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Summary article first stage hospital accounting personnel problems and deficiencies start accounting talents were analyzed for accounting personnel capacity and quality requirements of the problem, such as stage management confusion made inquiry and further elaborated accounting training objectives is the implementation of educational activities on the premise, to establish open and competitive selection system of accounting personnel, accounting personnel incentives to optimize and improve accounting personnel evaluation system, and finally affect the hospital introduced a follow-up facing the development of education, personnel structure, operational quality and professional ethics and other issues.

Keywords accounting personnel an important role in hospital management incentive

One, at this stage the situation of hospital accounting officer

Accounting staff in many hospitals stage show can not adapt to the new market economy needed to establish a modern hospital system requirements, as follows:

1 person structural problems

With the further development of economic reform hospitals, accounting personnel structure defects became clear that a considerable number of accounting personnel of the market economy, deepening accounting reform in the new situation and new problems, learning is not enough business knowledge obsolete, but the lack of theoretical study, a number of accounting personnel responsibility, moral awareness, risk awareness, service consciousness and awareness of the law is also an urgent need to improve.

(2) operational capacity and Further Education

With economic development, in order to adapt to the market economy requirements needed for modern hospitals, accounting personnel need to constantly update their knowledge, which requires ongoing accounting staff continuing education and only has a large number of high-quality, high-level understanding of the international conventions and norms, quickly adapt to the new situation of economic development, accounting personnel in order to ensure sustained and healthy development of hospital management, in order to better adapt to an increasingly competitive market economy.

3 Accounting oversight

As China's economic system transformation, hospital autonomy, independence growing, the state of the hospital's direct administrative intervention gradually reduced, therefore, in the new economic situation, the hospital accounting officer's identity over how to locate, for whom Services, who supervised all aspects of how to deal with the relationship between the interests, which are central to our accounting personnel management system must first solve the basic problems.

Two stage accounting personnel should have the condition

With the further development of health care reform, the market economy is at a faster pace penetrate into the hospital area, so determine hospital accounting personnel training objectives and training methods, training of accounting personnel to adapt to the needs of the economy, a field hospital during the accounting investigate and solve the problem, it should have the following conditions:

A new type of work ethic

With the advent of knowledge economy and changes in the economic system, accounting personnel to learn computer technology, accounting treatment from the tedious work out, just use the accounting language "speak" can not meet the development of the hospital under the market economy requirements, to the accounting treatment from specialized work extended to the participating hospital management, financial analysis, financial planning, financial forecasting, financial decision-making work. accounting personnel to work in a new environment and new goals shift work ethic request stimulate innovation, establish the overall concept of extended hospital financial management ideas, from the microscopic specific accounting work to extricate extended to macroscopic full range of hospital administration work, disposable capital operation, a hospital profits creator.

(2) a comprehensive knowledge of computerized accounting

Accounting Accounting rid of the tedious manual accounting procedures, improved accounting data processing speed, to ensure the quality of accounting information, breaking manual calculation for calculating the complex issues arising from limitations, to more accurately reflect the hospital's process of economic operation. Accounting Network Accounting is based on the high-tech crystal, you can enable the hospital to its financial information to the outside world. it will contribute to the accounting officer must understand information technology, network technology, software development and design, and software operations and a series of new skills and knowledge. because the computer constantly updated knowledge development, accounting personnel need to constantly update their knowledge. Links to free download

Third, on the problem of how to train accounting personnel

1 Aims
As a result of targeted different accounting personnel mainly divided into three categories: one accounting personnel of accounting work is focused on the accounting, reflect and supervision, so have some basic knowledge of accounting, a better grasp of accounting capabilities and skilled computing technology, able to operate a computer and use of accounting software, and ultimately filer authentic financial accounting report of such accounting personnel training objectives, and the other accounting personnel is still the focus of their work is accounted for, but in the process of accounting to pay attention to the smart use should therefore be able to develop their accounting information generated according to a financial analysis, financial forecasting, financial decision-making, have a more keen observation and analysis of issues, problem-solving skills, and the last category is to carry out financial management activity-based accounting personnel, accounting personnel would require such fully grasp the modern hospital management expertise, to have the hospital in advance forecast economic activity, during and after the assessment of the ability to control, to be able to have collected a variety of basis economic data, set some economic parameters, the use of certain management accounting methods, one aspect of the hospital's economic activity trends predicted or planned in advance, can melt in a theory and practice, can guide the global, holistic financial operations.

(2) establish mechanisms for continuing education and training, so that accounting personnel combine theory and practice

Accounting system often with economic policy change, which requires accounting personnel to keep learning, in the process of continuous learning to acquire new accounting theory, accounting methods and accounting skills in the process of continuous learning to improve their theoretical level, improve their ability to use the theory to guide practice, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving the overall quality of the same time, the accounting profession is characterized by practicality and maneuverability is strong, but the practical experience and skills directly accept the guidance of theory, only one person continuously from Practice will theory into practice, theory and practice, in order to adapt to changing market demands, so should encourage and support continuing education accounting staff in-service education, the establishment of long-term follow-up education system to improve the quality of accounting theory and business level.

3. The introduction of market mechanisms, the establishment of a flexible employment system

Establish a strict competition mechanism to improve hospital accounting practitioners threshold, the examination carried out pre-job vocational training of qualified personnel, from the source to grasp the hospital accounting practitioners mark. The accounting staff to implement centralized management, competition, periodic rotation, and elimination, from the system to improve accounting staff's enthusiasm.

4. Improve the selection and appointment mechanism

Conditions in an open society, people choose to expand horizons, to form an open talent selection mechanism in accordance with the requirements of establishing a modern hospital system, establish and improve the characteristics of suitable hospital accounting personnel selection and appointment mechanism to further deepen the hospital accounting personnel management system , you can take public recruitment, democratic elections within the hospital, competition and direct appointment and other methods, the selection of a variety of channels hospital accounting personnel. Links to free download

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