The accounting teaching methods and teaching quality

Abstract: In today's socio-economic rapid development, along with high-speed increase in the number of accounting practitioners. Then, how to train a qualified accounting practitioners there is an urgent need to address the problem in line with the trend of social development, the reform of teaching methods to enhance the quality of teaching The key to solving this problem. I by three accounting teaching practice, made stage results of the reform, presented here for everyone to share.

Keywords: accounting, teaching methods, teaching quality,

With China's rapid economic development, the gradual improvement of the economic system, the social demand for accounting talent along with the rapid increase and accounting personnel put a higher demand. Employer recruitment now generally required to have work experience of accounting recruitment is no exception, which is often just out of college accounting graduates have no alternative but to recruit newly graduated college students need to spend a lot of time and money training for businesses, and seriously affect the efficiency of its operations. improve recognition just graduated from college students of the accounting profession, to reform the teaching methods and improve the quality of teaching, accounting graduates successfully embark on the work and complete work.

Reform the accounting profession curriculum to increase the number of hours of basic courses, such as the << Basic Accounting >> professional basic courses as students should pay attention to the focus, urging students often go out holidays internship, focus on linking theory with practice.

Second, according to the new development of the field of accounting, set reasonable courses we can absorb foreign advanced accounting concepts and innovative accounting system, combined with the actual accounting profession in China, in-depth study of operating risk and accounting risk we can open some professional lectures to learn of these content.

Third, accounting, teaching is not a simple teaching, in conjunction with a variety of information technology, but also combined with the field of economics, management science, psychology, sociology, and statistical analysis, more in line with pragmatic.

Second, the reform of the teaching mode reform teaching model accounting should change the past, teacher-centered teaching mode to student-centered learning needs of students as a starting point to explore the teaching and learning. Former professor of accounting courses start to give students leaving enough time to have an overall understanding of accounting, in teaching should focus on examples of teaching students to learn to a certain extent, the students should be allowed to the actual business processing and analysis, and to make written and oral reports. doing written and oral report of the result is not satisfactory, you can also encourage students in the holidays, a lot of internships, are familiar with the relevant requirements of the accounting staff, and students of teamwork and communication skills, such as the student's learning process becomes a spontaneous learning accept rather than passive learning.

, Focusing on case teaching, case teaching widely used to improve the accounting teaching quality international, it is a stimulating students 'intelligence to develop and improve students' decision-making ability and overall quality of the new teaching methods can effectively improve the Case Method passive students passively accept the current state of knowledge, to stimulate students desire to explore, autonomous learning, independent thinking, and the ability to solve problems creatively. their thinking space has expanded, the overall quality of students improved case design is good or bad The decided case teaching quality use cases are closely associated with the current reality of the objective situation, in particular to increase the contents of the tax system, such as VAT, income tax and other aspects of the case.

Accounting teachers to do the role conversion teachers in class and after class in the class should ensure that the premise of stable classroom discipline, focusing on active classroom atmosphere, actively inspire and guide student thinking, so that students in a relaxed, happy, lively environment learn in the case of the classroom atmosphere sometimes difficult to control, or the majority of students cheeky weariness should stop lecturing the rest be adjusted through appropriate classroom behind teaching to ensure carry out. should secretly prompted to discipline students, and communication outside the classroom, in order to reach a consensus. repeatedly violated discipline still unrepentant, students should patiently preaching, and actively guide will eventually correct. lesson teachers to be easy-going, approachable, and strive to When students good friend, often want to chat with students to strengthen communication, know the hearts of the students in mind, near the psychological distance between teachers and students, to be able to individualized, in order to improve students' learning efficiency, learning effect can be good. posted on Free papers Download Center
five active use of modern means of teaching the traditional means of teaching is a piece of chalk, a blackboard Sassafras, a use of the blackboard, teachers spend a lot of time on the show kind lectures ( account, card table, a simple demonstration of the operation, teaching status, rigid, students are not enthusiastic about learning, teaching effect is far from ideal. actively adopt modern teaching methods, it is referring to the conditions of modern information technology to teaching the widespread use of modern information technology, multimedia computer technology and network communication technology applications to the teaching field, it is effective to avoid the drawbacks of traditional teaching methods under the conditions of modern information technology teaching text, sound, images, clever use of mobilize the students 'enthusiasm, and active in the classroom atmosphere, and effectively independent initiative and creativity of teachers and students, increase students' knowledge uptake, and shorten the learning time and improve the efficiency of student learning.

Using heuristic teaching method, the most important in the creation of problem situations students should possess the following qualities to master the method of learning is learning, rather than the specific knowledge and skills to master a discipline I believe that using the heuristic pedagogy can play a multiplier effect, the law is the key to how the creation of problem situations. questions, methods to pay special attention to, to be able to arouse students' interest, so that the students have learned the knowledge but there are still a lot of knowledge to be learned feeling, so as to mobilize the students to concentrate to learn it. teachers to set appropriate difficult problem situations the use of any way to do that? I believe that the teacher should be the textbook content clear in the chest, and mastery of the intrinsic link between the old and new knowledge, during the new The course content with students master the formation of a reasonable transition between the original level of knowledge, so it is easy creation of problem situations. creation of problem situations greatly increase the students' enthusiasm, the students quickly grasp the knowledge, and also to go beyond the established range of learning, to enable students to explore new learning methods to improve students' ability to learn.

Teaching is an art, it has established the rules of the program, but no standardization of the routine in the teaching process to make flexible use of a variety of teaching methods, to allow students to take the initiative to identify problems, to solve the problem, to enable students to understand the accounting knowledge in life everywhere the students to learn to integrate theory with practice, learning interest, only in the enjoyment of autonomous learning is the most efficient. teachers have to integrate theory with practice to teach accounting knowledge to complete the task of teaching practice and exploration, and strive to improve the quality of teaching.


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