teaching. Links to free download

3.2 Experience deficiencies faced by SMEs, Zhejiang Province, survival, development environment characteristics, determine the SME missed the train graduates to become the main force, but also determines the number of graduates embarrassing difficult employment situation, which makes computing graduating accounting staff students, their experience for their career growth defect has become the initial flawed. Links to free download

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