Road construction on the municipal management system to build coordination

Abstract: municipal road construction, often there are many different types of cross-operation between the various professional, co-ordination between the various types of construction exudes a sense of need for the article on the current municipal road construction coordination and management related to the status quo, based on the coordination and management applications of municipal road construction coordination and management strategies.

Keywords: coordination and management of our municipal road construction, road works, only for the construction of the profession is concerned, in terms of road design,
Life and quality of construction, the construction quality assurance can be good, but the current situation of municipal road construction, often multi-disciplinary, multi-types combined, so that coordination between the design to construction professionals.

1, municipal coordination and management status of road construction

Overview of municipal road construction from our point of view, the construction management work has always been a reasonable and orderly development, however, under the existing conditions, coordination and management for municipal road construction work is often only superficial, for the coordination and management, usually is formalized. For the purposes of the construction site for the related work processes and the information written on the surface, clearly and logically, but the actual site of construction management, but a mess, and we require coordinated management of the municipal road construction, must be followed by on-site, with the construction site to determine the organization's mission, from the technical, management, organizational development related to the full system, understanding the responsibility of all construction workers in order to grasp the professional, reasonable and orderly between the various types of understanding, to improve coordination and management of municipal road construction level.

1.1 Present Situation With the rapid development of science and technology, modern transportation has become increasingly high professional standards and scientific and technological content, which determines when the installation and maintenance of such facilities must have a high technical level of personnel to accomplish the same time , a complex modern society is a large group, a highly interdisciplinary project, which requires every construction workers in the construction of both the technical expertise to meet their own requirements, time and space requirements of the order, without the construction of other professional causes obstruction and threat is only technically a full and comprehensive consideration of the characteristics of cross-cutting, to avoid the problem of construction when the continuous production, the successful completion on schedule.

1.2 Management status of road works, there is often sub-phenomenon, this has led to a project, construction of multiple construction team, so that makes the construction of cross-team role is widespread, and thus to coordinate the management of construction inconvenience. Our existing project management system, there is no strict definition for the construction sub, which the existing management system, construction of municipal road projects play a serious impediment, it must be from the management system, strengthen the construction of the whole process coordinate the management and monitoring, so that municipal road projects coordinated management of the construction process play its due effect.

2, the coordination of municipal road construction to strengthen the knowledge management strategy 2.1 The quality of a project, often associated with construction workers is closely related to values, and individual consciousness, municipal road projects in particular is so, whether from the owner, project manager or to the construction phase of the various construction personnel, in the sense of coordination and management must fully understand the importance of understanding the importance only in the premise, in order to coordinate the best way to do management work.

2.2 from the technical to start, fully strengthen technical coordination and management of municipal road projects, which must require construction personnel are familiar with the design drawings, especially the combination of types of construction site, a detailed study, such as pipe and subgrade between the two types of coordination must be requires the construction of two professional and technical personnel to discuss with each other to achieve the technical coordination and management. drawings of familiar, inevitable and technical tests can not be separated, for technical personnel, the need for the professional, all types conduct technical tests of construction , technical tests, to allow the construction team, design team to fully understand the intentions, to understand all aspects of construction, thereby reducing the cross-coordination problems. a clear difference in the drawings and on-site, with links to guide the construction drawings in the construction process, combined with on-site, and reasonable to do a technical change. municipal road works, construction schedule must be strictly implemented, often in order to complete construction schedule strictly, many types of multi-disciplinary cross between the common occurrences of construction for the same construction site, the more professional and more types of cross-construction, will make the construction work surface is relatively narrow, difficult to achieve the optimal effect of construction, this will inevitably require technically start, fully strengthen technical coordination and management for the professional construction, the technology must first grasp the combination of professional and engineering, to grasp the overall relationship with local, reasonable arrangements for the professional construction sequence. municipal road construction, the co-ordination among the various construction projects throughout the whole process of construction, only in the process overlap, cross-operation, parallel to the water works and products to protect and achieve reasonable and effective arrangements to ensure close co-ordination, to shorten the construction period, to ensure quality, reduce costs.

2.3 on the depth from the management, coordination and management system to build a municipal road projects in addition to the technical coordination of the work to proceed, but also in the management system and mechanism. Reasonable management mechanism, to give full play to the role of individuals, so that a reasonable and orderly manner of construction . Strong coordination and management mechanism, the professional must in order to reduce the amount of interaction between the purpose, which may reduce cross-construction, construction for the intersection can not be avoided, must be reasonable in time for the pilot, co-ordination of professional construction. Municipal coordination of road works required to establish a unified management of the project leader, with a professional for the coordination of the construction site to make a reasonable and orderly management of the command, co-ordinating the whole process of project construction, starting from the whole, to grasp the detail, to ensure that all aspects of construction reasonable and orderly. must be strictly formulated the following two aspects of the system, to assist the implementation of effective coordination and management system. Links to free download

(1 improve accountability, to ensure that all members of specific construction tasks of construction and construction responsibilities, reducing the quality of construction issues.

(2 improve the appraisal system, the construction team for outstanding performance and construction of personal reward, punish the other hand, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the construction.

2.4 starting from the construction organization, coordination and management applications play a significant coordination and management quality of the work, its meaning to comment on practical application, and project coordination and management effectiveness, up from the evaluation of the construction organization for the construction site, it must be In the construction organization, through coordination meeting system management, to solve the actual construction of the coordination problems in the construction organization, all members must clear their own construction responsibilities, seek truth from facts, will coordinate the management of play due to the actual the effect.

3, Conclusion municipal road construction, involving a very wide range of professional and trades, the professions and job coordination and management between the utmost importance in the specific construction site, its management involves coordination are very complex and must be fully aware coordination of management in the municipal road projects in the important role of technical, management, and actively strengthen the organization in three areas, the development of relevant measures to ensure the smooth and orderly manner of construction. Links to free download http://www.hi138 . com

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