Electronic Commerce Network Financial Issues

Summary it can be said the network of financial realization of the network technology and the combination of financial management, financial management related activities will be placed in the Internet environment, to enhance the level of financial management, intelligent, efficient, centralized financial management. However, the actual operation of the network in the financial management process, there are some practical problems, this paper analyzes the network in the financial characteristics, based on the analysis of the existing problems and to propose solutions strategy.

Keywords E-commerce Network Financial

First, the relationship between e-commerce and Internet Financial

(A) spawned a network of financial electronic commerce

It is because of continuous improvement and development of e-commerce technology spawned a network of financial. E-commerce transactions reflect the paperless, direct-oriented features, not only for remote transactions, and information flows of the time is getting shorter, the corresponding goods, capital flow and information flow management costs also declined, so Network Financial emerged. Network Financial financial management perspective based on the features of e-commerce optimization and integration, e-commerce and related technologies for the development of the network to provide strong financial support, thereby expanding the network of financial work areas, strengthen the network of financial functions.

(Two) Network Financial is a foundation for the development of e-commerce

E-commerce mode, a series of corporate trading activities are based on the network environment to achieve, including raw queries, procurement, product demonstrations, sales, storage and electronic payment, etc., between enterprises, between enterprises and financial institutions, business dealings are realized through the Internet, so you must use the network of financial assume links between each terminal network economy business contacts. Financial support network with electronic documents and electronic money function, the corresponding financial data also changed the traditional paper-based data format and converted to the page data, an effective solution to the network environment during the operation of e-commerce-related financial issues. Based on the angle of internal coordination, the network of financial control to achieve a financial department budget, unfunded, online payment, settlement network in tandem; based on external collaborative perspective, the network of financial and achieve an online inquiry, online reminders accounts, Network insurance and tax and other network synergies for social sector, we can see that the network of financial foundation for the development of e-commerce.

Second, the network of financial problems

Specifically, in the actual operation network of financial problems in the following areas:

(A) accounting entity virtualization

Accounting accounting entity is called to serve. In the traditional financial management, accounting entity is a physical unit, its in kind in the form of actual existence. In the e-business environment, financial management accounting entity spatial characteristics undergone essential changes. Through the network technology, can achieve long-range, multi-object business services, network environment information flow, business flow can greatly streamline many intermediate links. Online banking, electronic documents, these objects are making transactions reflect the transaction procedures, electronic, transaction process virtualization features in the form of an e-commerce network environment, considered to be the network of financial accounting entity will be an important issue facing . Because at this stage, the network virtualization accounting entity is still in the relatively obscure state, and these virtual enterprises will become the main body of the network economy, the financial management of the network recognizable faces its virtual issues.

(Two) financial professional and technical personnel issues

Financial Network is the electronic network and financial management of the product combined with each other, and network technology and financial management are two different branches of science, which not only requires practitioners proficient in computer network technology, but also its financial management with considerable financial knowledge and skill business skills. In addition, the financial staff to ensure that the relevant accuracy and reliability of financial information, such as cost information necessary to understand the production process and production process, have some basic knowledge related; addition, the network will be faced with financial management personnel other new issues, such as human resources, finance the construction, information, intellectual property and other intangible assets valuation, so the network of financial staff to have a higher overall quality, not only have extensive knowledge, but also have a strong ability to innovate and adapt capability. But now many enterprise network financial management staff should be improved not only the level of technical expertise, practical ability is low, and understanding of network technology is relatively small, it is impossible to better adapt the network of financial development and progress.

(Three) security issues

Network openness is a double-edged sword, although the network with the data of the financial operation of the form, the application of a large number of electronic documents and other advantages are attributed to the characteristics of open network technology, but from another perspective, it is As the network is open, so that the financial information had been subjected to threats more. Financial information from the electronic symbols to replace the use of traditional financial data network, the transfer of intangible assets, are increased safety hazard identification, realization of internal control difficult. Digitized original certificate forgery easier, making the lack of effective financial management process of containment, memory data without leaving any traces, system files unreadable, specify procedures for data processing, etc. These are some potential security issues. In addition, because the system boundaries of the various functional aspects of the division of labor is relatively vague, general ledger and subsidiary ledgers no longer exists between the restrictive relationship, once the system is running errors, it will trigger some chains, repeatability errors.

(Four) Network Financial data interface standardization issues

Web applications and enterprise financial management system exists between the various multi-link, and network via their external finance social sectors such as banking, taxation, insurance and customs data exchange will occur, so the network of financial systems are faced with data interface standardization issues. Universal stage of China's market has a variety of financial software related networks, but the lack of a standard, unified data input and output interfaces, so the software can not be achieved between the free exchange of data, and thus the financial system software for network applications, network financial fulfilling its functions would be adversely affected. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Third, improve the effectiveness of financial management of the network's strategy

(A) adopt a comprehensive network security measures of financial information

Ensure that the financial information network security is the top priority of financial management, the following measures can be taken to eliminate security risks: First, the system is transferred between the client and server are implemented in all layers of financial information is encrypted using the SSL protocol that is anti-crack , re-issued proof, anti-modification is the use of another is not open, do not use public algorithms, high strength proprietary encryption protocol encryption to prevent unauthorized users to steal confidential information or unauthorized operation. Second, enterprises should combine the actual situation, according to the relevant specifications of computerized accounting requirements, to further improve the system of personal responsibility, security log management rules and regulations. Finally, the state should be based on a macro point of social legislation in a timely manner, establish and improve relevant laws and regulations.

(Two) the establishment of information-oriented e-commerce platform

E-commerce platform to integrate enterprise-wide information flow with the ability to run the process from the point of view of e-commerce, companies can transition from the traditional way of doing business for e-commerce model, the main is to see the extent of development of information technology. Therefore, enterprises should establish a customer-oriented groups window, select a high reputation in the community, too, high Internet platform. Final implementation of e-commerce is e-commerce and corporate financial management and corporate management combine directly online e-commerce activities, the establishment of e-commerce marketing platform, enterprise information, and with the financial management, enterprise information management, and will effectively improve enterprise management level and efficiency. In addition, relevant government departments set up a special body, the major domestic financial accounting software and closely related taxes, banking, customs, government management software used to investigate and refer to similar products internationally popular to develop a unified data interface standards, such as software upgrades and future design and production of mandatory standards; market-driven network of financial software manufacturers, joint development of appropriate industry standards, through a certain period of implementation and revision, mature and stable then be up to the national standard enforced.

(Three) to improve the effectiveness of the network system security controls

First of all hardware security control, to further improve the management system of computer hardware, operating environment to ensure its stability, the relevant indicators include power, temperature and humidity, static electricity, electromagnetic interference and radiation etc. For example, the computer system must be uninterrupted power supply , power supply, and its main purpose is to ensure the continuity of the system is running, and if necessary also configure backup power to ensure that the system in case of power failure enabled standby power can operate normally. Secondly, good software security controls, install the software, a software upgrade to be strictly controlled, regular preventive inspection system, requiring mandatory backup software with fast recovery and other functions, in order to ensure that the system can be damaged timely repair data. Finally, to do system maintenance security controls. The proper functioning of the financial system, the network requires network administrators and operators of routine maintenance, it is necessary to establish a network system maintenance standardization systems, procedures custody control system.

(Four) to absorb more complex talent

Web-based environment in corporate financial management, which is different from the traditional management model is destined to financial management, appropriate management of the subject - financial management staff should change their concepts, skills, rapidly grown into a complex talent, in order to further adapt to society development. Network Financial officers should not only have advanced management ideas, but also to master modern information technology and related financial management expertise. Now professional counterparts, comprehensive ability is relatively high graduates are generally more inclined to finance and securities industry because of their higher yields, while the rank and growing shortage of professionals. Therefore, enterprises should take the appropriate strategy, first through high salaries to attract talent in society; secondly there is the potential for job training of personnel; Finally, the formation of regular training within the enterprise, having an appraisal, title management and other human resource management in the form of one of the training management system, to encourage more people to continue learning, education.

IV Conclusion

In short, corporate financial management network is the inevitable product of the information society, we must seize the opportunity to actively innovation, the most advanced network information technology to corporate financial management, the construction of the network economy era adapt to the new financial management mode.


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